Spain emigration is illegal

Spain emigration is illegal h1>
In Spain there is a law about which people like to piss on everything on the Internet. It is called the “Pale of Settlement”. Essence: you arrive in Spain, live illegally for 3 years and collect evidence that you have not left the country for 3 years. Then you go to the migration police and say – I stayed in your country 3 years illegally from the moment of arrival – I want local documents (a residence permit card) – profit!
And indeed the law worked perfectly, the extremists used it constantly, who wanted to get to Europe for free and get local documents. How it lives like this without documents – I fucking know, but some people get it.
Duck here, the client is calling me here and says – I had a problem! I lived illegally in Spain for 3 years, since it was laid, collected provachu and went to receive documents. And they tell me that you are an illegal woman – we can not help you.
Well, I thought so – I wonder what’s wrong. Many times I read articles and everything worked, even other lawyers told me about it. I call my friend lawyer in Barcelona and describe the above situation and he says to me:
– You just do not laugh, but the law is still, it just does not work!
– What is it like?! Worked, worked, and then without cancellation became unusable? I’m looking at the law now, what he was like, it is.
And the essence is this: They took and corrected the law on state institutions. If before you came – you come to the machine and take a coupon. Now before you are given a coupon, you must present a valid Spanish document / visa / foreign card. If you do not have a document, then you can not record, so you can not get to the reception.
And it turned out such a fucking vicious circle. You were an illegal person, you were sitting for 3 years, you came for obtaining documents on the settled way, but you were illegal and you are not entitled to Sita (Record), which means that you can not listen to the authorities and give you a document. But you need a document because you are illegal. Well and so on a circle.
That’s what I call the circles of the Spanish hell! =)
Top on top First on top Topical top.
We are not against emigrants, we are only for!
I’m here wondering what to do to the citizens of Spain, if they, for example, the house burned along with all the documents? After all, if you follow this logic, they can not go and retrieve documents, because they do not have documents.
they have one number on all documents – they remember it by heart at any conscious age. number of the passport, driver’s license, inn, snails – they have all the same set of alphabets is not very long, so that duplicates on all this will do very quickly (in the database there are fingerprints and photos, and all previously issued documents)
He can get the documents in the local municipality most likely, again you can bring witnesses, neighbors there and others, plus in the “organs” for sure there are photos or fingers.
But if you believe the author, in order to get there, he still needs to take a coupon, do not you?)
He seems to write about the office that immigrants are engaged in. I think it’s easy to come to the police without documents.
This is a classic reception in Europe in all spheres of social life.
You are bred, you will receive – you will tell) But Th – I do not think. The Barcelona lawyer told me the same and said honestly (Catalunya).
The law works wonderfully for foreigners legally living in the country.
and coupons registered? neighbor can take me a coupon for an appointment?
Under the number of the document in force require. They described the type – convenience. You come, while taking the coupon – then all the data you brought to the base of the commissioner or the migratory police officer. The type of time is less for the host workers. And when your ticket is displayed, while you go to the counter – he already sees all the information about you, who you are and what you need =)
what a democratic system)))
From the law, no one but illegal immigrants)) so that Spanish)
Then you are no longer illegal and documents are not put to you under the program “Oriago” – start all over again))) o5 sit 3 years and wait!)
and if the visa is valid for 5 years with the allowed for half a year in the country, and you sit for 3 years?
You broke the Schengen law, not the visa. I understand that you are 90 through 90 or 90 through 180. With such a visa, you are considered almost a legal person, even if the police stops in 95% of cases, they will score a dick to check the arrival and departure stamps, but just look at the Visa and say – a happy journey. Simply then the chance to get a visa is reduced because when you leave the country you will get a bad stamp in the zagran.
And the time account begins with the complete termination of the visa. That is, for example – 01/01/2017 you were given a visa, valid until 15/01/2017 – you can ask for “Oraigo” after 15.01.2020. And now consider it does not work anymore.
Yes, well, Chukhan is absolutely a topic, it’s easier to be a refugee than to catch such a haemorrhoid. As a refugee, you have all the rights (including the right to work even), like the locals.
Foreign students have fewer rights than a refugee.
Consider illegal, you are neither in hospital, nor in police, where you can not turn. You walk like a hare, that the main cops will not stop and so 3 years. Yes, the apartment can not be removed normally, you can not open either the Internet or the SIM card on the contract, the medicines are not stronger than Nurofen in the pharmacy – nothing. In short – stupid extreme.
I do not know, I see a lot of Muscovites around (something in Moscow, the consulate is stiff with issuing vnzh but lukrativ) who buy or rent a house-apartment, register and receive empadronimiento, issue a normal health insurance – respectively, in a hospital without questions on the passport, the Internet when conducted in the house does not look at the legality of stay and the passport is enough, prepaid SIM cards are also sold on the passport without any questions.
go anywhere you can not, yes, but many do not want to go anywhere – on the beach in Valencia quite well.
In court also it is necessary to take Sita (record) = D.
I live in Poland, the highest legal, I work with refugees and migrants, young, beautiful.
[email protected] – write to me, that we will stir up something.
was led to the fact that he was “young, handsome”?
To this ideal English and Polish, Russian and Ukrainian native.
First, in Barcelona, an appointment is made exclusively through the Internet. In the order of the first line and without an initial entry into Extranherium, no one is allowed to go.
Secondly, they at the entrance are asked to produce a valid document, which is pre-recorded on the Internet. Those. or a document with an alien number (NIE), or a passport. If you do not have the first one, it is logical to record on the passport. I suspect that the client at one time in the police got the number of the foreigner, while she was still legally here on the tour. visa. But at the moment it does not have a valid document with the number of the foreigner (TIE or NIE certificate). So they did not let her. Would make a record on its current passport, it would have been launched without problems.
Thirdly, if, as you say, they would have been allowed to enter the Extrac- torium only by a local acting document, then no one from newly arrived foreigners with a D visa could have completed the initial residence permit.
It’s a pity that in Australia such a law is not, I lived there for more than five years illegally.
than there in Spain so much better lives, that there savages run to live for the sake of citizenship?
Somehow it does not seem to be true. All documents in Spain for one number are issued – for foreigners the same NIE (issued to all even tourists on the first request – I for example the agency nedvigi for bb copies of the passport did), then all the cards of the foreigner with the same number, the right and so on.
Accordingly, the Sith on this number through the Internet are obtained, and some other than through the Internet does not get (Valencia)
and the option of filing through a lawyer has not been canceled.
Um, what’s the problem of surrendering to the authorities and granting them proofs under this law?
hehe, Spaniards are lazy, but cunning) I got into a similar situation. I came as a spouse of a citizen of the European Union (a wife from the United Kingdom), I had 6 months to get a residence, I decided to do it myself (saved whitening), in general, while they were getting out of the bureaucracy networks – the deadline came out. Appealed to lawyers, it turned out that to continue the process I need a certificate of NIE (as our taxpayer ID), i.e. I myself had NIE, but there was no certificate, it was supposed to be issued to me back in Moscow, but for some reason they did not. We went to the police, they listened to us and said that we understand your situation, we understand that you need a certificate, but we can not give it out because of your situation)) So even with lawyers, it was not possible to break this vicious circle soon)
better tell me how you managed to marry a British woman.
So I received the Spanish documents. In the olden days it was not so bad. Education and medical services, even without documents, were free of charge. Now I do not know how everything is there. Well, of course there were some disadvantages: you can not go to Russia, you can not connect the Internet at home (it was taken to someone else’s name), it’s impossible to work legally. Now I have the right to citizenship, but I’m not in a hurry to do it.

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