The Caroline Islands.

The Caroline Islands.
Caroline Islands (English “Caroline Islands, Spanish”, Carolinas Islas, named after the Spanish King Charles II) – an archipelago in the western Pacific Ocean, in Micronesia. After gaining independence from the US, two states were formed on the islands of the archipelago: the Federated States of Micronesia and Palau.
By the time of the beginning of colonization of islands by Europeans, the local population was at the stage of decomposition of the primitive communal system. The society was divided into a number of unequal social groups. On some island groups, large territorial associations arose, although states have not yet been established.
The Caroline Islands were discovered in 1527 by the Spanish navigator Saavedra (according to another version, they were discovered together with the Marshalls in 1526 by Salazar). Separate islands of the archipelago were investigated and described in detail by the Russian navigator F.P. Litke in 1828.
In the XVII century, Spain declared the Carolines as its possession, but there was no actual control over the archipelago. In 1885, Germany announced its claims to the Caroline Islands, on one of the islands a German flag was hoisted. Spain appealed to international arbitration, and elected the arbiter, Pope Leo XIII awarded the island of Spain. In 1899, Germany bought the Caroline Islands from Spain.
During the First World War in 1914, the islands were captured by Japan, after the end of the war the Treaty of Versailles was given to Japan as a “mandate territory”. The Japanese established there large sugar plantations, actively pursued a policy of resettlement of the Japanese to the Carolines. Local residents were subjected to forced assimilation by the Japanese.
During the Second World War, the Carolines were occupied by the United States, which since 1947 ruled them under the UN mandate in the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands. In 1978, the Carolinas received the status of “freely associated with the US territory” (the agreement was signed in 1982).
The archipelago consists of 936 separate or assembled into groups of volcanic islands and atolls located between 1-10 � N. w. and 131-163 � c. The land area is about 1160 km . Large groups and islands: Palau (Babeltap Island, 391 km ), Yap (105 km ) – western group; Senyavin Island (Ponape Island, 334 km ), Truk (100 km ), Kusaie (110 km ) – the eastern group.
All the large islands of volcanic origin (height up to 791 m) are surrounded by coral reefs. The islands of the western group belong to the system of island arcs and experience a slow steady rise; The islands of the eastern group are formed on an oceanic bed. Deposits of organic phosphates. The climate is equatorial and subequatorial. Precipitation from 2250 mm to 3000-4500 and 6000 mm (in the mountains of Kusai island) per year. The Caroline Islands are a region of typhoon origin (an average of 25 per year) that occur in all seasons (most often in the period from July to November, with a maximum in September). On volcanic islands – evergreen tropical forests of pandanus. On the slopes of the mountains – moist evergreen forests with tree ferns; bamboo forms their upper limit; on arid slopes – savanna; on the coral islands coconut palm and pandanus prevail.
The population of the Caroline Islands is approximately 125,000 people (2010).
Ethnic composition, religion and language.
The main population of the Caroline Islands is a small ethnic group of Micronesians, speaking different languages of the Malayan-Polynesian family. The total number is 67,000. (1969, evaluation). The largest of them (according to the estimate for 1969) are Truktsy (26,000 people, on the islands of Truk, Nomoy, etc.), Pompeians (15,000 people, on the islands of Ponape, Pingelap, etc.), Palauans (12,000 people ., on the island of Palau). According to religion, most of the islanders are Christians (Catholics and Protestants). The official language is English. The population is engaged in agriculture (coconut palm, sugar cane, taro, sweet potato), fishing, cattle breeding.
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A fragment that characterizes the Caroline Islands.
– Leave. – I tried to answer as calmly as possible.
– And the rest? You want to leave them all. Whispered Stella.
– No, of course, I do not want to! But how are you going to take them from here?
Then a strange, round manhole opened and a viscous, red light blinded his eyes. I squeezed my head with ticks and wanted to sleep.
– Hold on! Only do not sleep! Cried Stella. And I realized that it went to us some kind of powerful action. Apparently, we needed this terrible creature to be absolutely weak-willed, so that he could freely perform some kind of his “ritual”.
– Nothing we can not. – Stella muttered to herself. – Well, why it does not work.
And I thought that she was absolutely right. We were both just children who, without thinking, set off on very life-threatening trips, and now did not know how to get out of it all.
Suddenly, Stella took off our superimposed “images” and again we became ourselves.
– Oh, and where is Mom? Who are you. What did you do to Mom ?! The boy hissed indignantly. – Well, immediately bring her back!
I really liked his fighting spirit, meaning the hopelessness of our situation.
“The thing is, there was not your mother here,” Stella whispered softly. – We met your mother there, where you “fell through” here. They are very worried about you, because they can not find you, so we offered to help. But, as you can see, we were not careful enough, and got into the same terrible situation.
“How long have you been here?” Do you know what will be done with us? – trying to speak confidently, I asked quietly.
“We’re new.” He always brings new people, and sometimes little animals, and then they disappear, and he brings new ones.
I stared at Stella with horror:
– This is a real, real world, and a very real danger. This is not the innocent beauty that we created. What do we do?
– Leave. – Again, stubbornly repeated the baby.
“We can try, can not we?” And my grandmother will not leave us, if it is really dangerous. Apparently we can still get out ourselves, if it does not come. Do not worry, she will not leave us.
I would have her confidence. Although usually I was far from being shy, but this situation made me very nervous, because here were not only us, but also those for whom we came to this horror. And how to get out of this nightmare – I, unfortunately, did not know.
“There is no time here, but it usually comes in the same interval, about the same as a day on earth.” Suddenly the boy answered my thoughts.
“Was it already today?” – clearly delighted, Stella asked.
– Well, let’s go? – she looked at me carefully and I realized that she asked me to “put on” my “defense” on them.
Stella poked her red head out first.
– No one! She rejoiced. – Wow, what a horror.
Of course, I could not stand it and climbed after it. There really was a real “nightmare”. Near to our strange “place of imprisonment”, absolutely incomprehensible way, hanging “bundles” upside down, hung human beings. They were suspended from their legs, and they created an inverted bouquet.
We came closer – none of the people showed signs of life.
– They are completely “pumped out”! Stella was horrified. “They do not even have a single bit of vitality.” Everything, let’s get away.
We rushed that there was strength, somewhere to the side, absolutely not knowing – where to run, just away from all this blood-freezing horror. Even without thinking that we can again get into the same, or even worse, horror.
Suddenly it grew dark. The blue-black clouds swept across the sky, as if driven by a strong wind, although there was no wind for the time being. In the depths of black clouds blazing dazzling lightning, red glow blazed the tops of the mountains. Sometimes the swollen clouds ripped about the evil peaks and from them a dark-brown water poured out by a waterfall. All this terrible picture reminded me, the most horrible of the eerie, nightmare.
– Daddy, darling, I’m so scared! – Squealed a little, forgetting his former militancy, little boy.
Suddenly one of the clouds “tore”, and from it a brilliant light flashed dazzlingly. And in this light, in a sparkling cocoon, came the figure of a very thin young man, with a face as sharp as a knife blade. Around him, everything was shining and shining, from this light the black clouds “melted”, turning into dirty, black patches.
– Wow! Cried Stella joyfully. “How can he do it.”
– Do you know him? – I was unspeakably surprised, but Stella shook her head.
The young man sat down next to us on the ground and smiled kindly and asked:
– Why are you here? This is not your place.
– We know, we were just trying to get to the top! – already in all the chirping joyful Stella. “And you will help us to go back upstairs.” We definitely need to get back home faster! And then we are waiting for grandmothers there, and they are also waiting for, but others.

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