Social security in the USA.

Social security in the USA.
You can be given social assistance in the United States on several occasions. First, if you have a disability (DISABILITY). It is worth saying in advance that disability in the US is very difficult to obtain. The first stage & ndash; an interview that you can go by phone, you need to contact your doctor. You will be asked questions about your state of health, they will ask about your illness, in short, they will catch you on lies. Then you will be sent a questionnaire to the mail containing questions about your residence in the past five years, places of work for the last 15 years, list all the doctors who served you on this issue. You may also require a honey card. If you do not have a medical record, your doctor will need to send all the data by fax. It is worth noting that the decision to recognize disability is issued by civil servants, not by doctors. You may be refused, in which case you will have to hire a lawyer. There are lawyers DISABILITY LAYWERS & ndash; LAWYERS on disability who will take up the cause of the disabled, they do not take money ahead. Their fee is not more than 5 thousand dollars. The lawyer, having dislodged the disability through the court, will receive his interest, there is nothing to pay ahead.
It is worth noting that the temporary inability to work in the US is not considered a disability. If a disease of a certain type can be cured, then you are not entitled to benefits.
If you come to the US with a disability, do not expect that you will be quickly given a benefit. Especially since you did not work here, and did not earn anything. This allowance can be small – like two hundred or three hundred dollars a month. And you have to prove that you are not a fraud. So the American dollar palm should be long and hard to water and kick before the long-awaited green fruits sprinkle from it!
In the US, you can also receive unemployment benefits, but you also need to try. If you worked in the US for at least six months, a year, then you can get this allowance. It is worth noting that the state-to-state number of benefits granted, as well as their size may vary from state to state. But it will not be less than $ 200 per week. The size of the benefit depends on who you worked for the last time, in what position you worked, whether you will work further (or are you looking for work), how much you received, etc. There are occasions when people with disabilities are fired, but they are not paid WORKFORCE COMPENSATION. Just because they are not able to work on. In order to receive benefits you need to be registered with the labor exchange. And participate in all hiring interviews that the exchange provides.
In the US, there is also financial assistance. SUPPLEMENTAL SECURITY INCOME is issued in cash, but you must prove that you do not have any money to cover the cost of living. For example, if you have two cars, you can refuse, referring to the fact that you sold the second, you can still live some time.
In the US, there is still medical assistance to the poor (MEDICAID). It is issued to virtually all winners of DVLottery and the lower strata of the population. Nevertheless, it does not provide access to all doctors, and the quality of service is sometimes lower than that of the paid ones. In the people it is also called OBAMACARE. In addition, it does not cover all the services of doctors. For example, a dentist can make a false jaw or pull a tooth for free. And all the rest is paid.
WIC (WOMENINFANTSANDCHILDREN) & ndash; federal food program. WIC coupons allow you to buy only milk, cheese, beans, fruits and vegetables, juices, eggs, and canned fish. Pregnant, lactating women and children under five can receive such coupons if their income is below the subsistence level. But before you get these coupons, you will have to prove that you are expecting a child, bring birth certificates for all children under five, the necessary documents proving the identity and income of the applicant for food aid. You will also have to listen to a lecture about a healthy lifestyle, the usefulness of fruits and vegetables, milk and cheese, fish and beans. These coupons can be obtained from the building, which is called the Department of Health & HEALTHDEPARTMENT & raquo ;. In each city there is such a center for family health. There are doctors who accept patients with medical insurance, in the same place children are given free vaccinations. And if you need to restore a lost birth certificate, you can also apply to this question if your child was born in this city.
FOOD STAMPS & ndash; coupons for free meals. What would get them a little sweat. What would they get to give proof of earnings from work for 8 weeks. And wait. Previously, people who received them could change the $ 100 mark for food & raquo; for fifty dollars in cash from a neighbor, and for those fifty dollars to buy cigarettes and alcohol. Now FOOD STAMPS are a plastic card, like a credit card, with the name of the owner. On this card there is a certain amount of money that you can spend only to buy food. At the same time, your income should not exceed the amount of the subsistence minimum, it also varies from state to state, but usually it is about 2000 $ -2500 $. These cards can be used in any store that accepts this form of payment. Usually such stores write “EBT”. Buy it can be any products. And so, everything that your heart desires & ndash; fish and shrimp, any meat, oranges and chocolate, cakes and ice cream, everything is absolutely. In the US, many people work on minimum wages. Yes, it’s possible to work here without much effort, in the sweat of the face, and if there is no education and a good profession, you can live and eat at the expense of the state all your life! However, cleaning products, toilet paper-soaps-shampoos-pampers for these cards can not be bought.
FOODPANTRY & ndash; a food program organized by the churches. Some large churches on a certain day of the week, in the morning hours, give the suffering packets with food. Part of the donations of parishioners to the church fund is on this program. Among the products can be all sorts of canned vegetables and fruits, frozen sausages, milk powder, macaroni and rice.
SUBSIDISED CHILD CARE is a subsidized kindergarten. In America, this benefit can be obtained within 2-3 months, or even more. However, even here the conditions for a low salary, if you cover the kindergarten in silt, you will simply simply be refused. At the same time, you must be employed, since the letter & laquo; request & raquo; will be submitted from work. It proves that you are busy at this time and can not look after the children.
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