The bus is a dream book.

The bus is a dream book.
The appearance of any vehicle in a dream, apparently, inspired by reality, because we all use transport almost daily. Since a trip on the bus is a rather inconvenient way of transportation, then, as a rule, the dream book interprets this story from a negative point of view, nevertheless, very bright exceptions are possible. The secret of decoding, to which dreams like that, lies in the details.
If you dreamed that you were traveling on a bus, then in reality, the path to success was chosen in the wrong direction, a good outcome of the undertakings is doubtful. Such a dream is obvious evidence that you can not yet provide yourself with a more comfortable environment.
However, the Universal Dream Book trip on the bus offers to be viewed as an encouraging sign, especially if you are comfortable sitting in a chair, get pleasure from the process.
What does such a vehicle dream about, describes Jung. Sonny Jung believes that a trip on any type of public transport in a dream is a sign that you are by nature a conformist.
If you dream that you are traveling by bus, this may mean that the mind is trying to suggest that you should strive for independence.
If you dreamed of a double-decker bus, it symbolizes a certain multi-level problem and says that you need to consider it from different angles.
Waiting for the vehicle.
Waiting for a bus at a bus stop for everyone has its own meaning: a guy should prepare for disappointment in love, a married woman needs to take more care of the family, the man does not have any reason to hope for the support of colleagues.
Wait for transport in a broader sense – active search for a narrowed half, loneliness, lack of sexual relations. Dreamed that they waited for a public multi-seat car? The modern dream book promises that all desires will be fulfilled. Do not have time for him in a dream or saw the departing – hopes will not come true.
An explanation by Freud and Longo.
Freud’s dream interpreter regards the car solely as a phallic, male symbol, the bus also points to various complexes. The lack of an intimate connection or the lack of fire and vivid impressions makes life inferior. And the dream book of Freud planting in the salon explains as a signal that you are trying to build relationships with a person whom you consider unworthy and not suitable.
Why does the bus dream Longo? To the revision of values, the analysis of the accumulated experience, after which it will be possible to look at yourself, your style of life in a different perspective. Dreamed that they were in a crush – beware of new acquaintances, for you can be seriously harmed.
Was it a dream that a friend or relative runs for a multi-seat public car? Prepare to help this person soon.
If in a dream you were inside an empty bus, then there is no one to rely on, you have to solve all the difficulties alone. But the overcrowded salon speaks of a lurking ruthless competition for a place in the sun.
Different interpretations.
This symbol reflects everyday life, everyday life, routine employment, social positioning. A vehicle is a meeting place for people. The classic dream book believes that the bus symbolizes success in business, career, a promising and useful conversation, a possible participation in an event of interest.
You should immediately reconsider your plans and life goals, if in a dream you noticed that you made a mistake in the route number.
What a dream bus, describes and Azar. Azar’s dream interpreter predicts a dreamer’s bad pastime in the environment of unpleasant people and a feeling of being deceived in expectations.
The esoteric dream book believes that being in the middle of a stationary bus – to a change in weather conditions. I dreamed that I was traveling in a luxurious, clean salon – the weather would be excellent.
Have you experienced discomfort in a dream? Your intentions will destroy unfavorable weather conditions, which, by the way, can be protracted if you have to catch up or wait for this type of passenger transport.

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