Residence permit in Germany for the refugee mother.

Residence permit in Germany for the refugee mother.
Residence permit in Germany for the refugee mother.
Residence permit in Germany for a refugee mother in Germany.
We will help you to provide a residence permit in Germany to the refugee’s mother.
The Convention on the Status of Refugees provides a definition of the concept of “refugee”, this document was put into practice in 1951. Here, the general rights of refugees are established, and it is thoroughly deciphered that it will be considered as a refugee discrimination and will be notified in detail. What rights a person will have in the status of a refugee, usually they are on a par with the citizens of the host country (country) or in other words, in part on the same terms as foreigners.
What defines a person as a refugee. If it is discriminated:
on the basis of race to another confession of political convictions, the conduct of military operations in a country of conflicts on a national basis, the prosecution of criminal structures on the basis of a nationality of unconventional sexual orientation.
All these reasons, if they exist, can give the person who left the country of residence the refugee status.
In Germany, the status of a refugee is not easy to obtain. This will require documentary evidence that the person was prosecuted for one of the above circumstances, the facts of the persecution, pressure on the territory of residence. but for objective and subjective reasons, it is often the German authorities to provide certain documents to the injured people and provide the place of asylum is not possible and there is not even such an opportunity due to the lack of any evidence. but refugee status is determined by strict regulations.
In our company, Paterson was approached by a man named Vladimir. He arrived in Germany a few years ago, and asked for asylum for humanitarian reasons. This was done by the German authorities, according to the law, the state provided material assistance and allocated benefits, everything was arranged favorably for him. As the life was adjusted, Vladimir invited to visit his mother. She came from Russia on a guest visa. However, being a middle-aged woman in Germany, she was seriously ill. Vladimir turned to our company for legal assistance. Circumstances were really complicated, as the sick mother could not go home, the disease progressed, she was in this situation in deep depression and what aggravated the circumstances, so this is the end of the term of the guest visa. The lawyer of our company Paterton got acquainted with all available documents, especially with the conclusions of doctors. The lawyer was forced to put the client before the fact that the chances of satisfying the request for the provision of residence permit to his mother are very small, because he:
has refugee status does not work and lives on a welfare benefit from the state.
However, the lawyer got down to business. There was one chance, if to prove the presence of a serious case that arose during his mother’s stay in Germany on a guest visa, and there was an urgent need to care for her, because in Russia there is no one to implement it.
This stopped, and the lawyer began work in this direction. To begin with, he advised to conduct another medical examination of his mother, especially carefully pass it from a psychiatrist. And the second moment of overcoming the obstacles to family reunification was medical insurance, which also needed to be received for the mother. The lawyer was determined, he made all the necessary petitions and applications to the foreign affairs department and used the main law regulating the stay of foreigners in their work and integration. The law just presupposes all cases of reunion between all (son and mother) adult family members, if there is an exceptional case. In the documents, he substantiated what motivated his request and referred to the fact that the case could be regarded as exceptional because of a woman’s poor condition, which was confirmed by medical reports, and specifically by a psychiatrist. Here the expert and other reasons why Vladimir’s mother can not return to the country of former residence – Russia, and also, all the evidence is presented to him. The basis of the rationale was that the continued living of a lonely elderly woman away from her own son is completely impossible, because she needs constant care and help, which her son can provide. In Russia, she lived alone and has no other relatives.
After a certain time after the documents were sent, the lawyer received an answer in which the day and time of the meeting in the department for foreigners’ affairs was appointed. On this day, the lawyer decided to accompany the client to the meeting in the relevant department. During the meeting, the official said that he paid particular attention to the circumstances of the case and got acquainted with the documents provided, but he had a number of questions. And the main one is about the costs of staying and providing a woman (the client’s mom) in Germany. Our lawyer explained that his client is not working at the moment, he is receiving state aid, and therefore has no material means of his own. The lawyer drew attention to the fact that the case falls under the article “exceptional” and is subject to review by the department on an individual basis. The official, after reading our rationale once more, said that the meeting was postponed until his department clarified such a question as what department took on the responsibility for the maintenance of Vladimir himself. At the moment, everything was developing not important, because the visa at the client’s mom was over. The official nevertheless condescended and said that the woman will be given a temporary certificate (Fiktionsbescheinigung), which allows her to stay in Germany until the main issue is resolved. However, for this document (certificate) it was necessary to pay a certain amount, which the client did not have. But the official again went to meet, giving the possibility of payment later. And he recalled that to resolve the issue positively, my mother should have insurance.
He took an unprecedented step and let the lawyer move on, giving him all the degrees of freedom. Our lawyer took advantage of the case and immediately called the insurance company to issue such insurance. However, there is always a hitch because of the fact that the issuing of an insurance policy, the profile company issues only under one condition, that the policyholder already has a residence permit in Germany for a period of not less than 12 months (and this only if they applied to state insurance company). In such a situation, a vicious circle is obtained, since the WRI (foreign affairs agency) has such permission, namely, the issuance of a residence permit has been made dependent on the availability of an insurance policy, and in turn, the insurance company can issue medical insurance in the presence of the main document – a residence permit for a period of at least a year. Those who have the financial opportunity could apply to a private insurance company and get insurance without hindrance. But the size of a down payment in such a private company and then the monthly deductions is considerable and quite high, and our client in this case did not have a job. This option disappeared by itself, moreover, even in the case of receiving a document, it is almost impossible to terminate it.
Our lawyer asked about the receipt of health insurance in the state insurance company, where he explained the situation in detail. The state agency went to meet him and issued a necessary certificate that gives guarantees that he will issue a medical policy to our client’s mother if she is allowed to obtain a residence permit. To achieve this result, our lawyer accompanied the client during a meeting with the head of the insurance company. After receiving a guaranteed confirmation, the client began to wait for the appointment of a new scheduled meeting at the Office for Foreigners.
When this day came, and Vladimir and his mother and our lawyer again visited the department for foreigners, the result of the meeting was unexpected. An official of the institution said that Vladimir’s mother can obtain a residence permit in Germany for a period of six months because the validity of her passport to the client’s mother was running out. Of course, Vladimir did not know about the problem and did not bother to extend the validity of the document. The application and application for a residence permit for the mother was granted, but under one condition-to provide a medical policy within a certain time. If these conditions are not met, the issued residence permit will be canceled. The department’s requirements were met, and Vladimir’s mother received a residence permit in Germany, though limited in time.
Paterton Office in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Client from Kiev whom we helped with immigration to Germany.

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