Residence permit in Portugal and options for citizenship for Russians and Ukrainians.

Residence permit in Portugal and options for citizenship for Russians and Ukrainians.
Without waiting for a special regime with Europe, some Ukrainians came up with a wonderful idea: to become a full-fledged citizen of the European state. Among the options available, their choice often falls on a small state located on the Iberian Peninsula. Get a view of permanent residence in sunny Portugal – and it’s about it – I want to many.
For Russians the opportunity to live, while receiving high salaries, traveling without restrictions, is also an excellent excuse to leave, but first they become a permanent resident for this. By the way, according to the law, it is restricted only in the electoral law, but this is an opportunity to obtain Portuguese citizenship.
Resident status: where do I start?
Have you decided to obtain a residence permit in Europe and settled on Portugal? Why it is better to start emigration to Portugal? The very first thing is gathering information, it is absolutely necessary. Often changes are made to the legislation and the risk of using old data is very large. In the age of the global Internet, it will not be difficult to do this, and in addition to the official information, it is not superfluous to know the opinion of those people who have already obtained residence permits in Portugal.
After collecting all the documents, you can safely go to the embassy. If it turned out that you first came to the republic using a visa of a completely different state, and only upon arrival there they began to formalize the status, then this will result in a fine.
In addition to a tourist visa, other visas can be issued at the embassy, but to leave for Portugal for permanent residence leave their application for Visto de residencia (resident visa). Decisions of the embassy will have to wait 60 days for consideration.
Lisbon & # 8212; the capital of Portugal.
There will be a permitted 4 months stay, during this time on-site begin the registration of a residence permit. All abandoned applications are individually considered, and the answer is not always positive.
Before you hand over the documents you need to decide on the type of resident visa. Their difference lies in what the applicant plans to do when arriving, but the requirements are the same:
ticket or reservation for a return flight; medical insurance; no restrictions on movement in the Schengen area; confirmation of solvency.
Work contract in Portugal.
What are the types of resident visas?
Under the employment contract. There are constant needs for good specialists, and the contract itself can be preliminary or acting. About what specialists are in demand, you can find out in the diplomatic mission, the list is approved by the government and it is constantly updated. Only after a preliminary agreement with the employer is the invitation sent. Without the right to work here it will be very difficult, therefore it is worth familiarizing with the presented vacancies.
Entrepreneurship and investment. The second interesting option will be the creation of emergency. If you plan to provide services to the public in person, then you need to confirm the presence of qualifications in addition to the documents for the enterprise. True, this does not guarantee 100% of the status of a resident.
Visa C to Portugal (short-term).
To ensure a positive response, you can use the “Golden Visa”. To do this, an enterprise with at least 30 employees is based. Plus, the founder undertakes to employ indigenous people. Also, if funds permit, they can be invested in the economy (1 000 000), in real estate (500 000). Since the advent of Gold Visa, more than 1,000 people have benefited from it.
By the way, the law “On preferential taxation” from 2009 & # 8212; another additional plus for future investors, because it allows for 10 years to enjoy benefits when paying taxes. To file a request for your tax status, you need to stay at least six months in the country. A list of preferential occupations can be found on the official website of the tax service or by applying to this institution. In addition to qualified specialists, it includes persons who receive income outside Portugal. For pensioners, too, good conditions – their pension is exempt from local taxes.
For the “Golden Visa” there are restrictions:
when buying real estate does not involve credit programs of banks; within 5 years it is forbidden to get rid of the enterprise, real estate; real estate was purchased before the adoption of the law on the “Golden Visa”; minimum 7 days stay for the whole year.
