Residence permit in Belgium – your way to the heart of Europe.

Residence permit in Belgium – your way to the heart of Europe.
Belgium is a country of great opportunities. This state has a flexible taxation system, excellent infrastructure, high quality of education and medical services.
Immigration to Belgium & # 8212; this prestige, profit and high quality of life for you and your family.
Get a residence permit in Belgium – the capital of the EU – you can by choosing one of three ways:
Work contract with the employer in Belgium. For this, we need firm & # 8212; a resident who will provide you with a high salary and solve all bureaucratic issues for the registration of the Belgian immigrant.
Uneasy, but settled by the experts of the Eurogroup option.
In this case, the residence permit in Belgium is of three types.
Type “A” & # 8212; the most desired, allows you to work in any company.
Type “B” & # 8212; The most common type of residence permit, involving only one employer.
Type “C” & # 8212; assumes employment for a period of 1 year with the right extension.
Another type of residence permit in Belgium is suitable for people of free professions – photographers, artists, lawyers – but this option contains many nuances, it is strongly recommended that you carefully study the legislation or contact specialists.
Refugees. A well-designed dossier will give you the opportunity to obtain a residence permit in Belgium as a refugee.
This option also requires painstaking work of specialists. You will have to be prepared for various bureaucratic difficulties, convincingly prove the inconveniences and deprivations in your country and prepare a proper dossier.
Vunge in Belgium for investment & # 8212; the most popular and comfortable option for business representatives, financially-wealthy individuals.
This, the so-called business immigration to Belgium. Investments plus a residence permit in Belgium – it’s profitable. The central country of the EU with an international character, the most important node of trade and transport communication, united the best European traditions. Business in Belgium gives you the right to obtain residence permit in Belgium, and after 3 years of continuous residence to apply for citizenship – this is the minimum period for obtaining citizenship in the European Union, and you can not give up your existing citizenship. In order to obtain a residence permit in Belgium, it is necessary to conduct business that functions properly and pay taxes in a timely manner. On our portal, as well as with the specialists of the Eurogroup, you can get detailed information on business immigration and taxation in Belgium.
The residence permit in Belgium opens a lot of prospects: modern business at the European level, increasing profits, visa-free travel throughout Europe. Your family gets the right to live in a reliable and developed country, your children attend the best schools in Europe, you are calm and confident of your future.
The specialists of Eurogroup are always ready to advise you on all questions concerning the residence permit in Belgium by phone:
Cost: 0 Euro.
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