Study in Canada: advice to the incoming.

Study in Canada: advice to the incoming.
The story of our reader Vasily Shorin, who enrolled for a bachelor’s degree at the University of British Columbia and shared his experience with us. Read and dare!
If you are thinking about studying abroad, then take a closer look at Canada. There are a lot of prestigious universities of world level who are ready to open their doors to you (if you are, of course, smart, smart and can afford it). And to determine the choice for you will probably help the story of our reader Vasily Shorin, who enrolled for a bachelor’s degree at the University of British Columbia and shared his experience with us. Read and dare!
View from above on the UBC campus.
Hello! Today I would like to talk about how I entered the baccalaureate in Canada. I hope that my story will be useful and help someone in the future.
1. Introduction.
Honestly, my path is very different from the way people read it, so I will not focus on the details of my path to admission, I will only tell the main thing. So, let’s go!
For a year now I’ve been studying at a Canadian school in the village of Whistler. I left here in September 2013 to tighten my English to the level of a university in Canada, to go skiing (since Whistler is a resort, and people who come here seek unity with nature, practice winter sports, and in summer walk around mountains and ride bicycles), get acquainted with the Canadian education system and generally see what’s wrong and how. I left here, to put it mildly, with a rather poor English (a lifelong sportsman + lazy, alas). Since then, it’s been almost a year now. I can not help but say that he flew very quickly. But okay, let’s get to the point.
2. The choice of universities.
Well, let’s move on to the next item of our program – the choice of universities. I ransacked the Internet, arranged several blitz surveys and as a result made a small list of universities in Canada, which are considered prestigious (worldwide) and in which I can go:
University of Toronto, Toronto; University of British Columbia (University of British Columbia), Vancouver; McGill University, Montreal; York University, Toronto.
This is the so-called top universities in Canada. All of them attracted me as one, however the University of British Columbia was my clear favorite. Honestly, I could not understand what attracted me, but he liked me more than anyone else.
3. The process of admission.
You should send the application in September-October. Having chosen the universities that I like, I came to grips with this issue. I will say right away that all universities have their own websites and the application process (except sending official documents) is online. Very convenient, is not it?
So, all universities have different forms of application. Some require only standard information: address, age, where and when he studied, finished studying or not. They are interested in your academic success, in the conferences you participated in, and so on.
Oh, I almost forgot. Sport. Yes Yes. Now many readers may have doubts about the truthfulness of my words, but they should be discarded. Everything I say next is important.
Sport is a very important occupation in life. These universities are interested in your sports achievements as well as academic ones. I understand that in our country you either study, or an athlete, but what can you do?
Why is sport so important, you ask? It’s simple. These universities are the best in the country, and three of them are in the top 50 of the world. There silly people do not go there (the marks in the certificate must be at least 4, and preferably all 5), it follows that it is important for them to know that the incoming is a versatile person who can combine different aspects of life.
Now I will tell you about one important thing when applying to universities – personal profile. A personal profile, or personal information is a VERY important point in the application process and its further consideration. Let me tell you what it is and what it is eaten at the University of British Columbia.
I advise you to think several times before sending this information. Another thing is to make sure that you lied beautifully to you have something to hit them with. And if you do not hit, then at least interest. Alas, others do not really need them. So, let’s return to our topic. A personal profile is four (UBC) questions, the answer to each of which must be put in 200 words (within these limits, the more, the better):
Explain how you responded to a significant challenge that you have encountered and what you learned in the process. (Maximum 200 words). Describe your most significant leadership experience. Why do you consider this your most significant role? (Maximum 200 words). Tell us about an experience, in school or out, that caused you to change your perspective. What impact has this had had on you? (Maximum 200 words). Describe your most significant group work experience. (Maximum 200 words).
As you can see, the questions are interesting. Honestly, the better you describe yourself, the more likely that you will be accepted. When the commission considers an application for admission, then this item is one of the main (after the results of the TOEFL / IELTS). As I mentioned, while you fill it, it is worthwhile to think several times.
After you have filled in information about yourself, you upload a copy of your certificate (if any) and send the results of the test in English (TOEFL / IETLS). Then you will be asked to send your officially certified certificate (if it has not yet been received, then the estimates for the half year). In this case, you do not need to go to a notary. You can translate your grades yourself, having previously assured them from the director or the head teacher. There should be a stamp, as well as a list on each piece of translation and envelopes, where you put the leaves.
4. Where did I go after all?
This is the most pleasant point. And I was accepted to the University of British Columbia. However, due to the fact that I did not score a passing grade in English (lazy, I spoke the same), I almost flew abroad with studies. At this point I will dwell in more detail. Information for sure will be interesting to those who have problems with English, but a good certificate and there is a desire to study at this university.
I was lucky: in August 2014, the University of British Columbia opens the ESL (English as second language) college, which is aimed at good students with minor problems with English. It’s called Vantage College. Requirements for knowledge of the language there are somewhat lower, but to the certificate – the same. It costs more ($ 48,000) than the first course of the usual UBC ($ 42,000). The price includes accommodation, meals, all sorts of things for study and, in fact, the training itself. The college study lasts 11 months instead of eight at the university. At the same time the same subjects are taught as at the university, but with an additional course in English.
Actually, this is only a small part, which you can write. Thank you for reading this, and if I forgot something, then ask in the comments. 🙂
P. S. In the next post I will write more detailed information on visas, tickets and similar things.
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