Residence permit in Germany on a student visa.

Residence permit in Germany on a student visa.
Education in one of the universities of the FRG & ndash; this is a serious chance to obtain a residence permit in Germany.
A temporary residence permit in Germany for the purpose of obtaining an education can be issued:
for the purpose of direct training at a German university or to prepare for admission to a higher educational institution (preparation for the entrance exams, including the German language). In exceptional cases, residence permits are issued for training in school institutions (mostly they are paid lyceums).
Before applying for admission to a higher educational institution in Germany, the applicant must undergo compulsory preparatory activities for training, namely German language courses, preparatory courses, pass the entrance examinations or pass obligatory interviews. The period of preparation for admission can not exceed two years. In the future, residence permit in Germany can be prolonged only on condition of successful admission to the university.
Student residence permit in Germany is limited and issued for two years with the right of further extension, if there are grounds to assume that the purpose of training will be successfully achieved. After graduation, the temporary residence permit in Germany is prolonged for the time of finding a suitable place of work for the graduate.
To apply for a residence permit in Germany it is also possible to improve the qualifications available to a specialist. As a rule, the issue of a residence permit in Germany for this purpose requires the prior authorization of the Office for Labor.
The right to work for holders of student residency in Germany.
The student has the right to work on the basis of his student residence permit in Germany, however, it can not be more than 120 full-time (full-time) or 240 days of part-time work. In addition, students are allowed to carry out work that is combined with studies, as evidenced by the record in the student residence permit.
After graduation, the graduate does not need to leave the territory of Germany. The student has the right to seek employment within 12 to 18 months after receiving the diploma. At this time, it is permitted to engage in unlimited activity in any activity. If the student finds a job that corresponds to the qualifications he has received, he will be given a temporary residence permit in Germany for employment, and the status will change from a student to a worker (work visa).
In addition, a successful graduate of a German university also has the right to apply for a residence permit in Germany, as an entrepreneur (�21 AufenthaltsG), i.e. start own business. However, the conditions for granting residence permits are much easier than for ordinary entrepreneurs. The student will be granted a residence permit even if the business he opens does not represent a special economic interest for the region. The main requirement is that the activity carried out in the future firm should correspond to the higher education received by the student.
Permanent residence in Germany for students.
The term of the student’s stay on the territory of Germany is counted in time for the registration of permanent residence only half, i.�. if the study lasted for five years, only half of this period will go to offset the five-year period necessary for permanent residence in Germany.
However, even if the student has studied for 10 years, and he has half the term of 5 years, sufficient for applying for permanent residence, he can not receive it, having a student residence permit in Germany. In this case, the student must necessarily change his student status to a worker one, i.e. get a job, and then you can immediately get a permanent residence permit in Germany.
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