Saudi Arabia: a visa is not easy to get, tourists have the greatest chances in the group.

Saudi Arabia: a visa is not easy to get, tourists have the greatest chances in the group.
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a country that not everyone can visit. Russians in 2018 need a visa to Saudi Arabia, but in order to get into it, you need a serious reason. Those wishing to simply visit it as tourists are unlikely to be able to do so. Even taking into account the fact that the situation with tourism has improved somewhat since 2007-2009, all the same, single trips are still prohibited, and significant restrictions are imposed on visiting groups. The situation is somewhat easier with obtaining a working or commercial visa or a guest visa for a meeting with your family. In this case, you need to justify your goal by presenting the invitations.
Separately and separately there is a question in obtaining a visa for pilgrimage. This option is possible only for the faithful Muslims and only in connection with visits to shrines in Mecca and Medina during the Hajj or the small pilgrimage “die.”
List of documents for obtaining a visa.
The same set of documents that will be required when obtaining any visa, includes:
International passport; Copy of all pages of the civil passport; A completed application form (you can download the form from the link); Two photographs of 4×6 cm; Confirmation of payment of consular fee when submitting documents; Confirmation of booking tickets in both directions, places of stay in the country.
Further, depending on the purpose of the visit, additional documents will be required.
Work Visa.
It is necessary to contact and obtain permission for any work activity in the country at the employment office or agency that has sufficient authority for this. To clarify in detail it is possible, only having contacted for consultation with consular department of embassy of Saudi Arabia. In addition to the authorization, a package of documents is attached:
Confirming the appropriate education and professional orientation; Medical certificate confirming the examination and the absence of the applicant of such diseases as: HIV, hepatitis A, B, C, tick-borne encephalitis, any infectious diseases, meningitis; If necessary, a driver’s license.
Actually a working visa is issued most often by the embassy. In Saudi Arabia, there are a lot of immigrants working in almost all spheres of service, as well as specialists with sought-after professional skills and experience. The consular fee is $ 14.
Commercial visa.
Issued for business negotiations, the development of their business or representation of others’ interests in the territory of Saudi Arabia. The key document necessary in this case is an invitation from a commercial organization registered and operating in the country with a mandatory certification in one of the chambers of commerce and industry. An alternative could be a letter from one of the commercial and industrial chambers of the applicant’s country, indicating all the data of the entrepreneur and the purpose of the visit. The second option is needed in case the entrepreneur visits the country without an invitation to develop or expand his business.
The consular fee for a commercial visa is $ 56 or $ 134 for a multiple entry visa.
Family visa.
The main document is a marriage certificate or a birth certificate legalized by the Saudi embassy. It is also necessary to receive additional advice from the embassy about the necessary confirmation from the inviting party. Consular fee for obtaining a family visa is $ 56.
Tourist visa.
Getting a visa for tourists is possible only as part of the group. It is required to contact any travel agency in Saudi Arabia and agree on the provision of services for accommodation, tour organization and the provision of a guide. The travel agency takes upon itself the task of checking the arrival and, most importantly, sending tourists home. A tourist visa is issued even for the group extremely difficult only because the embassy has the right to refuse any applicant if it considers that it does not meet the requirements.
C during the first quarter of 2018 will issue tourist visas to individual tourists. For more information, please visit the website of the Saudi Arabia diplomatic mission in Russia.
Visa for children.
There are practically no changes in this case. A birth certificate and a certified permission from the parents are required. In the case of travel with a single parent, there is no need for permission from the remaining, unless there is a direct prohibition from him for leaving the country.
In any case, it is better to additionally take care of the availability of a certificate from the police about the absence of any claims to the applicant from them and about the absence of previous convictions, the certificate of medical examination and the absence of diseases.
Applicants with notices of a visit to Israel will be denied a visa and are prohibited from visiting Saudi Arabia, regardless of the purpose of the visit. The marks are taken into account in past foreign passports, the information is specified in this regard.
The package of documents is submitted to the visa department of the Embassy of Saudi Arabia or to the visa center. The services of the latter will cost in 2000 �. without refund in case of refusal. Only days from Monday to Thursday are considered as receptions. Reception of documents is carried out from 10 o’clock in the morning. The deadline for issuing a visa is not specified and can range from 5 to 15 days. If necessary, the embassy can request additional documents.
It is important to get familiar with the culture of Saudi Arabia and rules that affect aspects such as clothing, manners and even communication. For example, the outer clothing is strictly regulated, even in men the legs and hands must be closed. It is forbidden to discuss the current government and the system, one should respect the customs and customs.
Useful addresses.
Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the Russian Federation.
3rd Neopalimovsky lane. 4 (metro station “Park Kultury”), 119121, Moscow.
Telephone: (+7 495) 245-34-91, (+7 495) 245-39-70, Consular Section: (+7 495) 245-23-10. Fax of the Consular Section: (+7 495) 246-29-56.

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