Rules for entering the UK.

Rules for entering the UK.
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What questions are asked on the UK border?
If you have already received a British visa and collected your bags, then it’s time to reflect on the following topic: the rules for entering the UK. Before traveling, be sure to read the information on the entry into the United Kingdom, at least in general terms, in order to feel more confident. As a rule, a tourist thinks about what questions he can ask when crossing the English border, how to behave, how long the process takes, whether medical insurance is required, and what can and can not be transported to the country. You can read this article so that there are no unnecessary questions on the UK border.
So, according to the rules of entry to England on arrival, all tourists are given small migration cards in English (UK Border Agency Landing Card). They need to specify some of your personal information, including the address where you plan to stay in the UK. They will have to be filled directly on the spot; the questions are simple, so there will be no difficulties at this stage. You need to be prepared for the fact that you have to defend a long queue, because airports are often very busy. If something is not clear, ask questions to the tourists in the queue, perhaps they have more experience in crossing the border of England.
In general, when passing through passport control at the British border, fairly standard questions are asked. It is important to understand that the flow of tourists is great, and border guards simply do not have time to thoroughly study the history of each arriving. The main thing is to be able to clearly answer questions concerning the trip to England: what is the purpose, how many days are you traveling, what places do you plan to visit, where will you stay. The purpose of the visit to Britain should not be different from the one you indicated when completing the visa application form, otherwise there may be some suspicions that may lead to serious problems, up to refusal to enter the UK.
Documents for crossing the border of Great Britain.
Some documents when you enter the UK need to have with you, but not so many. The most important are the papers confirming the purpose of your visit to the country. This may be an invitation from the relatives you are going to visit, or from the company where you are going on business. If the purpose of the trip is only tourist, you should bring your hotel booking confirmation. It can be shown if the officer asks where you plan to stay. It is worth recalling that the purpose of the trip should coincide with the one specified in the visa application form, otherwise it may lead to refusal to enter England or to problems in obtaining a visa in the future.
In each separate situation it is worthwhile to take along additional documents for crossing the English border. If you, for example, married and changed your surname, and the visa indicates the old one, take the certificate of marriage registration in order to prevent the appearance of unnecessary questions. If you travel with a child, and you have different surnames, you should take your birth certificate with you; if you are not his parent, then on your hands must be the documents confirming your right to accompany him on a trip to Britain; these papers are sure to be asked. All of them must be provided in English, the translation must not be certified.
There is always a question about insurance – its availability for crossing the UK border is not mandatory. The absence of this document has no effect on the entry into the territory of the United Kingdom. Nevertheless, it is better to take care of yourself and purchase a policy, since it is inexpensive, but it can be useful in case of an unforeseen situation. Also I would like to recommend not to take a large number of unnecessary documents, because the process of finding an armor in a stack of unnecessary papers can take an extra time, which will delay both you and other tourists waiting for passage of passport control.
Councils for the passage of the British border (2018)
Filling out the declaration at the entrance to the UK.
Some things are subject to mandatory declaration when entering the UK. If you have more than 10,000 euros in cash, the money must be declared. There is also a restriction on the importation of certain goods. If their number exceeds the norm, they are also subject to declaration. Russians can bring with them 200 cigarettes, 100 cigarillos, 50 cigars or 250 grams of tobacco. The maximum amount of alcohol is 16 liters of beer, 4 liters of wine or 1 liter of strong alcohol. Alcohol and tobacco products can only be carried by persons aged 17 and over. Goods worth more than 390 pounds also need to declare when crossing the British border.
All tourists arriving from countries not belonging to the Eurozone are prohibited from importing meat and dairy products to the UK. In addition, there are restrictions on the import of fish, honey and certain types of vegetables and fruits. Upon arrival at the British airport, they must also be declared, otherwise problems may arise. To declare, you must fill out a form that can be obtained at the airport of arrival. Carry an animal through the British border is also not easy. If you did not receive an international certificate in advance, the pet can be taken to quarantine and implanted with a chip in order to be able to identify it in the future.
In general, the rules for entering the UK are not very different from other countries. Nevertheless, there are some features that must be borne in mind. Employees of the British Border Service work quickly and efficiently, so that the process of passing passport control will hardly take more than two or three minutes. In order not to delay yourself and the rest of the tourists in the queue, check before departure, so that all the documents necessary for entering the UK are at your fingertips. If you still have any questions, you should see more information on the UK Border Service website.
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