Scientists. If there is a proposal for scientific experts, then we need to make sure that this science center is recognized by the Ministry of Science of the Republic. For internships and training. You can get a higher education, finish a regular school, transfer from another university to complete your studies here. To obtain this visa, provide documents that indicate that you are suitable for all parameters, are enrolled as a student / student for further study. Continuing education at a local educational institution is allowed if you have been studying at another European university for at least 2 years and want to finish your studies here. Family reunification. Anyone who is here legally can apply for his family to live with him. Resident visa will be given to a spouse, children under 18 years of age and those who are over 18 years old, but are currently students.
Residence permit in Portugal.
Validity of residence permit.
The standard residence permit in Portugal is given at the beginning for a year, but with the right of extension. The first time is extended for two years. Repeat the same procedure after two years one more time. This leaves 5 years, after which they leave the application along with a package of documents for AUTORIZACO DE RESIDENCIA PERMANENTE (permanent residence permit), then collect documents for citizenship in Portugal and at the end of the year they take them.
Portuguese citizenship.
In addition to the immigration program for the naturalization of residents (residence permit-residence permit-citizenship), other opportunities are available to obtain the desired citizenship:
a foreigner by birth is Portuguese, but he has lived most of his life elsewhere and is a citizen of another state; for family reasons: adoption, through marriage with a Portuguese, family reunification; under the new law for the Sephardim, who are descendants of Jews expelled more than 500 years ago, a special program operates within the framework of restoring historical justice.
Since 2008, there have been changes for some categories of applicants for citizenship. Now some documents do not need to be sent in person, and the registrar’s employees have the right to request them themselves.
A child born in Portugal can apply for citizenship, even if the parents do not have a status, only if none of the family has traveled and constantly stayed within the state during the entire stay. The obligatory period of residence was also reduced, now with all previous and current visas, all other marks, it is 5 years before the birth of the child.
You need to live 3 years in an official marriage with a Portuguese to qualify for a status. If the marriage has a civil status, you still need to provide a supporting document. Take into account that it is mandatory to deny those who violated the laws in due time, was a military or civil servant.
The documents submitted to the official authorities must be translated into Portuguese, and some of them must be apostilled. It can be done at home, by contacting the appropriate ministry, or by contacting your consul.
From each country where a person lived longer than one year, they request a certificate of non-conviction.
Apostille for Portugal.
Why is Portugal attractive for emigration?
Excellent warm climate and friendly sociable people, citizenship opens up great prospects for the person: high-paying work, getting the business to new levels, getting high-quality education in European universities, rest and traveling to any European countries.
About how good it is to live here, one can judge from the comments of our compatriots, who have lived on the Iberian peninsula for a long time. Many risked and do not regret it, because they were able to successfully settle down and achieve success. There are always open doors for good doctors with great practice. For them, the government created special conditions, so if there is a doctor’s diploma, it’s easiest to leave (in comparison with other countries).
Thanks to investments, foreign, too, state programs to improve the economy, things are going well here. The economy is on the rise, new businesses are opening, and in recent years much attention has been paid to the service sector, the tourism industry, so new restaurants and hotels all the time need employees.
Getting permission to live in this republic seems difficult at first glance, but if you have the knowledge and patience, then in 6 years you can claim the coveted passport. If we compare it with other states of the Schengen zone, then we can say with confidence that here they are much more loyal to foreigners who want to live here.
My old friend, still with the medical institute long gone there, we also called. According to her, with medical education here you can find a very good job. We still succumbed to her persuasion. Confirmation of the diploma is paid, but the procedure itself did not take much time.
Good day to you. I have a question & # 8212; What are the advantages of giving a Portuguese citizen a Portuguese citizen who lives and works in Portugal? And how to invite this Ukrainian adult children who live in Uraina to visit Portugal? Thank you in advance .
For family reasons, I had to transfer to another institution. I myself study in Spain, and the bride managed to find in Portugal. She had a good job and did not want to lose her. With the transfer of problems there were no violations of the visa regime, there are already three courses behind them.
Do you guys have among you (or among friends) Sephardic Jews who are considering moving to Portugal under the law on the naturalization of descendants of expelled Jews?

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