Take yourself out of the LNR & # 187 ;. Get out of yourself & # LM & # 187;

Take yourself out of the LNR & # 187 ;. Get out of yourself & # LM & # 187;
I am told that my life in the captured Lugansk is a unique, interesting experience.
A friend last April said that a wall was growing between Lugansk and Kiev, that I needed to leave the “wadding kingdom”. Then I ignored this information and got stuck in the “unrecognized” for a year. Classmates were surprised: the one who supported the Maidan in Kiev, the one who was in Lugansk, now studying in the “elenerskom” college.
And I was not ready to leave. For the first time in my life, I encountered a situation where even your family does not support you. As they say, “childhood is over”. I was alone with my position. When you can do whatever you want. Only you have no work, no money, no connections.
I heard about volunteers, ATBUS, support of immigrants. But it seemed to me that this was not for me. Help is needed for large families, they need those who are oppressed by political views, those who lost their jobs or housing, I thought. Myself thought she was “glamorous” because she could work through the Internet, sometimes went to a cafe and periodically left the ATU zone. I wanted to leave, but did not know who and what help I could ask, and what would be considered a whim. The sensation was as if I were falling into a well, from which I could not escape.
When my father found out about my plans, he secretly forbade his relatives to sponsor my trip and on the day of departure did not say a word. Mother, even when I was packing the last things, hoped that I would stay.
As a result, those who were younger and more democratic escorted off: the bag was brought to the Sverdlovsk bus station by a brother, and the guy was preparing the brakes. Food turned out too much, I kicked and defended the inexpediency of each sandwich. I did not know yet that I would spend 2 times longer on the road than planned – without a half an hour.
At the Luhansk bus station with a backpack and two bags was at 8 am. Then no one saw me off. This was for the better, because at 9 o’clock the passengers of the bus “Lugansk – Dnipropetrovsk – Odessa” were assembled and informed that there would be no flight, all roads were blocked. Next time they will try to travel in 4 days, but no confidence in the positive result …
What would you do in such a situation? In the stuffy station, under the scorching sun, with three bags, when only a massive propaganda attack can wait at home. I decided to go out as you please. The bus station, fortunately, is all glued with advertising of international traffic. I ordered a place in the first bus that got through Russia to Kharkov.
As for prices, a direct bus to Dnepropetrovsk without a pass and fees on posts I was offered for 650 hryvnia. It cost me 600 hryvnia to reach Kharkov. Although the woman sitting next, paid 700. We came to the conclusion that the extra hundred is the cost of prepayment.
Travel from Ukraine to Ukraine.
At noon we stood in line at the border. Passed it for a couple of hours, which rejoiced those who travel constantly. They said it was extremely fast.
Most of the stops were at the gas station, from where the route was viewed. There rushed dozens of trucks and cisterns with signed trademarks. I watched them with the same interest with which the child looks at the moving cars of the train. In Lugansk, I almost did not see such cars. The most common in the city was one inscription – “humanitarian aid to the Russian Federation.” These white trucks were allowed even to violate traffic rules.
In the bus passengers got acquainted and distributed in groups, depending on who to go to. I myself also discovered myself frank with a woman who, after her release in Kharkov, was going to Dnepropetrovsk. She explained the reason for the trip:
– I’m going to my son’s. We wanted him to join us, but for the time being we are afraid. We do not know what will happen to him. Age of the draft. We even went to the commandant’s office, asked carefully what would happen if he came. They said: “Nothing. Nothing will come to him. We will not beat. Does he only stay with us for 15 days? ” Therefore, until they decided that I will go to him.
A good place, you will not say anything. At least launch an advertisement: “Come to LC to stay for 15 days. A cozy camera, condescending overseers. ” What other young and “dynamically developing” state can boast such services? Is that the neighboring Donetsk.
Many conversations on the bus were on a religious topic – starting with icons and belts that should be taken on the road, to the idea that this war was sent in order for people to return to God.
After midnight we were awakened by shouts: “We get up! Boundary! “It happened so suddenly that I finally woke up, only when I was marching in the ranks of people along a narrow footpath towards the checkpoint. Beyond the wheel-banging of the bag on the tile, one could not hear the teeth chattering from the cold. Before the Ukrainian customs they fell behind the group:
“To the flag, and we’ll see.”
When I saw him high above the pavilions, I almost burst into tears. Only later, when I rode through the cities, I realized that everything was flogged with flags, everything that could be done. But then this picture was stronger than the night coolness.
In Kharkov, we were dropped off near the railway station. Ten minutes later I already had a train ticket to the Dnieper. We went with the fellow traveler to the platform, but were happy early. The train was a Moscow one, and they inspected it for an hour and a half, although the parking was supposed to last no more than 50 minutes. The frozen groups of passengers knocked at the conductors who said: “I have an inspection, I’m not allowed to run passengers.” And people continued to stand under the doors in the cold.
On the train, a neighbor told me about the passes. She managed to get it, but her colleague missed. She produced a certificate from the place of work – some medical institution in the territory of the “LNR”.
– Ah, so that’s where you work! Do you think we will give a pass after that?
– A friend (calls the name of my neighbor) also works here and got it.
– Yes? When she arrives, we’ll take her.
And I was lying on the top shelf, frozen, but was pleased with what I left from such problems. I left so as not to see people in uniform on the streets, so as not to hear the words: “LNR”, “Novorossiya”, “commandant’s office”, “military actions”, “shelling”, “shells”, “mined” …
I’m ready to forget about everything that was in that place, stop suspiciously looking around the street, stop being surprised at the abundance of food in supermarkets. But I am told that it is worth describing, they tell me that my life in the captured Lugansk is a unique, interesting experience. “An interesting experience,” Karl!
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