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Download the application form for temporary stay (residence permit)
Obtain a temporary residence permit in the territory of the Republic of Poland for the employee.
Who does this matter?
A temporary residence permit is issued if the purpose of the alien’s stay on the territory of the Republic of Poland is to perform work. This permit is issued if the circumstances that are grounds for applying for this permit justify the stay of a foreigner in the territory of the Republic of Poland for a period exceeding 3 months.
In addition, all the following conditions must be met:
a foreigner has medical insurance in understanding the requirements of the law of August 27, 2004 on providing medical care financed from public funds & raquo; or confirmation of payment by the insurance company of the costs of treatment on the territory of the Republic of Poland;
a foreigner has a source of stable and regular income sufficient to pay for the maintenance of himself and his family members who are on his maintenance;
a foreigner has a place of residence guaranteed on the territory of the Republic of Poland;
the subject entrusting the performance of work, is not able to meet the need for personnel in the local labor market;
the amount of wages that is established in the contract with the subject that is available to the foreigner and entrusts the performance of the work and is the basis for the performance of work, concluded in writing, is not lower than the wages of employees performing similar work of similar type or in such a position .
The resolution period is 1.5 (one and a half) months.
The questionnaire must be filled in legibly, in block letters, by inserting them into the appropriate cells. You must fill in all required fields.
A foreigner who wears a headdress in accordance with the principles of his religion, can attach to the application photographs that represent him in the headdress, if the face image is fully visible. In this case, the application is enclosed with the application of the foreigner about belonging to the religious community.
If a foreigner does not have a valid travel document and is not able to obtain it, he can submit another document proving his identity.
Requirements for photos. The image of the face from the top of the head to the top of the shoulders should be represented so that the face occupies 70-80% of the photograph, on a plain white background, in the frontal position. You need to watch straight, with open eyes, uncovered hair, with a natural expression and closed mouth, as well as with a natural skin color. The eyes should be clearly visible, especially the pupils, the line of the eyes should be parallel to the upper edge of the photograph.
1. Filled in accordance with the instructions for completing the application form.
2. Four color photographs in the size of 35 mm x 45 mm, made no earlier than 6 months before the date of filing.
3. A photocopy of the valid travel document (original for verification).
4. Information of the elder in the main place of work performance by the foreigner about the lack of satisfaction in the employer’s staff, relying on the registers of the unemployed and job seekers, or on the negative result of recruiting, organized for the employer.
This document is not required if:
the profession by which a foreigner performs the assigned work, or the type of work that he is entrusted with, is in the list referred to in art. 10 p. 4 pp. 1 of the Act of 20 April 2004 on employment and labor market institutions, or;
a foreigner immediately before applying for a job had a work permit, a residence and work permit or a temporary residence permit to perform work for a profession requiring high qualification from the same employer in the same position, or;
an alien meets the conditions for exemption from the obligation to have a work permit specified by separate regulations;
an alien meets the conditions specified in the regulations issued on the basis of Art. 90 p. 5 of the Act of 20 April 2004 on employment and labor market institutions & raquo;
5. Confirmation of stamp duty, payment for issuing a temporary residence permit upon receipt of a decision, payment for a power of attorney.
6. A document confirming the existence of a guaranteed place of residence (for example, registration, lease of a premise, another contract that allows to dispose of a dwelling or statement of a person authorized to dispose of a dwelling to secure a foreigner’s place of residence).
7. An employment contract, a work contract with the accounts for the last three months (in the case when the party is already performing work), contract-order.
8. Certificate of employment from the last employer (in the case when a foreigner previously performed work from another employer).
9. The PIT declaration on the amount of the foreigner’s income received for the last tax year or similar certificate from the Main Statistical Office, or other documents to confirm the source of a stable and regular income sufficient to pay for the maintenance of himself and family members who are kept (for a person, single and living alone, & mdash; 542 zlotys net per month, for a person in the family & mdash; in the amount of 456 zl per month).
10. Documents confirming the availability of health insurance in the understanding of the provisions of the law of August 27, 2004 on the provision of medical care funded from public funds, or confirmation of the coverage by the insured of the costs of treatment on the territory of the Republic of Poland (for example, insurance, insurance policy).
11. If the performance of work in the territory of the Republic of Poland consists in the performance by a foreigner of the function in the management of a legal entity subject to entry into the register of entrepreneurs whose shares or shares the foreigner does not have; documents confirming that the person entrusting the work meets the relevant conditions & mdash; see the information card concerning the temporary residence permit for conducting economic activities.
Confirmation of stamp duty on a working visa.
Payment for the issuance of a temporary residence permit. It is paid only at reception of the decision.
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