Salary for foreigners in Australia: an overview of popular professions.

Salary for foreigners in Australia: an overview of popular professions.
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Australia every year attracts a huge number of immigrants who view this country not only as a continent where one can entertain an exciting holiday, but also as an economically developed state where specialists receive decent wages.
This is not surprising, because today Australia is in the top of the countries with the highest minimum wage, which is 17 dollars per hour.
If you are interested in what kind of salary in Australia, and on what money you can count specifically for you, when you come to work for the Green Continent, then this material is for you.
The average salary in Australia by profession.
Of course, almost every specialist will find his place in the working market of Australia.
However, it is worthwhile to understand that there are a number of professions that are most highly valued on the Green Continent and wages in these areas of activity will be high.
The average salary in Australia in 2016 was A $ 50,000 per year.
So, referring to the data of the Department of Immigration of Australia, one of the highest paid occupations for visitors is the plumber. Of course, not every resident of the CIS countries can come and work in Australia as a plumber.
In order to get a job, you need not only to get a work visa, but also to understand all the intricacies of plumbing work, as well as to have a good command of English.
And now the most important thing! How much are immigrant plumbers in Australia? The average wage of plumbing in Australia per year will be 70 thousand dollars.
If you are an employee of the education sector, then in this industry you will definitely find a place, provided again that you know the English language, as well as full documentation for staying in Australia.
The most popular professions in the field of education for 2017 are:
English teacher; the teacher of mathematics; teacher of philosophy and law.
The average salary per year in these positions will be approximately 65 thousand dollars.
Another branch in which immigrants can work and get good money for their work is architecture and construction.
In Australia, visiting engineers, architects, as well as plasterers, masons and painters can have up to 83 thousand dollars a year.
Another area in which immigrants can also find a decent workplace is medicine.
The fact that the people of Australia to their health are very reverent and do not spare money for various preventive procedures, expensive medications, as well as all sorts of traditional and non-traditional medical procedures.
In this regard, with every year the demand for specialists in the field of medicine is growing. On average, the salary of a doctor in Australia, as well as other specialists in the field of medicine, amounts to $ 100 to 115 thousand a year. Especially in demand in this market, immigrants who care for elderly Australian citizens.
Other popular professions.
If you are not a professional in the above areas, but you want to go live and work in Australia, there are a number of other areas in which immigrants can show themselves and receive a good salary.
For example, in recent years, many CIS residents travel to the Green Continent to work in retail trade.
The average salary of retail workers in Australia is from 30 thousand dollars a year.
The most common requirements for those wishing to work in sales:
One of the highest paid areas in Australia for immigrants is work in mines. On average, a worker of the Australian mine earns in a year from 100 thousand dollars.
First of all, work for Russians in Australian mines attracts our compatriots by the fact that, as a rule, companies provide immigrants with free accommodation, food, as well as the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and certificates confirming them.
Can I work illegally in Australia.
Australia, although it is today a developed state, still has some gaps in the labor market, inclusive.
It is theoretically possible to work illegally in Australia, but it should be borne in mind that the state is extremely biased towards those companies that offer this type of employment to immigrants, as well as to foreigners who do not want to pay taxes.
In addition, employers who accept illegal employees bear a serious responsibility for this.
Since Australia is focused on economic development, the country allows thousands of immigrants to work in the territory of the Green Continent.
But it is worthwhile to understand that loyalty towards foreigners should not be abused. If you want to live and work in Australia, then you must get an appropriate visa, get a job legally and pay taxes.
In this case, you will not only find your job with a decent salary, but you will also be able to develop in your field, and eventually live in this amazing and developed country.

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