Thailand visa.

Thailand visa.
The presence of a visa is necessary if the person is in the territory of Thailand for more than 30 days. The rules are for Russian citizens, for example, Kazakhs can be assigned a different period of visa-free stay. But there are times when you want to stay more in the country, you do not have to go back to Russia to implement the plan, for such cases, the state is allowed a certain extension of the limit. When applying to the migration agency of Thailand, for a fee of 70 dollars per person, you can extend the tenure for 10 days. But since the Russians are “smarter than everyone”, tourists have found a way to extend their stay for 30 days and almost free of charge. To do this, you just have to leave the kingdom in any other camp, the best option is & mdash; this is Cambodia, the ticket is a penny, the laws are loyal. Leaving Thailand you will put the coveted seal of leaving the kingdom. Coming back you will have a new report of 30 days.
To obtain a real visa, you need to contact the Embassy of the Kingdom of Thailand (Moscow, Bolshaya Spasskaya St. 9, phone 608 08 17 or 974 15 31.)
When you apply for a visa to Taland you will need:
1) Passport (for obtaining required: application for receipt, native passport of the Russian Federation, manufacturing standard 1000 p + photo 35 mm x 45 mm 3 pcs., Biometric from 2500 p + photo 35 mm x 45 mm -2 pcs.)
2) A photocopy of the main page.
3) Filling in the form (directly at the embassy).
4) To the right of the place of labor with a seal (for students – a certificate from the place of study, pensioners – a copy of the pension certificate).
5) A copy of the birth certificate for those who are under 18 years of age.
6) Extract from the bank account.
7) When drawing up a power of attorney for a child (if he goes abroad accompanied by a third person), it is necessary to catch the following points: the document is processed within half an hour and takes place in the presence of the parents of the child or his legal representatives. For registration, you will need the passports of adult travel participants and the birth certificate of the child. A person who gives full consent to accompany a child in the territory of a foreign state must be inscribed in the power of attorney. For each country, the power of attorney must be individual. Even if an underage person independently travels abroad, the availability of a document is necessary. The indication of a specific target period should be strictly regulated and compiled on the basis of the Blank of the Single Model of the Russian Federation. The document is valid for a period of 3 months. Translation into English is mandatory everywhere in Thailand. Since 2014, one power of attorney has been authorized for the entire term until majority, regardless of the child’s age. But visiting countries is limited to those indicated in the document. If the dispute about the decision of the design of a power of attorney is heated by two equal representatives, it will be resolved in the courtroom with the participation of the child, legal representatives and a person ready to take responsibility for the care of the child.
Russian-language documents must be translated into English and notarized.
For citizens of Kazakhstan, Ukraine, a visa is issued upon arrival for $ 500 per person. All other CIS countries have an embassy in Yerevan (the capital of Armenia) to apply for a visa.
Getting a residence permit in Thailand.
Contrary to delusion, getting a residence permit In the Kingdom of Thailand, the process is only moderately complex. From other countries, Thailand is different in that buying real estate problems with access to the country does not solve. The law provides for these conditions.
1) It is required to live in the Kingdom on one of three working visas (the only available vacancies are those where for some reason the native can not work for example in an international company), educational (language courses of about 35 thousand baht, to prolong the term can be up to 10 times) or business visa (In Thailand, as in Russia, many difficulties with the management of private business and many government rules complicate the already complex process, the company’s reserve should be more than 2 million baht, extension of the visa for more than a year is possible only if the business is productive and yielding revenue for the state) for a period of 3 years.
2) From 3 years two years the expatriate must pay a tax on income at a rate of 15%. The established minimum earnings from 100 thousand baht (national Thai currency). But when specifying the minimum minimum wage, the government can take it for low income and do not give a residence permit, poor Thailand is not needed.
3) The application for residence permits is filed at the immigration office, you will have to pay 8,000 baht (17,000 rubles) for filing, after the registration is made for issuing it, you must pay a fee of 190,500 baht (prices often change to a greater or lesser extent taking into account indexation).
4) It is necessary to learn basic Thai speech, writing and grammar are not necessary, the examination is conducted during the interview.
5) The last step, after living 5 years in the Kingdom of the Visitor, becomes a full-fledged citizen.
Entry to Thailand.
Control at the airports of Thailand is strict as in Israel, first of all the customs officer is interested in the documents. In the Kingdom there is a law that if the documentation is in an inadequate condition, the customs officer has the right not to let them into the country. Therefore, if there are divorces and other defects on the documents, try to solve the problem, even if the photocopy is printed, the similar consequences are not sufficiently possible. The second thing that attracts attention is & mdash; it’s products, shampoos, jars.
Books with depraved content, drugs, alcohol more than a liter, weapons without permission from Russia and Thailand, intimate objects, vagina, faloimetatory, illegal types of contraception in the country, (spirals), even if it is in personal use, fruit with a pungent odor. The emergence of electronic cigarettes containing amphetamine is prohibited, for which a prison term of 5 years is threatened. Types of flora and fauna included in the red book of the planet are forbidden to be carried by the law of both countries. It is forbidden to carry breeds of dogs like Pitbull-Terer and Staford for their violent temper.
Gold, platinum, statues and Buddha images (except for necks to the neck and strictly of bronze), corals related to rare species or specially untreated, precious stones, stamps, antiques.
There are features in the behavior in the territory of Thailand.
1) In conversations, in no case should one neglect or disrespect talk about the king and members of the royal seven, because the Thai people love their king for bringing the country to prosperity and the well-being of citizens.
2) The relics of Buddhism are strictly protected by law; at the entrance to the temple it is necessary to be completely covered, for the entrance to the hurts bright clothes or shirts with short sleeves can be publicly expelled from the shrine.
3) In the city there are Buddhist monks, the rules of attitude to them are the same for meat and for visitors, before they turn to need a little bow and politely ask the question interesting you, women are strictly forbidden to touch the monks, with the right distance and the right manner of communication, the monk will also politely answer you for the question interesting you. In the bus they are assigned special places that can not be occupied under any conditions.
4) The most common form of movement & mdash; this is a taxi (in Thai tuk-tuk). They come in different colors depending on the carrier’s company, the prices are acceptable, the most reliable taxi where not deceive the tourist is a taxi with blue and red markings. For the price, it is considered acceptable, to bargain for reasonable amounts.
5) Currency exchange is better at points with inscriptions (EXCHANGE), the rate here is not understated.
6) It is inadmissible to loudly laugh, loudly speak in elevated tones, and grab people’s hands is considered the height of debauchery.
7) It is considered impolite not to give the waiter a small amount for services.
8) Thailand’s cuisine is the most acute of the many, if you want to eat like local in small snack bars, you should say “la pet” nickname & raquo; the cook will understand what you mean and fulfill your request.
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