Submission of documents for residence permit in Warsaw & # 8212; how to reserve a queue?

Submission of documents for residence permit in Warsaw & # 8212; how to reserve a queue?
Submission of documents for the Card The stay in Warsaw in the last few years has become a real test. The problem is that the number of applicants with each year only grows, and the number of inspectors who handle document processing remains unchanged.
Attention! Starting from 2015, registration for filing of documents for a residence card (residence permit) in Warsaw takes place exclusively by prior appointment by telephone or by e-mail or through the online registration service. Documents of the inspector are taken strictly according to the lists with the indication of the name and the specific time of filing.
The queue is on the map in Warsaw.
You can queue a queue:
– Online registration for residence permit in the Department for Foreigners in Warsaw ul. Marszalkowskiej 3/5 or in a branch in Radom, please follow the link – phone & # 8212; call 22 695 67 61 or 22 695 67 64 for the appointment of the date; – send a request to the address wniose[email protected] (in the letter indicate your personal information, contact phone number).
Earlier, although very difficult, it was possible to additionally use the telephone support line or e-mail, but after the introduction of the electronic registration system, these methods became practically inaccessible.
If you have an exceptional situation (the visa expires, etc.), you can try sending a request to the email [email protected] and duplicate it to the mail [email protected] The letter should describe the situation in detail and ask if possible to reserve you a place in the reserve queue. There is no guarantee, but sometimes you can still take turns. The letter should be written in Polish.
Where can I apply for a Visit Card in Warsaw?
The main department of the Office of Foreigners in Warsaw is located at ul. Marszalkowska 3/5 & # 8212; working time poniedzialek godz. 10: 00-17: 30, wtorek & # 8212; piatek godz. 8: 00-15: 00.
In addition to the main department, documents and fingerprints can be handed in at the branch of the Voivodship Office in Radom.
delegatura MUW w Radomiu, ul. Zeromskiego 53 (II pietro, pokoj 261)
There is also the possibility of filing documents in the following cities:
delegatura MUW w Ciechanowie, ul. 17 Stycznia 7, parter, pokoj 9 delegatura MUW w Plocku, ul. Kolegialna 15, parter, pokoj 2 delegatura MUW w Siedlcach, ul. Pilsudskiego 38, parter, pokoj 14 delegatura MUW w Ostrolece, ul. gen. Augusta Emila Fieldorfa “Nila” 15, parter, pokoj 46B.
godziny przyjec w delegaturach: poniedzialek 10: 00-17: 30 wtorek & # 8212; piatek: 8:00 & # 8212; 15:30.
The only problem is & # 8212; in the above delegations can not hand over fingerprints. Therefore, still have to make another additional visit directly for the delivery of prints, either to Warsaw or to Radom.
There is also the possibility of filing documents for the Visit Card without a queue in Warsaw at the address below. However, this method is suitable for those who are in no hurry. Because, from this department documents are still sent to the main department on Marshalkovskaya Street, but the process is additionally delayed by 1.5-2.5 months.
Punkt Przyjmowania Korespondencji Mazowieckiego Urzedu Wojewodzkiego, pl. Bankowy 3/5, pokoj 38, wejscie B.
godziny przyjec: poniedzialek & # 8212; piatek 8:00 & # 8212; 16:00.
How long to wait for a decision on the Card in Warsaw?
Rr shows the practice of recent years, when submitting documents for permanent residence directly through the main department at Marszalkowskiej 3/5, the decision comes within 3-4 months. When submitting through other cities or through the Point of Reception Correspondence pl. Bankowy 3/5, solutions can be expected from six months to eight months.
Can not enroll in the queue?
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December 24th, 2015.
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