Residence permit in Switzerland.

Residence permit in Switzerland.
The residence permit in Switzerland is a key document that determines the prospect of further stay in this country. Unlike other types of residence, the working permit allows you to officially work and earn money in the territory of the Confederation. The opportunity to earn the Swiss franc created a huge demand for this document not only in Europe, but all over the world. It is for this reason that it was lined up to receive a Swiss residence permit worker. The Immigration Bureau reviews the candidate’s dossier for this document within 5 days. 6 month on average.
What are the advantages of a residence permit in Switzerland?
Having learned about the demand for a residence permit in Switzerland, let’s clarify what the most significant advantages are in this document. Like other types of permits, the advantages of a working permit are the automatic acquisition of the rights of a full-fledged resident of that country. Among these rights, the most valuable are: & # 8212; the right to work and earn income & # 8212; the right to travel and enter the territory of the Confederation at any time & # 8212; the right to buy land and real estate in 90% of the territory of the Confederation & # 8212; the right to extend residence permit in Switzerland, or to request permanent residence. the right to manage a legal entity Having obtained a working permit for a residence in Switzerland, you automatically become part of the society of this country, and the attitude to you will be appropriate. Local residents will treat you as a full-fledged resident of the Confederation. Accordingly, the overwhelming majority of local people will not want to deceive you or encroach on your savings. The acquisition of a working permit will have a positive impact on the family budget. History has shown that until the family gets a working permit in Switzerland, it will be “at gunpoint” with a legion of intruders who want to cash in on newcomers. Of course, to learn how to save in Switzerland, you need to live here a certain number of years. However, the difference in the status of an individual is also visible when interacting with legal entities. For example, a contract with health insurance can be 2 times cheaper for a holder of a working permit in Switzerland.
How to obtain a residence permit in Switzerland?
Each residence permit is issued in connection with a certain basis, which will be indicated on the issued document. As the name goes, a Swiss Swiss residence worker can only get one who earns money in Switzerland. The working permit for residence in Switzerland is divided into 2 main groups: for employees and for entrepreneurs. There is also a residence permit for uniting the family with a resident of the country, this document also allows full-fledged work on the territory of the Confederation. However, the big challenge is to get a working permit in Switzerland.
Unlike the student’s residence permit, in order to obtain a permanent residence permit in Switzerland for an employee based on a contract with the employer, the following actions must be taken:
Find an employer willing to pay from 100,000 francs a year Write an explanation describing the advantage of your candidacy over others Write a motivation letter and plan for the coming years Show a guarantor or prove your solvency Demonstrate a certificate of criminal record Show CV and copies of diplomas Show a lease contract Enter into a contract with a medical insurance.
* This instruction varies, depending on the canton.
To obtain a residence permit for an entrepreneur, you must perform the following actions:
Organize a functioning business Begin to pay taxes and make deductions Hire at least 3 full-time specialists Demonstrate a business plan and financial plan for the coming years Prove the social / cultural / economic benefits of activities Write a motivation letter and plan for the coming years Show a guarantor or prove your solvency Demonstrate a certificate about non-conviction Provide CV and copies of diplomas Show rental contract Enter into a contract with health insurance.
* This manual can also be changed.
How difficult it is to obtain a residence permit in Switzerland.
Despite the transparent list of requirements for obtaining a residence permit, few of the Russian-speaking candidates manage to obtain a residence permit in Switzerland. The reasons for this phenomenon can be different. Some do not fulfill any condition from the list, and some may simply not fill out the form. However, the most common are such reasons as:
The reserved right to deny the Swiss residence permit. Lack of agreements with the CIS countries on the free movement of workers.
In other words, our compatriots can at any time refuse to issue a residence permit. As an explanation for entrepreneurs, they say that the activity is not interesting enough for the country or for the canton. Refusal in the form of residence permit to a company employee can be explained by an insufficient number of confirmations of the employee’s exclusivity, since he must exceed all other candidates.
