The border with Abkhazia debts.

The border with Abkhazia debts.
On the website of the Federal Bailiffs Service there is a database of executive production data, where you can check whether measures of compulsory execution have been taken against you in the form of temporary restrictions on travel outside the Russian Federation. If you are a debtor, check this information before going abroad! In case of application of a temporary restriction on the departure of the Customer from the Russian Federation while passing the border control (on the basis of the Decree on the temporary restriction on the departure of the debtor from the Russian Federation), the Customer shall not have the right to file a claim against the Contractor for the return of funds for paid services. Customs control The conduct of customs control of citizens, compliance with the rules for the movement of goods by citizens and vehicles across the border is carried out by the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation (
We go abroad with debts: prohibitions, debts and restrictions are not a hindrance!
Documents and rules for crossing the border with Abkhazia.
The bailiff makes a decision to cancel the temporary restriction on your departure. The bailiff then sends the document to the territorial Office of the Federal Bailiff Service, where the data on the cancellation of the temporary travel restriction are reduced to a single register.
This document goes to the frontier service of the FSB of the Russian Federation and to the territorial agency of the FSSP. Copies of the resolution on the cancellation of the temporary travel restrictions are sent to the migration service and to the debtor.
Each of the above three bodies sends information only once a week. Accordingly, a minimum of 3 weeks is required for the debtor to be excluded from the blacklist.
Given the bureaucratic delays before departure, it is desirable to clarify whether you are excluded from the list of people who are not allowed to leave. To date, unfortunately, the system of control and debt collection does not take into account the interests of citizens.
We go abroad with debts.
Babkin Mikhail Alexandrovich On the site Russia, Moscow | Reviews: 21801 | Replies: 38726 on 07/31/2017 at 10:19 ������ ����! In this case, the PTS should not require, you must have a certificate of registration of the vehicle, it should be enough. 06.22.17 Can we cross the border of Abkhazia by family, (4 replies) if children aged 1 year and 3 years old do not have a special mark on the birth certificate about their Russian citizenship? Although the parents are the same. 02.11.15 The border of Abkhazia & # 8212; Fatima, Mr. Adler (1 reply) The Kazakhstani registrar was registered by mail in time every 3 months extended the border of Abkhazia was not repeatedly delinquent again when posol & # 8230;
15.07.16 Is it possible to cross the border of Abkhazia by this certificate? (1 reply) My young man is overdue with an internal passport of the Russian Federation. In December 2015 he was 20 years old, and he did not change his passport.
We were going to go to Abkhazia in & # 8230;
Adler (on the territory of the railway station “Vesyoloe”) for citizens crossing the border by long-distance passenger trains and electric trains. Customs and passport control are carried out without disembarking passengers.
Multilateral automobile checkpoint – MAPP “Adler” with 2 separate terminals for passengers of vehicles and for pedestrians. Citizens crossing the border on their vehicles or as passengers of vehicles, follow through the car terminal.
With what debts will not be released abroad?
If you were brought to administrative responsibility and punished with a fine, it must be paid within 30 days from the date of the entry into force of the decision on the imposition of a fine (Article 32.2 of the Code of Administrative Offenses). If you do not submit to the body that issued the decision to impose a fine, the confirmation that the fine was paid by you, then the materials will be sent to you by the bailiff-executor.
And your honest name (you paid a fine, after all) will spin in a bureaucratic machine. While your case has not taken up bailiffs, no one can forbid you to go abroad. And before it comes to the ban on leaving, you need to come to your registration address with resolutions on debts, summonses to the court, letters demanding payment of debts, bailiffs’ orders and various notices.
Travel to Abkhazia with restriction of departure.
The driver of the car and its vehicles undergo a separate control, and the citizens who follow the driver leave the vehicle, enter the terminal where border and customs control passes, and then board the vehicles again and cross the bridge on the Psou River to the Abkhaz border on transport. Pedestrians without motor vehicles cross the Russian border through a separate passenger terminal on the territory of MAPP “Adler”, and then with their luggage they walk along the bridge over the river Psou about 150 meters to the border customs zhb of the Republic of Abkhazia and further to public transport and taxi. Border control Passport control at checkpoints across the state border of the Russian Federation is carried out by the border guard service of the Russian FSB.
Abkhazia: to enter the Russians need to show a passport and pay fees.
At all checkpoints, ideally, there are lists of persons who do not have the right to cross the border for one reason or another. The law “On the procedure for entry from the Russian Federation and departure from the Russian Federation” provides that the right of movement, including travel abroad, may be restricted to the following persons:
Have access to state secrets. Employees of the FSB and civil servants of other categories. Citizens in the status of the accused or defendant, convicted before the expiration of the sentence. Soldier-conscripts and those who pass alternative service. Debtors who have outstanding debts (including payment for utilities and fines for traffic police, alimony, etc.).
As a rule, it is known about the impossibility of traveling abroad to these persons.

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