Subaru Impreza WRX STI Record Attempt> Logbook> Moscow – Minsk – Vilnius – Kaliningrad.

Subaru Impreza WRX STI Record Attempt> Logbook> Moscow – Minsk – Vilnius – Kaliningrad.
Located in the western region of the country.
Now I live here.
For many, the fact that I moved in as a surprise, but I personally went to this long and mentally prepared.
And I decided to start with the driving of the verse from Moscow to Kaliningrad.
Before the trip, I brought the car in perfect both technical and visual condition. Changed struts, acquired suitable rubber, with zamorocheno painting …
Next question was in the way of delivery machines in Kaliningrad. Friends advised auto or train, but I’m not looking for easy ways! It was decided to go their way on right-handed poems.
The day before the trip I was able to pass through customs without attracting undue attention to the noise of the machine.
Armed dvadtsatilitrovoy canister of gasoline, to help us out more than once during a trip to the Crimea, on Sunday at noon we left Schelkovskogo Moscow Region, heading to Kaliningrad. The path was coming not a short – about 1400 km. Given the fact that the car is shod in 18e wheels with rubber 225h40 parameters, choosing between Novorizhskoye highway and Minsk, chose the latter, because asphalt state “New Riga” I was not known. At the same time wanted to visit relatives in Minsk.
Moscow traffic jams passed surprisingly quickly. On the & quot; BP & quot; zalilis on the neck. Met on the highway refueling “Rosneft”, but for some reason on our side of the road 98y missing. Spekovsky tank of 50 liters, quickly emptied, lighted lamp, and had to move to let the canister. A little further we still met & quot; Rosneft & quot; and we burst into full. Not long before the entry into Belarus is fueling, BP, where we again dolili fuel and filled canister. Ibid made insurance for Europe and Belarus. Next 98y met us at 20 km from Minsk to “Gazprom Neft”, we drove recklessly.
Popped up an hour to relatives on the outskirts of Minsk, we moved towards Vilnius. Dvadtsatilitrovy stock canister was again infused into the tank. Heavy snowfall began. We drove very slowly, at the same time to save fuel. From Minsk to the border with no refueling 98m was not. Road to Belarus this time were slightly worse than in Russia, although a half years ago, it was exactly the opposite. But the condition of the asphalt.
Meticulously to Lithuania.
I-boiled before customs flute in exhaust. Cars at the border were surprisingly little. But all of the trucks stretched for miles. Lithuanian customs officers were trying to understand why the VIN-code was not right, but it was right-hand drive.
Having driven in Lithuania, I immediately took out his flute and began to look for refueling with 98m. Oddly enough, on our side with the first dressing 98th Lukoil helpful!
Guided navigation, we crushed chambers night Vilnius three-inch exhaust roar. The city was very beautiful. But for a long time, we did not stay there, going in the direction of Kaunas, and further Sakiai. Lithuania passed through all on one tank! Transport fuel in canisters across the border, as though smoking, although no one was checking the completeness of the canister. As well as the power of attorney did not check on the car! Just remember the trip to the Crimea and mongrel Ukrainians to Kharkov, customs, get to the residence in Generalka, and after a circus with the inspection, after refusing to pay them for 2500r “assistance through customs.”
In the Kaliningrad region from Lithuania. Our guards are pleased: checking car, inquiring about technical characteristics, describing the nearest gas station with the 98th, asked nicely quick Start =))) Just when I was unscrewed them and flute jumped from five thousand rpm)))
Border town Sovetskaya Kaliningrad region and pleased and disappointed at the same time. Joy was the presence of gasoline on 98go Lukoil. But at the same time I faced with the basic problem that will haunt me now here permanently – it’s cobblestone roads! Let me remind you, the wheels in my eighteenth within a fortieth profile … And the suspension is not the softest. More than 20 km / h over the cobbles on this car ride is not possible! Now I want to buy a paper of Kaliningrad and marker.
By morning, I drove to his new home. Another march my poems worthy suffered! The trip as a whole. Very pleased with the choice of tires! Pirelli Sotozero II, created for the European winter, having an index of speed of 240 km / h, that’s how to keep dry and wet roads at near-zero temperatures. And this is just what I need! Spikes here is clear to anything, and Scandinavian type Velcro floats are already 140 km / h.
In the first few days in Konig, I gathered several local subaristov!) Well, now I will create dvizhuhu and there =)
Good luck to everyone! Thank you for watching my logbook!
Comments 62.
Good luck on the road))) Cool article!
Excellent trip and a good choice with a habitat)))
Yeah, the map will be all covered with a marker)))
haha))) as soon as he began to read it wanted to ask about the paving stone on your suspension and wheels, tk. he lived there for a long time and I know what it is))))) consider the way to the October district (now in my opinion, the central united) – that on the prospectus of victory, that the world is closed))))) choose the path xD.
I hope, the phrase “bastard jokers”. refers only to those not good people on the border for the negative to us, I have not noticed in your blogs …
Exclusively to those people who have a negative for us. And there have been more such people in Ukraine recently. At the gas station in Zaporozhye we were driven by local people, I was generally in shock … I did not expect this in eastern Ukraine.
And then what a negative, all the Slavs … Just the attitude should be human.
Some people do not know how to separate the state from people. And people are very different bytov.Byvaet those with whom the friendship for a year (especially here, far from these srach. *) And your records about the Crimea, raspologali just such an attitude. which in the scoreboard I want to give from lectures, that our state of the outskirts and those who come here, open all the windows in the car and turn on all the songs, emphasizing that they are here from the big earth arrived =)
got you already with your subaru)) Honda at least one good will come or not?))))
I’m sorry, I’ve sold mine for a long time))) although it was beautiful …
saw saw on Saturday night you)) bu bu bu subaristas went))
Yes, beautifully swept)))
Tell me what it’s like to take and leave ?! Or have you been preparing for this for a long time ?!
I’m basically inclined to spontaneous insane acts, so why not leave if there is a possibility?))

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