Russian in Los Angeles.

Russian in Los Angeles.
I want, first of all, to clarify that it is the state of California and not the Russian quarter, but the surroundings of Los Angeles. After all, everywhere people are different. ?
In the area where I live, there are few Russians. Americans are usually quickened to learn that I am from Russia, trying to start a conversation. No one has expressed any negative emotions so far. ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes, and if we are silent or speak English, then the Russians do not look like. My sister and I are probably more like some Italian or Greek woman. Sister says that people guess in her European features and accent, but that the Russian do not guess. One time a guy decided that she was from India ๐Ÿ™‚ My husband would have been a spitting Mexican, if not for the green eyes. Yes, and youth clothes in fashion also makes them look like typical Americans. So if we just start talking among ourselves in Russian, some Americans guess and ask, โ€œAre you from Russia?โ€. But such cases are rare here.
Only visiting Russian thieves is very easy to recognize by appearance, especially those who have not yet been Americanized. Recently, in an elevator, we went with a couple. A man-cabinet with a glass-dissatisfied erysipelas, who wants to drink beer clearly and does not like to ride in the elevator. Auntie also with a displeased face, with huge heels (heels on women here are rare), narrowned long nails under the French manicure (American nails do not grow and almost do not paint, teenage girls usually with short nails, but with bright pictures, long nails extruded leopard and wild pink shades prefer only fifa-Mexican), she also has a tail on her head from overgrown bleached hair (was once a yellow blonde) and a bag under her arm from Louis Witton (apparently at the first opportunity she bought a real and threw out her Turkish counterfeit.The obvious sign of a Russian woman.The usual average Americans in California in general in fashion and branded handbags are not fouled.They do not care.). Here it is a real picture! ๐Ÿ™‚ Russian! We are generally easy to distinguish, they are suspicious and dissatisfied, Americans are always relaxed and calm. This is some purely our Russian trait. As my friend said when she came to Russia: โ€œYou all go around with such faces on the street, itโ€™s scary!โ€ ?
We met many Russians in Ikei. Apparently, when we arrive, we all go there to get furniture. # 8212; native place. ? At first I did not notice that there were some Russians around. Until she began to argue with her husband and cried aloud, โ€œWell, Iโ€™m speaking to you in Russian!โ€ Then the people around me and beamed, sideways at us and secretly smiling. And as soon as I stood 10 minutes at the entrance to Ikei, it became clear that 60% of buyers & # 8212; our countrymen. Almost like in Moscow we are ๐Ÿ™‚
Russian can be found in Armenian shops. Since there are sold quite a lot of our native products: buckwheat, sour cream, kefir, candy, etc. Russians on arrival most often turn to Armenians for services, this nationality is also enough here. They and hairdressers, and insurers, and sellers, and bakeries, and they say everything in Russian is often free. Well, or with the Armenian-American accent, but still everything is clear. And itโ€™s easy for them to explain what you want.
But again, I remind you that immigrants are from all over the world, and in general, all the same, you are Russian or not. But more often than not, we try to avoid the Russian language and not be scared. At least in American shopping centers and supermarkets, I have never seen anyone speak Russian other than me. ๐Ÿ™‚ But in the tourist areas, our speech is heard at every turn. โ€œSlysh, Mish, can we go eat something to eat?โ€ Where is Kolya?! & # 187 ;, well, I generally keep quiet about Russian regions. Want to go back to the 90โ€™s, missed the colorful aprons, pies, samovars and family trunks & # 8212; then you here! ๐Ÿ™‚
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I really want to move to Los Angeles, because this is my dream, which must come true. Please tell me how and where you can get a visa or citizenship. And can you find a job there, by profession sound engineer. Please answer ๐Ÿ™‚
Hello. please tell me what are the chances for me and my husband to move to America? Iโ€™m a dentist (I just got a diploma and graduated from an internship), my husband is an engineer builder, but at the moment I work at a nuclear power plant. in LA or anywhere there is an opportunity to settle? engl.vucim. I care about diplomas. how do you need to confirm them? if you can somehow help-wait advice)
Here it is no longer a matter of nationality as such .. it is called & # 8212; culture.
Look at the black Native Americans in their quarters.
Yes, in our world there are many people to see, but as they say, everyone is for himself?
Hello, I would like to know how quickly you have adapted to understand the Americans well? and with what knowledge of English you came there.
Read an article about English in our blog, here they are not alone ๐Ÿ™‚
Everyone adapts in different ways & # 8212; this is very individual and also much depends on the โ€œbroughtโ€ language base.
Hello. I thought about moving. higher education by special. occupational Safety and Health. length of service is 1 year. Do you need such a specialist in LA? try to find an employer who agrees to a work visa? or try to win a green card? visited many forums and sites. but I wanted to hear advice from a person who is already there. Thank you.
Hello! Have you looked at jobs on the sites for this specialty? I do not even know that it can be in the American version. And I do not know if there is any such thing. Look for the Internet version of their work and the full name, then look at the sites with work. Working visa is unlikely to be given in this case. But find out more in detail, I can be mistaken, that in this case it will be good. If there is nothing with work & # 8212; submit for the lottery.
if you believe the Internet, then what is the approximate is & # 8212; Occupational Safety and Health Administration, OSHA, .But the standards for which work in the US and Russia are still different. And if for another specialty which I do not have? How do I understand from the forums a work visa is given if there is already a place of work? and search on the spot is not possible?
A work visa is given only on the condition that there is a job offer, or other documents from the employer (business trip, business, etc.), i.e. You eat already to work in a particular place. The invitation can be searched for in another specialty, not a diploma. It depends on what you know how to do the other.
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