Sad verses.

Sad verses.
Suffering and disappointment, misunderstanding and jealousy – all these emotions provoke sadness and a corresponding mood. And because the sad poems in our collection are of interest to many, and these poems are sent to a loved one on the day when the mood is clouded in the soul. Our team selects for you such creations, and you can use them at any convenient moment. A selection in which the sad words about love are combined, new variants are replenished regularly, so it will be easy for you to find a rhymed display of feelings close to the mood of the current moment.
You can pour out your sorrow not only on the object of adoration, but also on a close friend (friend), sister, brother. It often happens that a person craves comfort and compassion, and therefore shares his emotions with the person who is able to understand it. Passing sad poems about love to such a person, you will certainly get sympathy from him, and after that your depressed mood will change for the better. Do not succumb to sadness – it is fleeting and with time is replaced by philosophical calmness, and in many cases, and joy – when suspicions are not justified or the quarrel ends with reconciliation.
Life is very changeable, and sadness, like clouds, floats and disappears in the distance. And then the soul is again illuminated by solar emotions. But at a time when, in connection with any circumstances, a loving person feels depressed, it is difficult for him to grasp this fact, the feelings require an exit, and therefore the rhymed lines become a very popular service. Knowing this, we suggest that you use a selection of the appropriate focus. Choose an option that reflects your emotions and pour out your sorrow.
And so I want to kiss you.
But I suffer from my love.
Though they say love is grace.
Once I heard speeches.
About that they love only one.
Well, in others at every meeting.
They are looking for shadows in reality.
And this is so, I tell you honestly.
After all, the heart is too small.
To accommodate the two and frankly.
In it only you and only you are given it!
But without you I live, I laugh and cry.
And without you I rejoice in fate!
What can I do if I can not do otherwise?
I repeat myself every time!
You kissed me, loved me!
I searched, lost and returned.
And he kept repeating everything!
But, I’m not a doll, I’m alive.
You left for her, and I’m alone.
It remains to live, to love you.
Time passes, life flies,
My love for you does not sleep!
The soul screams, the soul hurts,
And he wants to forget everything forever!
The pain, resentment, rage, anger.
To leave and disappear.
You do not see and do not know.
And again, happiness is a test.
Poems writing, I remember you.
The pain, pouring, on the leaf of the arch.
Line by line, today, yesterday.
Only about love, I write for you.
Winter outside the window, you see the other with me.
About you I dream, I will always.
For your habits, I really miss.
How can I meet until I know.
I look at you, you became the other.
I can not believe that you ripped me apart.
It is impossible that everything would remain a dream.
In the palm of your hand, seedling faded.
Then when you left, you changed the time.
Tears of yours, the stars tore.
Are you all, you’ll leave your dreams.
I can not love another.
But it’s hard without a guy,
And you laugh as luck would.
I come home.
And tears pour into the pillow.
Why can not I whisper in your ear,
What without you I can not,
And my life is your toy.
Friends, acquaintances, relatives.
No one can support me,
When I really need it.
When it is painful and difficult,
When you want, cry!
When you want, scream!
And tell everyone in the world!
What is love in the world.
That I love him.
And so they do not talk.
I’ll wait for it!
You can not believe me.
I do not give you promises.
It is easier for me not to communicate with you.
Than listen to your nonsense.
And in the soul dying love,
We have suffered for a long, long time.
The window is quietly dripping with rain.
Nervous trembling hand.
Remembering all our vices,
Flushing them with a bitter tear.
Time, leaving for us-
The past, in it we find.
Happy, unforgettable time!
And he is in love. In the heart of longing,
In the eyes of a tear. Dew fell on the grass.
As soon as the sun rises,
Everything will dry up and everything will pass.
There will be peace and grace.
A dream in reality. What for.
I do not want to breathe.
With you I want to be, but it does not work.
Why is everything so difficult?
Why is love difficult?
And neither as it turns out to be with you ALWAYS!
After all, you still do not believe in my words.
As I hear your voice, my heart beats fast.
And from melancholy – it makes me feel dizzy.
You became – the meaning of life, the ideal.
I want to give love and affection.
I can say with pride and sanity.
All my life I’ve dreamed of such love.
The words of love do not know taming.
Nobody can forbid love!
At a time when you hide and avoid.
I will wait, hope, LOVE.
The rain with you says,
He whispers: “Do not cry,”
You answer: “Because it hurts.”
The rain will answer: “Do not be sad,”
Tell me, what’s the matter with you?
You face the rain.
Quietly say: “He is not with me!”
When the sorrow associated with love relationships overwhelms the heart, sad poems to tears become a very popular option of displaying feelings. This kind of – rhymed – the display of emotions is exactly what our team wants to offer you. Presented in our unique and diverse collection of masterpieces can be used at your own discretion, as you see fit. These sad poems, the authors of which are visitors to the site (this is the exclusivity of the collection), you can post on your blog, on the personal page of the social network, and, using them, share your mood with a close, understanding and sympathetic person – friend, girlfriend , sister, brother.
Well, of course, the object of adoration, too, can receive from you a message with rhymed lines, containing feelings overwhelming you. Our extensive collection is replenished regularly, and you can also take an active part in its filling. And for this you need to load into the form below rhymed lines – composed, of course, by you and reflecting the sadness of the love plan. Your sad poems about love will attract someone’s attention for sure, and many people visiting this site will be grateful to you. People, wise in life experience, do not doubt that the sad mood, whatever the occasion, is fleeting, and it will certainly be replaced by tranquility or joy. But at the moment of overwhelmed feelings a person can not think about it, and therefore sad rhymed lines come at an opportune moment. And of course, sad emotions need to be poured out, but when you get sympathy in return, the calm comes and the philosophical attitude to life comes to the fore. Therefore, the options that make up our collection are very much in demand.
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