Swiss residence permit for Europeans.
Unlike the representatives of the CIS or the former USSR, any citizen of the country of the European Union can be guaranteed to obtain a residence permit in Switzerland. The thing is that between Switzerland and the EU countries there are certain agreements on the free movement of the population, and consequently their workforce. Thus, the Swiss organized “preferential” conditions for Europeans. For example, to obtain a working residence permit, a European must have a contract with the employer for any salary. His employer does not need to prove that he is the best in the Confederation’s labor market. Europeans do not need to have unique skills to get a job. They only need to sign a work contract, a lease contract, and proof of solvency, or the presence of a guarantor whose role can be fulfilled by his employer. The same principle works for entrepreneurs from the European Union. To get the residence permit of Switzerland, Europeans do not need to pay taxes, make deductions and other demarches. It is enough for EU representatives to register in the pension fund, provide a business plan, show evidence of business readiness and conclude a contract with health insurance. If, for example, a European opens an LLC or JSC in Switzerland, then the authorities of the country can issue him a working permit for 2 hours. 3 weeks. This period is very short, given that even Europeans sometimes wait for this document on 7 & # 8212; 8 months.
How much does the residence permit in Switzerland.
The issue of the cost of a residence permit for Switzerland is at least incorrect, and as a maximum completely illiterate, since this document is not a commodity and, accordingly, can not be sold. Therefore, the question “how much is” the residence permit there is no correct answer. If someone offers you to buy a Swiss residence permit, know that this is a fraud. Even those who negotiate a lump-sum tax with the authorities of the country can not say that they bought a working residence permit in Switzerland, because the contract can be violated and the document taken away. However, if you consider the payment of this tax as the price for Swiss residence permit, its cost can be from 50,000 francs a year. Such a principle works with an entrepreneurial basis for obtaining a residence permit. The approximate amount of investment to receive this document is 800,000 francs. Of course, this price depends on a large number of factors, where the canton plays an impressive role. Nevertheless, if the investment amount is less than 500,000 francs, there will be almost no chance of obtaining a residence permit for Switzerland. If you look at the cost of this document from the point of view of the employee, it will be approximately equal to 25% of his salary. Thus, if the employee’s salary is 10,000 francs a month, then the state will receive 2500 francs of deductions for it. Accordingly, the cost of the document is 30,000 francs per year. The salary of 10,000 francs a month is the minimum requirement for a positive perception of the candidate by the authorities of the country.
How can I extend the working permit.
As a rule, this document is issued for a period of 1 to 5 years, depending on various factors. If you are an entrepreneur from the CIS and your company has just started working in Switzerland, your first residence permit in Switzerland will be issued for 1 year, with the right to extend it. The second, in turn, can be obtained for 2 years. If you are a European or a partner of a Swiss resident, you will be issued a residence permit for 5 years. Upon the expiry of the validity of your residence permit, you must declare either its renewal or the exit from the country. In the first case, the candidate must fill out the declaration, attach a number of documents and send the application to the immigration center. Among the enclosed documents there can be an extract from the bank account, a certificate of non-conviction, an insurance policy, a lease contract, etc. … Having lived outside Switzerland for more than 5 years with a residence permit, you will have the opportunity to transform it into a permanent residence permit.
How not to lose a Swiss working permit.
The Swiss authorities can both issue and take a working permit, if the temporary resident does not comply with the rules of residence in that country. Even if it does not happen often, we prefer to caution everyone about this incident. So, for what “sins” can be selected by the working permit:
More than half a year of stay outside of Switzerland Abuse of the social system Open criminal case, a large administrative case Long absence of a lease contract Conscious giving false information to the state structure.
In general, if you are a law-abiding resident, you will not be able to lose your Swiss residence permit. If, however, there is any misunderstanding, then you can always prove your rightness. You need to be patient, get ready, and start solving the problem by contacting the competent authorities.

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