Russian America.

Russian America.
Moving to New York.
We are a childless couple, at work we move to New York for three years.
On this occasion, we ask the New Yorkers for help.
We will work in Manhattan, (800 2nd Avenue). We will receive 3,500 d. (Including bills) for the apartment.
I would like to rent a 2-3 bedroom house (preferably the house and not the apartment), At a distance of about 30-40 minutes from work, in Russian & ndash; Israeli environment, in a quiet, green place (if nearby parks and water in general is wonderful), shops, sports club, etc. welcome, in the future may need a garden, schools are not relevant. Where to run and where to look (in what towns and districts)?
Is it realistic to include all accounts in the lease agreement and what accounts should be taken into account besides the main accounts (water, electricity, gas)?
Are the houses rented furnished or better to be transported from here (there is a possibility)?
We arrive at the end of March for a week, and moving to July & ndash; Is it possible to find a house in a week, is it possible to conclude a contract for five months in advance, how best to look for & ndash; by yourself or through an agency, can anyone advise?
Whether it is necessary to carry small electric goods (combines, hairdryers, irons, TVs) which work from a network on 220 in. Is it possible to find transformers?
Is it possible to live normally for 4000 d per month, without spending on housing, children, insurance, etc?
Where to do shopping is not far from Manhattan?
2. If you rent a house, the bills are paid separately. Heating in winter and cooling in summer can reach 500 d per month – the owners do not want to take risks.
7. Why not in Manhattan?
We do not take into account traffic jams, they are not predictable, so the net travel time on the machine is taken into account. I would really like a house, well, that’s an idiot’s dream 🙂
About the accounts sad.
And shopping is possible in Manhattan, just for the next trip (reconnaissance by the fight) for shopping will be a maximum of one day, and the requests from friends and relatives are added, I would like to know exactly where to go and prices probably in the center higher.
2. What is included in the price of removal is determined by the owner. As a rule, the whole communal area is included, except for electricity and heating. And of course, except the Internet, phone, etc.
3. Usually furnished do not give up, but you can ask about a particular house. According to my ideas, if the furniture is not antique, then it is cheaper to buy it on the spot (even for a year) than to carry it.
4. See in advance on the Internet, for example There you can find an agent. For a week, any horrible house you will find, but if you want to carefully choose, you need two or three.
5. In my opinion, it’s not worth it. Transformers can be found in stores “all for $ 1”, there will be dollars for 10, but all these devices are cheap, and buying them is a pleasure.
6. Very well you can live, and still remain.
7. And here’s how to get out of Manhattan, there on the fourth road a lot of malls.
3. Furniture is not antiques in any way, but transportation in both directions will not cost us anything and we will arrive without much money and is not sure that we will be able to immediately pay a round sum for new things, we will think.
4. looked, but here in Fair Lawn very few proposals, and I would like very personal recommendations, again because of the lack of time.
I’m very grateful to you for such a detailed response, it’s already calmer 🙂
Transportation of furniture will cost more.
and what area other than brooklyn would you advise?
the transportation of furniture in both directions will not cost us anything and therefore we think, and the furniture is all its own and was bought a year and a half ago, plus we will arrive without much money and is not sure that we will be able to immediately pay a round sum for new things, we will think.
As for the history, we are not very worried because the agreement is signed by the Israeli embassy.
The machine will be in any case.
I would advise such an option, as the first time to live in an extended stay hotel, quietly looking for accommodation and doing grocery shopping.
The option with the hotel is very real, we have the right to a hotel up to 2 months after the move, but then it is not clear what to send in the luggage.
if you find something that is suitable for price and location – look not at this map and if there are less than 70% green points – I would not like to live there.
the range of the stations should not be intimidated by you, during peak hours, there are express flights through the zones, so even from distant stations the time to Grand Central is less than an hour. and from the Grand Central to your work 5 minutes on foot.
by car at rush hour you can 40 minutes and beyond Manhattan not to leave. go to google.maps and enable the traffic option. Do the same, but on a rainy day, be surprised.
Well, if the Russian environment – you can on Brighton. there for 3.5K you can rent an apartment with a view of the ocean or a small house (old and smelly)
The car, well, cars all stand / slowly go to the city in the morning.
Shopping (looking what you need) is manhattan mall, all sorts of queens center mall. Close to your address, then go by car)

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