Residence permit (permanent residence) in Bulgaria.
Owners of real estate in Bulgaria have the right to a multiple visa (multivisa). At the first appeal, the owners can apply for an annual multiple entry visa (a copy of the notarial deed and a number of other documents should be provided), and for subsequent submissions – for a two-year visa.
The right to such a visa is owned by the owners, whose names are indicated in the notarial deed, as well as their spouses and direct heirs under the age of 21 (in this case it is necessary to provide documents confirming the relationship). Other persons can also obtain a visa on the basis of a notarial deed, but for them the visa will be a one-time visa with a validity period of up to 3 months.
Since January 2012, a law has entered into force allowing entry to Bulgaria under the existing Schengen visas. Based on this decision, holders of Schengen visas have the right to enter and stay in Bulgaria for no more than three months within a six-month period, counting from the date of the first entry, without a Bulgarian visa granting the right to a short stay.
To obtain a multivisa, property owners must provide the following documents:
1. A completed visa application form.
2.Log passport of the current model.
3.2 color photos in the size of 3.5 / 4.5.
4.Polis health insurance, valid in European countries for the entire period of travel. The amount of coverage – not less than 30 000 euros.
5. Air tickets (copy) or, in the case of a trip by car, documents to the car.
6. Copy of the notarial deed of ownership.
7. Copy of the certificate of commissioning of the building – act 16 or act 15.
8. Documents confirming payment of taxes and fees for the previous year.
The receipt by foreign citizens of a residence permit in Bulgaria is regulated by the Aliens Act. According to Art. 23 of this law, foreigners can stay in the Republic of Bulgaria:
1. SHORT-TERM: up to 90 days from the moment of entry into the country. This stay is based on various types of visas: tourist, visas for property owners and business owners in Bulgaria.
2. DURABLE: with an authorized stay of up to 1 year.
3. LONG-TERM: with an authorized stay in Bulgaria for 5 years and the possibility of a subsequent extension for a similar period.
4. CONSTANTLY: stay in Bulgaria for an unlimited period is allowed.
Duration of stay in Bulgaria – it can be obtained on the basis of one of the clauses of Article 24 of the “Aliens Act”.
To obtain permission for a long stay, persons must have their own housing, rented or provided by third parties, compulsory medical insurance, have sufficient funds in the amount not less than the minimum monthly wage or minimum pension according to the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria for the period of stay.
The most practicable grounds for obtaining a permit for prolonged stay in accordance with Article 24, par.1:
-Exercise of legitimate commercial or other entrepreneurial activities in the country, as a result of which at least 10 jobs are provided for Bulgarian citizens;
– Representatives of foreign trade companies registered in the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry;
-Pensioners provided with sufficient funds and housing in Bulgaria;
-A foreign students accepted for full-time studies in higher education institutions.
Depending on the reason, applicants for a residence permit (residence permit) must prepare a package of documents. Further they are submitted for consideration to the Bulgarian consulate in the place of residence. The documents are processed within 45 days, after which, with a positive outcome, the candidate receives the so-called “D” visa. With it, he must go to Bulgaria and submit documents to the Directorate “Migration” of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, after which he will be issued a personal card of a foreign citizen with the right to stay in Bulgaria for six months or a year with the possibility of further extension of this period.
Documents required to obtain a visa type “D” on the basis of a pension certificate:
2. The application of the established sample.
3. Photocopy of the applicant’s passport.
4. A document issued by the competent authority of the relevant state, certifying that the applicant receives a pension -Pension certificate.
5. Information about the amount of pension for the last 3 months (translated and certified).
6.Document of the RB bank certifying the existence of a personal bank account for which the pension will be transferred, as well as an extract from this account, confirming the presence of an amount of at least 2 000 euros on the account.
7. Confirmation of the availability of housing for the period of stay in the country – the address.
8. Certificate of non-conviction.
9.Medical insurance for a year.
The cost of obtaining a residence permit on the basis of a pension certificate is 600 euros. This amount does not include translation and legalization of necessary documents, but only mandatory state fees, as well as support.
LONG-TERM STAY – (regulated by the article 24.d) is granted to an alien who stayed lawfully and without breaks in Bulgaria within 5 years before applying for a permit for a long-term stay. The allowed period of absence in this case is considered to be not more than 10 months in total for a five-year period, and simultaneously it is impossible to be absent for more than 6 months. To obtain the status of “long-term stay”, the foreigner must provide evidence that he has sufficient funds to reside himself and family members in an amount not less than the minimum monthly salary or pension, and also have medical insurance.
An alien who has received the status of “long-term stay, receives a permit for long-term stay in the European Union. The authorization is given for a period of 5 years, after which it can be extended for a similar period. The status of “long-term stay” practically equates its owner to a citizen of the Republic of Belarus (with the exception of the right to participate in elections).
CONTINUOUS stay. The grounds for obtaining a permit for “permanent residence” are described in Article 25 of the Aliens Act. This status can be obtained by any foreign citizen who has lived in Bulgaria legally for 5 years in the status of “extended stay”.
The law also provides for a number of other cases, of which the most practicable are:
2. After 5 years from the date of marriage with a citizen of the Republic of Belarus or with a permanent resident in the country;
Persons investing in the Bulgarian economy an amount not less than 1 000 000 levs (about 500 000 euros) for a number of reasons.
How much do our services for collection and registration of documents for registration of real estate and registration of residence permit without the presence of owners:
– translation and certification of a power of attorney for the registration of an apartment and a declaration for a notarial deed. Term 4 days – 15 000 rubles.
– Registration of an invitation to Bulgaria. Term 4 days – 5000 rubles.
-Organization of the notarial deed by proxy without the presence of the owner. 500 euros – Sunny Beach, Nessebar, St.Vlas, Elenite; 600 euros -Burgas; 800 euros – Varna, Sozopol, Pomorie; 1300 euros- Sofia, Ski resorts, Byala.
Registration of a residence permit in the presence of all documents – 35 000 rubles. Assistance in obtaining documents is paid by agreement.
For how long is the residence permit issued?
The maximum length of a long stay is 1 year. Almost always (except for obtaining a residence permit for a company) and issued for one year, unless the expiration date of the passport. In this case, residence permit is allowed for a shorter period, which will entail one additional extension until obtaining permanent residence. Therefore, it is better to worry about getting a new passport in advance.
To prolong the residence permit you need:
1. Confirmation of the grounds on which the residence permit was obtained initially. If the basis was a representative office, then the certificate from the CCI that the representation is valid.
2. Housing – on the same terms as for the initial receipt of residence permit. We do everything. What Bulgarian documents confirm receipt of residence permit?
You are assigned a personal number of a foreigner – LNCH (personal number for a foreigner). In the foreign passport a stamp with the LPN, the number of the personal card and the period of the allowed stay is stamped. A plastic personal card is issued, which is updated after each extension of the residence permit, i.e. annually.

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