Salaries of policemen in the USA.

Salaries of policemen in the USA.
Today, the United States of America is in the top five countries for the highest average wage. How are things with the salaries of policemen? How much does a police officer earn in this or that agency? Let’s consider these questions in the article.
Features of the US police.
The US police has a number of distinctive features, which many immigrants pay attention to.
First, it is worth noting a significant number of policemen on the streets, in parks, on the roads. Everywhere, even in shops, you can meet a man in uniform, but for no apparent reason to make you claim no one will.
Policemen in the United States can perform several functions simultaneously. If in Russia to write out a fare for the passage to the red signal of traffic lights is entitled only to an employee of the DPS, then in America it can be done by anyone. The same goes for other offenses.
Women among policemen meet here at times more often than in the CIS or Europe. And usually you can see a woman not for doing “paper” work, but for patrolling the street or for an operation to capture a dangerous criminal. For such work a woman goes often because of the prestige and special rights that are assigned to the police officer.
With an American policeman, in no case should you argue and refuse to follow his requirements, otherwise you risk exacerbating your situation many times. If in Russia for such behavior will follow only a fine or arrest for a short period, then in the United States the punishment will be much stricter.
In the mass culture quite often the image of American policemen is associated with the constant use of weapons, violation of the law and even open lawlessness. In practice this is not true. If you believe the statistics, the police officer uses firearms no more than once in 27 years. In addition, future ministers of the law undergo thorough training at the Police Academy, where they study the laws of the state and of America as a whole.
Introductory tests are presented by a test for knowledge of exact and natural sciences, as well as language testing. The Police Academy first collects all the information about the candidate: his friends are interviewed, inquiries are sent to the school where he studied, to the departments where he worked, etc.
The US police a priori is not inclined to gross violation of the law, but a number of states (New York, California) are quite “tough” police, which sometimes really can go beyond the established rules. However, such cases are very rare.
In many ratings, the US police works very well. For example, known to many police codes (abbreviations that are used by operators to speed up work) were invented exactly in the US and have since been actively used.
The police of the United States go, mainly, not in order to use official position and “outlaw”, as is often the case, for example, in Russia. Here the policeman is really always happy to help a common citizen, to tell him something. This is evidenced by statistics: the American police trust about 70% of US residents, while in Russia this figure is almost three times lower.
How to become a policeman in the US.
Naturally, the system of advancement in the service of US policemen will differ significantly from the path of the average Russian law and order keeper.
In order to enter the service in the police, the future minister of law must be at least 21 and not older than 35 years, of course, not to have a criminal record, and must also undergo training at the academy for a period of 6 to 12 months. Additional requirements for the candidate: a certificate of graduation, the availability of a driver’s license and an impeccable reputation.
Video about how to get a job in the police in the US.
Positions and titles in the American police.
Upon completion of training, the graduate is awarded the title of “police officer”, and the duties of the newly-formed policeman now include patrolling the streets.
Interestingly, the titles in the US police are not awarded for merit, but for the results of an extremely difficult (successfully handled by only 5% of officers) test – “How to work in the police?” In the event of a successful surrender, the police are promoted, now he becomes a detective.
To go to the next step & # 8212; not earlier than in three years – it will be necessary to get a higher education and again pass the test. The detective can be promoted to the lieutenant, who, in turn, can become a captain. Further – the inspector, the chief, the chief of police, the assistant to the commissioner and, at last, the commissioner. However, when moving from one police department to another, you will have to start your career as an officer. A policeman can get a pension after 20 years of service.
The police department in the United States also includes several types:
Druzhinniki. They help the police catch small criminals, and also help in the detection of crimes. Weapons are not given to them, but the police car and the form are theirs. The benefit of such a service is obvious: after its termination, the chances of getting a job increase at times. The sheriffs. They control only a certain locality: it can be a district, a village, etc. Today in the US there are about 3500 sheriffs. City police. As you might guess, it functions only within the city limits. The state police. These policemen are engaged in suppression and investigation of the majority of crimes – basically, small infringements of the law and order. The most numerous group in the structure of the police of America. The Federal Police. Investigates the most complex cases of state scale. Vice squad. Employees who serve here conduct cases related to encroachments on morality and morality (for example, rape). SWAT. This is an analogue of Russian special forces. All police officers here do not take, preferably male faces in excellent physical shape and with a harsh character. Texas Rangers. This is the oldest department, existing only in Texas (located in the state capital, Austin). They assist other police units, providing significant assistance.
Wages depending on the position and division.
Now that the structure of the US police, as well as the ranks, are examined, you can directly analyze how much a policeman receives. A detective in the US earns about $ 30,000-40,000 a year, and holders of a higher rank (commissar) receive more than $ 100,000. Consequently, policemen of other ranks will receive their reward within this range.
Now we turn to the duty stations. Employees of the federal police, of course, will receive large salaries, as well as prestigious cars as official. Druzhinnikam salary is not paid: but after working in this division, the chances of being employed as detective to another structural group of US police are increasing. The remuneration of the rest fluctuates within the range indicated by us.
In addition, if in the Russian Federation a policeman receives an extra charge for long service, then in the American system this is not provided. Also, there is not much variation in wages from the state where the employee serves. All rests only in rank and division.
As the statistics show, most police officers remain in the rank of officer, receiving about 40,000 dollars a year. This is due to the fact that the qualification exam for higher ranks is very complicated. How many people successfully pass it? Practice shows that only 5% of candidates. However, the salary of an officer is very respectable, although there are more highly paid professions in the United States (doctors, lawyers).
A couple of words should be said about the benefits. In addition to a fairly quick retirement, a policeman in the US can expect to receive medical insurance for the whole family, a discount on buying real estate in America or renting a home and for a long paid vacation.
Thus, the salaries of police officers in America are quite high and stable, never fall below $ 30,000. However, only a small number of policemen, the most talented, will manage to advance further, having passed a very difficult examination.

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