Salaries in the Czech Republic. What professions are most in demand?

Salaries in the Czech Republic. What professions are most in demand?
Today we will talk about the situation with salaries in the Czech Republic. This question interests many readers and those people who are going to move to this wonderful country.
First, let’s define the currency. All data will be given in kroons, local currency of Czech Republic. To make it easier for you to navigate – the approximate rate of the kroon to the euro is 27 to 1, i.�. for 1 euro they give about 27 kroons. Accordingly, you can divide all these amounts by 27 and receive a salary in euros.
Let’s start with the fact that in the Czech Republic salaries are lower than in neighboring Germany and Austria, so many Czechs who have a sought-after specialty with pleasure move to neighboring countries if they find a decent job there.
Now about demanded specialties in the Czech Republic.
Now there is an acute demand for programmers and other professionals working in the field of information technology: software testers, web designers, IT managers. They are very popular specialists. Salaries for these specialties start from 60 thousand crowns a month and go far up. The average is somewhere around 75 thousand crowns.
Of course, high-class doctors, lawyers, economists who work for hire, also receive a decent enough salary, starting from 75 thousand crowns and above. They are specialists only with higher education and work experience.
Office worker: Sales manager, accountant, HR specialist can receive about 30 thousand kroons per month. Approximately the same salary and teachers.
Employees of the service sector receive less if they are hired specialists. For example, in an ordinary grocery store, salaries are around 15-20 thousand kroons.
But there is one interesting feature that attracts young people, even despite the low salary. In shops, hospitals (for nurses and nurses) and other institutions, a “long and short week” schedule is often used. Ie one week a person works 5 days a week for 12 hours. And the second week – 2 days for 12 hours and gets 5 days off. Very convenient for students, you can easily combine work and study.
Workers such as builders, milling cutters, installers can receive around 100 kroons per hour. Their salary per month will depend on the hours worked.
Another feature of the Czech Republic is the widely developed area of small business.
The majority of the population are honest businessmen. Almost all services are dedicated to servicing private businesses. Electricians, plumbers, dentists, even accountants and lawyers can be registered as entrepreneurs and conduct their own private practice. Approximately, the average entrepreneur income is about 60-70 thousand crowns per month. Of course, there may be much more, but maybe less.
I would also like to add that in the Czech Republic there are special programs for the socialization and adaptation of the unemployed. In fact, any person who turns out to be without a permanent income or even without housing, simply a bum, can undergo a course of rehabilitation and get a specialty. Of course, it will be something simple, for example, a salesman or a cleaner in a supermarket, but it will be a real normal job. Social services regularly organize such programs for the adaptation of the lower strata of society.
And in the end a bit of statistics:
The minimum wage in the Czech Republic is 9900 kroons – only 3% of the country’s inhabitants get it.
Average salary in the Czech Republic & # 8212; 30 thousand crowns.
Everyone pays a wage tax, his rate depends on the situation in the family, on the number of children. The highest bid is 23% & # 8212; it applies to single, childless people. Plus, to the tax that is withheld from wages, about the same amount is paid by the employer who hired this specialist.
This is a brief overview of salaries in the Czech Republic. If you have any questions, ask them in the comments.
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