Russian Immigration.

Russian Immigration.
Mahe is the largest island in the archipelago. The island is the capital of the state – Victoria, a commercial port and an international airport. And, of course, the beaches – dozens of cozy, original beaches are available for visiting curious travelers. Beau Vallon Beach – the largest, and, perhaps, the most popular beach of the island. The length of three kilometers, it is strewn with pure white coral sand, perfectly equipped and equipped with many cafes and restaurants, where you can taste both pizza and national cuisine.
If you decide to purchase this wonderful nuts as a souvenir (prices start from $ 200, the cheapest prices on Praslin Island, and the choice is wider than usual) – be sure to pay attention to the excise stamp and keep the check, because all this is for you useful for obtaining permission to export. In general, all exported “natural” souvenirs need to get permission. Such as the above nuts, tortoise shell wares, shells and corals. As a rule, it is issued if there is evidence of their acquisition by an official way – or, more simply, a check.
In addition, in Mont-Fleury there is a magnificent orchid garden and aviary with giant tortoises of Aldabra. Some of these turtles survive to 150 years, and they weigh more than 250 kg. I personally took breath from all this luxurious exotic plants, their flowers and fruits, and the only advice when visiting this beautiful place can only be the presence of a strong spray of insects, if you do not burn with the desire to be bitten by an unknown type of mosquito.
Already on the way back from the botanical garden, I saw a structure unprecedented and unknown to me before this form and beauty, I immediately stopped a taxi for a more detailed study of this miracle, incidentally asking the taxi driver what for it. As it turned out, this is a Hindu temple (Arul Mihu Navasaki Vinayahar) – the only Hindu temple in the Seychelles. Built in 1992, the temple received its name in honor of the god, personifying security and prosperity. This colorful creation, conquering with its unusual beauty, clearly stands out from its surroundings. Unfortunately, only the facade of the building is allowed to be photographed, inside the temple itself photo and video shooting is prohibited.
La Digue is not such a large island as Mahe, the type of settlement resembles a small village, the main transport is a bicycle. But this island is famous for its unique landscapes. La Digue appeared during the eruption of lava masses, here basically a mountainous terrain with a sandy coast, strewn with groups of boulders.
And, of course, worth it. It is worth to go for this white sand and behind this transparent – blue ocean, and it is worth paying for it. And this pleasure will not do cheap: a long and expensive flight, rather expensive hotels, an expensive taxi, and even the prices for standard souvenirs (such as soap, T-shirts and pareos) are much higher than usual, and bargaining is not welcome. But if you approach your dream seriously and plan everything yourself, and the armor can be produced directly, without the help of helpful agencies, having previously refused luxury hotels, then the dream will inevitably become a reality.
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The title of our project “The Russians beyond the Border” is a reflection of the current life of our citizens who have found the strength to go beyond the ordinary and leave their country for the benefit of their own life and family. In the soul and on the passport – we are residents of a great country. And let us be far from each other, but we do not abandon our own! The success that our people have already shared has helped the majority of fellow countrymen to move and realize their dream. Protoptannaya path gives travelers a chance to do without annoying tour operators, and Russian people will help to find housing at a reasonable price without local speculators. Most of our people who live abroad work for themselves, and they are interested in helping and supporting Russian people.
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