Romanian citizenship: ways of independent reception, steps, demands.

Romanian citizenship: ways of independent reception, steps, demands.
Romania is a country with a rich past, interesting culture and distinctive traditions, hospitable inhabitants and charming nature. The Black Sea coast, the majestic Carpathians, the picturesque delta of the Danube, a favorable climate – all this is very attractive for thousands of immigrants who decided to start a new life and get Romanian citizenship. But this country is interesting not only for its magnificent nature. The essential factor affecting the decision of Russians and citizens of the former union republics to move here is membership of the country in the European Union and all the prospects that follow from this:
Employment in other European countries, including in such economically developed countries as Germany, Belgium, Denmark and France; The opportunity to use the services of the European banking system – one of the most reliable and perfect in the world; Simplified procedure for crossing the borders of the EU countries, as well as visa-free entry to more than 150 countries; The possibility of obtaining education, quality medical services and permanent residence in other EU countries without bureaucratic delays.
In addition, you do not need to give up your previous citizenship. After all, the second citizenship is officially allowed in Romania. And there is no need for permanent residence in the republic, if you want, you can live in your state for a long time.
Obtaining a residence permit.
To obtain Romanian citizenship, you need to stay in the country for 8 years. If you take into account that the usual visa document allows you to stay in the republic for up to 90 days, the question arises of finding ways to have a longer stay in the country on legal grounds. A legitimate reason to live in the country for a long time is the presence of a foreign citizen residence permit in Romania (residence permit).
Methods of obtaining residence permit.
There are several options for obtaining a residence permit:
Marriage to a Romanian citizen. The officially registered marriage allows you to obtain a temporary residence permit for 1 year, which can then be extended if the relationship is maintained; Registration in the country of one’s own organization is one of the costly ways of obtaining a residence permit. This is due to some bureaucratic delays that exist in Romania. It will be required to provide a lot of documents, including a detailed business plan, the availability of own funds in the amount of $ 100,000, the opening of 15 jobs. Initially, an entrepreneur is given a temporary residence permit for a year, and in case of successful activity, his company is further extended; Work activity. A foreign citizen will need to obtain a work permit, which is issued for 6 months and is renewed every six months; Training in educational institutions of the country. Students after providing all the necessary documentation and enrolling in a university receive a temporary residence permit for the entire period of study in Romania.
When buying a property to get a residence permit does not automatically get, in any case, you need to live in the country the necessary time. After 5 years of permanent residence in the republic in the status of residence permit, a foreigner has the right to obtain permanent residence, and thus to acquire a permanent place of residence in Romania, and further, under certain conditions, a Romanian passport.
Grounds for assigning citizenship.
Romanian citizenship can be obtained in three cases:
By birth. Every child born in the Romanian Republic, and one of whose parents is a citizen of this country, is recognized as a Romanian subject. The child will also be recognized as a Romanian citizen if his birth occurred outside the country, but one of the parents or both are citizens of the Romanian Republic. With the adoption of an alien child by a Romanian citizen. The only requirement is that the child’s age must not exceed 18 years. As a result of petition.
The most difficult option is based on a petition. Several conditions must be fulfilled:
The place of birth of the applicant is Romania and at the time of the request he resides in that country. Or the applicant was not born in Romania, but has lived in that country for 8 years, with a permanent residence permit in Romania. Or the applicant consists in an officially registered marriage with a Romanian citizen and this union lasts for more than 5 years (the spouse is immediately given a temporary residence permit for a period of one year, which is subsequently extended if the marriage continues to exist); The law-abiding lifestyle of the applicant, the absence of previous convictions; The applicant’s age of majority; The applicant has legitimate sources of income in Romania, that is, he is able to provide for himself and his family; The applicant speaks Romanian, also knows the basics of state law and the national anthem.
It should be added that if the applicant was absent from the territory of the country for more than 6 months in one year, then this year in the total length of stay in the country is not counted. The term of stay in the republic can be reduced to 4 years if the applicant invests more than 500 000 euros in the economy of the country.
Simplified procedure for assigning citizenship.
Romanian legislation provides for the granting of citizenship under a simplified procedure. To become the owner of the Romanian passport under the simplified scheme have the right of the persons having ethnic roots. It can be both citizens of Ukraine and Russia, as well as Moldavia, Belarus and other countries that will be able to document family ties with people who lived in Romania or Moldova from 1918 to 1940.
The legislation of Romania clearly states that any relative of a citizen of the former Soviet republics who lived in the said territories within a specified time interval has the right to qualify for Romanian citizenship.
It should be added that in the first place we are talking about those persons who were forcibly deprived of citizenship during the course of hostilities during the Second World War. Now grandchildren and great-grandchildren, as well as children of these people, can undergo the procedure for restoring Romanian citizenship. At the same time, there is no need to pass an examination for knowledge of the Romanian language. In this regard, Romanian legislation is very liberal, and the applicant will only need to learn the words of the oath in Romanian.
The time for consideration of an application under a simplified scheme is 6 months, but in some cases it can take up to 16 months.
Video: about the dual citizenship of Romania for Ukrainians.
Documents for citizenship of Romania.
Documents required for citizenship:
General passport and its copy; Foreign passport and its copy; The applicant’s birth certificate; Certificate of birth (death) and marriage of the applicant’s parents; Certificate of birth (death) and marriage of grandparents; A statement that the application for citizenship is drawn up for the first time and a similar document has not been submitted to another consulate of the country; Documents confirming the fact of having relatives living in or born in Romania; Information on the absence of previous convictions in the applicant’s home country and in Romania.
The package of documents is sent to the Ministry of Justice of Romania. Those persons who live outside the republic have the right to apply to the consular Romanian offices in their homeland.
If the decision is positive, the applicant must take an oath of loyalty to Romania within six months. Romanian citizenship is considered to be awarded at the time of taking the oath, as a confirmation of this fact, a certificate of citizenship with a photograph of the applicant is issued. This document also includes the minor children of the applicant, if any, and they also receive Romanian citizenship.
Based on the certificate of citizenship, documentation of the Romanian sample is issued:
The applicant’s birth certificate; Personal number of a Romanian citizen; Marriage certificate.
Without these documents, you will not be able to obtain a Romanian passport. For the registration of a passport, both civil and foreign, you will need to submit an application to the Migration Service in addition.
Cancellation of Romanian citizenship.
A simplified procedure for obtaining citizenship is very attractive for many foreigners, and the main point here is the lack of the need to learn the national language and to confirm your knowledge in the exam. This is used by some firms offering for a certain cost to buy Romanian citizenship. Scammers guarantee that certain monetary rewards will be able to find the ethnic roots connecting the applicant with Romania. Probably, it is unnecessary to say that this is contrary to the law and is a real fraud.
Moreover, in a number of cases citizenship can be lost:
The attribution of citizenship was due to the fraudulent actions of the applicant; Entry into the Armed Forces of another state, with which Romania terminated diplomatic relations; The criminal actions of a citizen, namely the commission of particularly grave crimes that undermine the reputation of the country, Romania outside the country may also lead to denial of citizenship;
However, the citizenship of Romania is not subject to cancellation if it was received by birth.

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