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Hello! Someone knows a good lawyer for emigration.
Admin and Kuzka.
Good lawyers for immigration in Belgium are not and can not be!
People here are patriots. They will fulfill the law. And his spirit and letter.
Belgium is a self-sufficient country.
The last warning.
Vyt, ah, here, on.
For a shepherd, this clever sheep is still a sheep, just like all the other sheep that he grazes.
Meanwhile, mutton meat is not eaten by a shepherd, but by a padishah.
I would have believed that I was wrong.
But! Novel! Facts and logic.
1. – All “popular protest rallies” – organized Gbebych. Well, or from his submission. The style of the left-chekist communists! About his behavior with employees & quot; center of the Russian friendship & quot; – I will not speak. peeped and pure psychology.
2. The demonstration of Uzbeks near the American Embassy – exactly at the moment when Gbukha and Karimov were against each other. = The question = who benefits? – Gbuhe!
3. Should I continue? 🙂 About the awards from the very Puten and the fact that someone else (not gbkshniku) just will not even give an entrance to the Russian embassy? Not to mention other things?
Is there a rational explanation for these three points?
An explanation that the type – the countryman – does not pokonayut.
It is clear that his and the Belgians “bent”, bo not fools.
But this is another conversation.
Vyt, I’m sorry,
Vitya, I’m sorry, of course, but you, straight, everywhere the KGB imagines.
Relax, our former Zemos Petrosov S. is not a KGB officer, he has never been to them and, naturally, has not been trained by any psychotechnicians.
An ordinary informer and a whore. He finds and shears his sheep. In the meantime, those who are swifter are also sheared as a sheep. Well, and so on.
By the way, it was correctly noticed here that “Glebov deceived only the one who wanted to be deceived”, however, like your Nick.
About the lawyer. It is necessary to search for yourself. And not on the forums.
Everyone chooses by themselves. & quot;
continue to find, I hope :))))
And finally – bored with you, all the same. Blok, of course, is a good poet, but.
Sworn translations – Ned / Rus / Eng / Fr / Oekr – tel. 0486 880 213 (base).
Have given an apartment in.
Lord, yes we are.
Lord, yes, we are all like this – just people.
Well, Phoenix is out of competition – maybe they will not be fired after a couple of months :))))
Sworn translations – Ned / Rus / Eng / Fr / Oekr – tel. 0486 880 213 (base).
Lana. You all know, you understand. Except one.
I’m not bogkh! And much worse.
And what is it.
By the way, did the neighbors fall?
Sworn translations – Ned / Rus / Eng / Fr / Oekr – tel. 0486 880 213 (base).
So kill.
So kill.
So kill. Think about it. Something will remain :))))
Sworn translations – Ned / Rus / Eng / Fr / Oekr – tel. 0486 880 213 (base).
And why and what.
And why and what are you afraid of?
I can kill millions. I’m afraid of this.
I’m a man after all. And all human is not alien to me.
And why and what.
And why and what are you afraid of? & quot; Lichka & quot; – a normal means of communication on the forums. If you are afraid – it is worth to see a doctor, this is already beginning to resemble paranoia.
Victor, become, finally, yourself – and you will see how beautiful life is. Without it, you will all go “awry”.
13 years in Belgium did not change me personally in an iota, 13 years of life – added knowledge, experience and some wisdom. And you? What has changed in you for many years?
Sworn translations – Ned / Rus / Eng / Fr / Oekr – tel. 0486 880 213 (base).
Lichkam – for a long time there is no trust.
Thank you and sorry. I’ll & quot; untwist & quot; not going to.
Victor, I’m not.
Victor, I do not want to be rich, because I’m already happy :)))
If you want to write to me – write in a personal. I do not open my mail in any forums – I have a PC not for entertainment, but for work, and I do not need spam.
Sworn translations – Ned / Rus / Eng / Fr / Oekr – tel. 0486 880 213 (base).
Lana. And can I ask for your mail?
Well, honestly, I can tell you how to become a very rich person within a week. Steal? Yes! But it’s open! And without breaking the law!
And no one will prove it! I’m kidding.
True, give your mail, I have a conversation with you. To you. Personally.
Just confirm here. If you write. Thank you.
Vche, and you do not.
Vche, but you did not ask her (nickname in the sense of 3 pokers) – when will she go to work? Or does she want to remain a PUBLIC PERSON FOR OUR ACCOUNT? Like, we will work hard, deduct, and she will be a PUBLIC.
You know, Vche, in order to be a charity or a public activist, you first have to become a RICH PEOPLE and direct OWN MEANS to this activity, and not do it at the expense of others – including at the expense of organizations that issue a SOCIAL HANDBOOK.
In general, she is a professional mongrel, she did not work in Belgium for a day, she screams for rights.
& quot; Good Man & quot; – this is not a profession. WHAT did she do here in Belgium? Puttsala in black in the increase to socialism? And, having received a Doki, became a public?
Ehhhh, not on her, and on Glebov’s local “Sarkozy”.
Sworn translations – Ned / Rus / Eng / Fr / Oekr – tel. 0486 880 213 (base).
Nick has never lied.
What drove Bruce – but then Bruce – his job is this.
Well, yes – well, yes, a little bit from the docks.
But I also saw it live. This is a Man. Very similar to you, by the way. :))
Glebov is a robot, a GB officer. Clever and trained. Familiar with psychotechnics. Those odds will give on all 100. He and I “did,” until I realized what’s what. I could not get it & quot; immediately. It’s strong, I mean.
ABOUT NIKU (in defense) – she did not reduce her activity. IMHO.
She remained what she was. By the way, I asked direct expression – Who are you going to become in political life?
The answer was – I want to be a PUBLIC PERSON, but not take power. Those are not politicians.
Actually, I want to say that the Russians will sooner or later have to create a normal society (unification).
Glebov – is not close to being worthy, although talented as an organizer, but got a grudge about something (I’m not talking about my speculation that he’s a Chekist)
Who! I shield – Let there be a Woman!
About the snacks.
About snacks, even a bunch.
You know, Glebov deceived only the one who wanted to be deceived. And such credulity is mostly different in very desperate situations.
But I meant something else. Glebov in the hen-house slowly begins to lose listeners. Forum, he zagorbastal, but the public can not hold on it does not work. It crawled through the newly created forums.
But Nick already noted on the UDEPovskom forum, where she was very active. And this activity quickly came to an end “dried up” as soon as she decided a little with the papers. Then the question. How is she better than Glebov?
What about snacks?
IMHO, I met you at that Glebovskaya “party”?
You gave out snacks there.
It’s not hitting. I just want to say that Petrosov has deceived not only Nick and many others, including.
Thank you. And excuse me. Personally, I respect you.
Yeah, like that :)) Elite club & quot; No bamashki & quot ;. Not a ram sneezed.
“Good conversation shortens the working day”. (Arabic proverb)
VMYCH, and this is what.
VMYCH, but what kind of forum is this new? And what kind of a nickname with Lara are they.
Is not that the nickname with three pokers.
I understand that people are running from Glebov with the speed of ADSL creating a resembling form of interest.

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