Seychelles: useful tips for tourists.

Seychelles: useful tips for tourists.
Security. The first thing you need to do when you arrive on the island is to buy repellents and sunscreen, and after applying all this, go out.
For convenient and safe movement, you should use light sneakers or other comfortable shoes, but slippers and special beach slippers are suitable on the beach, you should also go into the water, as corals and granite fragments are extremely sharp.
Before entering the water, it is necessary to consult with the locals or instructors about the marine life of the place, whether they are dangerous or what not to do in the water.
With extreme caution, you need to swim in the Seychelles between May and October, as there is a rapid southeasterly current here.
Hotels. On the islands there are three types of places where tourists can settle. The first is classic hotels. They do not have official classification, as in other world hotels, but the level of service is, nevertheless, high enough and can easily compete with any hotel of a high level of service. One drawback – hotel rates and restaurant bills are among the highest in the world.
More budget option – boarding houses. They provide a low level of comfort for the same low pay, but a significant disadvantage is that they are often located not on the shore, but in the depths of the island.
And, finally, the third option – the so-called “self-service apartments” or bungalows. A distinctive feature of these houses is that they are cheap enough, but they are not far from the beach and have modern technology and good cuisine, as they were built quite recently.
Voltage in the network. The electrical voltage is almost the same as in Russia – 240 V, 50 Hz. And almost all the sockets are square, three-contact.
Tip. As such, it is not accepted to give a tip on the islands, because their cost is already included in the price of check of restaurants and hotel rates. But if you liked the service, then you can leave 10% to the waiter, receptionist or guide, although a tip and a few rupees will do. Taxi drivers also take payment strictly on the counter, but if you need to rent a car for a long time, you should discuss the day immediately for the entire trip and as an incentive to round up the amount in the big direction.

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