Residence permit in Slovakia for Russians: all options.

Residence permit in Slovakia for Russians: all options.
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How can a Russian get a residence permit in Slovakia?
Slovakia, or the Slovak Republic, & ndash; European state, which is very popular with Russians as a country for immigration. This is due to quite objective reasons: adaptation in the country is minimal, as the conditions of her life are close to Russian ones, and, of course, the important thing is the EU in which she is a part. The residence permit in Slovakia entitles its owners to stay on the territory of the Schengen zone almost all-the-year-round.
The conditions for obtaining a residence permit in Slovakia are quite mild. For Russians, the Slovak residency permit is possible for receipt for the following reasons:
It is noteworthy that, unlike many other EU countries, this list does not include the purchase of real estate. This paragraph can only greatly simplify the receipt of residence permit in the above cases, but in itself is not the reason for its receipt.
There are some mandatory conditions for making a positive decision on the issue of residence permit in Slovakia, regardless of the purpose of stay:
Absence of previous conviction. Availability of sufficient financial security. Availability of housing in Slovakia. Health insurance.
All this is confirmed by the relevant information. The documents issued in Russia must be translated into the Slovak language by authorized organizations.
As for housing in Slovakia & ndash; it can be an apartment / house / room, both in property and in rent. In the last variant, it is necessary to provide a lease agreement, as well as a certificate from the real estate cadastre for this object.
Separately, you need to say about financial security. On the personal account of a Russian who submits the documents for residence permit, there must be an amount equal to the monthly subsistence level of Slovakia for each month of residence. That is, the total amount depends on how many months the request for residence in the country is filed. By the way, this amount should be measured in euros, therefore, and the account must be opened in euros. A personal account can be located both in Russia and in Slovakia.
Every medical citizen of Slovakia must have an insurance medical policy, this applies to those who receive a residence permit. Medical insurance for Russians must meet certain requirements: validity is 1 year, the amount of coverage is not less than 300,000 euros, the territory on which the policy is valid & ndash; Slovakia or all countries of the EU.
Also, the package of documents includes, in addition to the above: an application, a check on payment of state duty, color photos, passport, as well as some other supporting documents (for each method of receipt they are different). At the time of filing, a valid foreign passport is required, and it must be valid for at least 1.5 years. The dates of all other documents should not be older than 3 months.
The whole package is submitted to any Consulate of Slovakia located in the Russian Federation. There is a variant of filing documents in the republic itself & ndash; through the police of Slovakia. The decision to issue a residence permit is issued within 3 months, from the date of the beginning of the inspection of documents by the police of the country. That is, if you submit documents through the consulate, the time limit may be prolonged, so the submission directly to the police is much easier and easier.
In general, the residence permit in this country is issued for a period of 1 to 3 years.
It should be noted that the conditions for doing business for citizens of Slovakia and foreigners are no different, that is, there are no restrictions. Of course, in order to understand in which area to conduct business in this country in a particular city, it is necessary to live and decide for a while.
In addition to those documents, which must be provided, the entrepreneur must provide the business plan of the company planned for opening, which is studied in state structures for the benefit of the state economy.
With regard to money, on a company account in Slovakia, the entrepreneur must have 100 subsistence minimums in euros for the opening of the LLC, and 20? for IP. This is in addition to a personal account, a certificate for which is provided separately.
It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that it is impossible to open a company before obtaining a residence permit in Slovakia & ndash; the director and the founder must have a residence permit. Therefore, the final registration of the organization occurs only after a positive decision and the issuance of relevant documents confirming the right to stay in the country.
Permit for opening a business can give for 36 months, but most often this figure does not exceed 1.5 years. But the extension in this case is possible only if there is a profit from the enterprise, and there are certain requirements to its size.
Together with the entrepreneur, his family can apply for residence permits.
Studying in Slovak educational institutions is, perhaps, the most understandable, simple and quick way to get a residence permit. This includes students from schools and universities, as well as passing courses on teaching the Slovak language. But, of course, in any case, the institution must have appropriate accreditation.
An obligatory document for submission to state bodies is confirmation of admission or admission to a particular educational institution in Slovakia. The main thing is that there are no age restrictions in this sphere, any citizen can be trained. Also, when obtaining a residence permit, the student can both work and do business. And this, accordingly, already gives him the right to extend the residence permit for other reasons, when the training is over.
It should be noted that the response to a residence permit request through training is always positive, if there are no gross violations in the documents submitted.
The term of residence permit due to study is issued for the period of study. But there is a maximum, which is 6 years.
By the way, only here is the time allotted for consideration of documents and removal of the decision on the issuance of residence permit, reduced to 1 month.
The receipt of a residence permit for family reunification is also common. First it is received by one member of the family, for some purpose, and then his relatives do it. But not everyone has the right to get a residence permit in Slovakia can only a fairly narrow range:
Spouse (adult). Children (minors). Children (age 18-25 years, subject to limited capacity for health reasons).
In this case, an additional document will be a marriage certificate, a birth certificate.
Getting this type of residence permit is a bit different from all the above methods. The basis for obtaining here is the labor agreement or agreement on work signed by the parties.
A work permit for a Russian in Slovakia is issued by an employment office on the basis of a contract provided by him. That is, first & ndash; permission, and only then & ndash; residence. This is due to the fact that the work permit and the official employment contract & ndash; necessary additional documents submitted by a citizen to the embassy or police. A permit is issued only for a specific job with a particular employer. Although there is one more important & laquo; but & raquo ;. Permission is granted only if within a month the bureau has not found a suitable candidate from Slovakia for this position.
The residence permit for working reasons is issued, as a rule, for one year, but can be issued for 2.
Yes, Slovakia still remains the most accessible in terms of obtaining residence permit in Europe.
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