Russian on Goa: on what beaches in Goa live Russian and what they do. Where better to live Russian on Goa.

Russian on Goa: on what beaches in Goa live Russian and what they do. Where better to live Russian on Goa.
Even in the 70’s, Goa was chosen by hippies and spiritual adventurers. They settled in all parts of India, but most preferred beaches. Of course, because the climate itself, exotic fruits, cheap housing and the cordiality of Indians attracted at first sight any visitor. Who set the goal to rest, for a long time hanging in these places, even without counting the days. Such carefree and cheap life spodvigala to throw their cities, friends, work and even themselves former.
When India was chosen by the Russians, they immediately fell in love with a fabulous, exotic country with its customs, way of life and spiritual traditions. Many Russians on Goa, being on vacation, later remain here not only to winter, but also to live.
Russian beaches of Goa: on what our beaches.
The Russians on Goa, mainly, go to rest on the northern beaches of Goa. Very popular for Russians on Goa beaches: Arambol, Baga, Candolim, Morjim, Chapora and others. It is here that there is a popular night life, trance movements and the search for a pseudo-spiritual path. Why pseudo-spiritual, so because basically, the so-called Guru, are traders of their knowledge for the money of tourists. It is very rare to meet a real teacher. The difference between the true and the false is in the monetary rewards that tourists endow. On the southern coast you can meet Russians in Goa, but they will mostly be with families and children, or elderly couples, tired of the hustle and bustle of life and decided to relax under palm branches in the shade of trees.
Russians go to Goa to these places for rest, fun, familiarizing with the culture and just for new acquaintances. The idea arose among the locals that North Goa became a Russian colony. Many of our celebrities went there to rest and stayed at all.
A village for Russians in Goa.
Even there was a Russian village on the beach Morjim. He attracted the Russians to Goa, who wanted to get away from the bustle of the world. When there was one ferry, this place became inaccessible to visitors, now here they built a bridge and Morjim became more popular. It is here that those Russians are flocking to Goa, who wants to rest, but at the same time stay among their fellow villagers.
Here Russian paradise, because people are united in one community as in the old Slavic times. For example, someone does not have enough money and food, others will always help, they can even collect the entire village for a ticket home and so on. Russian children in Goa are particularly comfortable and fun, even there is a Russian kindergarten and a private school. After all, those who came here and stayed live, as a rule, apply their skills and abilities for the benefit of the whole village.
How do Russians live in Goa.
Every visitor of a Russian tourist thinks about how you can stay here for life. And many people come up with how. For example, there are people who arrange tours for local companies by local guides and communicate in Russian. Other Russians in Goa have mastered the Internet profession and earn money by writing articles on order, creating websites and doing design. Even photographers have found themselves – they arrange photo sessions at sunset and wedding themed stories, because nature helps them in this creative work. Someone got a job as a cook or dishwasher, and someone opened their own cafe with Russian cuisine.
Musicians here in a special honor. Under the order they play in the evenings in cafes and restaurants, and the DJs have night parties. Then flyerists, jugglers, magicians, and everyone who knows anything, will always find an application and earn money. Yoga teachers, meditators, masseurs, guides and magicians, psychics and prophets – all flock to Goa and find their audience. Even simple party lovers can organize other talents and earn on mediation – there would be a desire.
That’s what the Russians really like about Goa, so it’s in their Russian ingenuity. Only ours here rent accommodation from the local and retake it at exorbitant prices. But the easiest way so far is just to rent an apartment in your homeland and live on that money. Experience shows that one delivery of such housing is enough for a carefree life in Goa, and even for travel around the neighborhood.
There are also those moments that should be known. For example, local authorities closely monitor tourists who use narcotic substances. From this predilection it is better to refuse, as it is possible to thunder in prison and paradise life will seem a hell. Many Russians on Goa for rebelliousness and misconduct were deported from India without the right to return.
Local believe that the medal has two ends. Some argue that Russians in Goa are poisoning lives by both Indian and others, while others, on the contrary, say that only after the Russians the tour industry was revived here. For all you will not be lovely, as they say.
Where better to live Russian on Goa.
For each individual there will be different recommendations. You can go around the beaches and find your own, where the soul will rejoice, and your eyes will shine. But there are general recommendations that will help determine which direction to look for.
In the northern part of Goa, almost all beaches are tusovka, having nightly entertainment and full of a large crowd of tourists and local. It’s more expensive and more bustling, but you will not have to miss Russian in Goa. You can meet with unusual people, be in another country, but at the same time stay among your fellow countrymen.
On the south side of Goa, the beaches are calm, uninhabited, representative and harmonious. Here the Russians on Goa can rest in seclusion and tranquility, and really rest. And also hold sessions of relaxation, yoga, meditation and Ayurveda – to revitalize the body and soul. Children here will be comfortable, and families are great. Choose you by temperament and personal preferences. Or you can just move from the beach to the beach in search of an ideal place for yourself.
How to safely get a job in Goa Russian man.
Do not be afraid to take a one-way ticket and fly to Dabolim airport. The return ticket can always be booked on the spot via the Internet – there it is developed very well. Even if you fly to an unfamiliar place and do not know anyone, then Goa is not a problem – there will always be those who will become helpers, friends and just good fellow travelers. It is better to have your passive source of income or savings for the first time, and there already on the spot will figure out what and how to deal with. Money can be earned always and everywhere, especially at the resort. Therefore, it is not superfluous to prepare several practical professions, so that they are always at hand. For example, master cooking skills or hairdressing. You can learn to play the instrument or sing well. Sewing is also popular, as Russian traditional clothes are not sold there. In general, choose for yourself a favorite pastime and achieve mastery. The choice is great, the main desire and time. In Goa, there are many vacancies and jobs for Russians. If it is very hard, then the local Russian community will always help. Guides are very appreciated, waiters, even tutors of Russian children. And also maids, bartenders, hotel and restaurant employees – all this can always be found anywhere in Goa.
There is nothing to be afraid of. If the soul asks – it is worth giving in to the desire and go at least to rest on Goa, and there as it goes.
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