Retrieving vunge by social program

Retrieving vunge by social program h1>
What you need to know, those who apply for asylum in Norway.
Due to its geographical location, powerful social security program and loyal attitude towards immigrants, Norway certainly ranks first in the list of countries to which attention should be paid, to Russians wishing to change their country of residence. Far from any foreigner can come to Norway and get a job. At the heart of the rule is the rule, according to which a residence permit or work permit is not given when it is not a residence for a special purpose. In other words, there are only a few options for obtaining residence permit in Norway. In particular, it can be about family reunification, fictitious marriage or social immigration.
If after you come to Norway you decide to apply for asylum, you should immediately contact the police. The police will prepare your application and send it to the Directorate for Foreigners [UDI], who will consider it and decide on the case. The police have no right to expel you from the country when you ask for asylum. Only UID can decide this. When you contact the police you will be registered. In this case, a special registration form is filled out. Based on this information, the UID will decide whether your application will be accepted for consideration or you must be deported from the country. Such deportation without real consideration of the application can take place if you have already received asylum in another country or you were in another safe country before entering Norway (with the exception of transit). In this case, the Norwegian authorities will not consider the application and will send you to apply for asylum in the relevant country.
You have the right to free assistance of an interpreter during a conversation with the police. The interpreter is obliged to keep secret what was said in the course of such a conversation.
The period of consideration of your case depends on the workload of UDI workers and on what country you came from. All this time you will live in a long-term residence of refugees and receive regular benefits.
Getting advice and assistance from a lawyer.
All asylum seekers are entitled to free assistance from a lawyer. In addition, you can seek advice and receive legal advice from the Norwegian Refugee Protection Organization [NOAS] free of charge. NOAS can assist you in finding a lawyer. Initially, you have the right to 5 hours of free legal aid, so you should be well prepared for a conversation with a lawyer. When appealing the first refusal, you receive an additional 3 hours of free legal aid. The lawyer will take care of the presence of the interpreter. Lawyers and employees of NOAS are required to keep secret the information that they receive when working with your business.
During the first week of your stay at the transit point, you will be summoned to the police for a more detailed conversation. During the conversation, you will need to provide information about your identity, the itinerary of your trip and the rationale for the asylum application in Norway. All this will be recorded and signed by you. This document will be your application for asylum in Norway. You should prepare well for the conversation. Talking to the police is carried out only once, so for you it is very important. It is important that you give as much as possible correct and exhaustive information. You can attach any documents to the application. After the interview, you should as soon as possible [immediately after a conversation with the police], contact a lawyer to eliminate possible errors.
Norsk Hydro- Oil, energy, fertilizers. Specialized industrial group.
Kvaerner Group – Energy and construction.
Det Norske Veritas – Veritas Quality Assurance, Verification.
Merkantildata – Industry, technology and information.

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