The cheapest countries for living in Europe.

The cheapest countries for living in Europe.
Dreams about life in Europe have long taken the minds of ordinary Russians, but all the dreams are broken about the harsh question: “And where to get money for a sweet life?” There are rumors that Europe is an incredibly expensive continent, and often does not even take into account that it is absolutely different states. Of course, life is somewhere in Austria or Norway is not everyone can afford, but let’s look at other options.
Portugal, located in Western Europe, is an inexpensive place to travel, but this country is even more profitable for permanent residence. A married couple can live here for $ 2,000 a month, and finding a beautiful house or a nice apartment for 350-800 euros will not be difficult. In an attempt to get out of the financial crisis, the government allows foreigners to purchase real estate in the country, moreover, when investing in residential or commercial properties in the amount of 500,000 euros, foreigners receive a residence permit. Housing prices have been stable for many years, and a large supply on the market indicates that it is not possible for the local population to absorb it due to rising unemployment. Throughout the country you can eat well and drink good wine, and the only thing that seems incredibly expensive is the road gathering.
Recently resorts in Bulgaria were named the cheapest in Europe. In addition, it is one of the most budget places in the world for permanent residence. On an electronic auction eBay you can buy a quality and large house of less than $ 20 000. Citizens of Russia and the European Union buy here 2-3 residential properties and rent them for long or short term (daily) rent. For example, an apartment with 2 bedrooms in a ski resort costs less than $ 50,000, and you can rent 150-500 euros a month. Long-term rent is popular in Sofia, and short-term is popular in the sea, balneological and ski resorts in Bulgaria. You can easily live for $ 1000, not counting the cost of traveling. With a monthly budget of $ 1,500, which is twice the monthly expenditure of the average Bulgarian, you can be ranked among the top class. Despite the fact that the country is in the Eurozone, the local unit of account – the Bulgarian lion – has survived here.
Hungary can be a good option for those who want to live in Europe, but at the same time going to spend less than average European amounts. It is especially advantageous to live here holders of a foreign currency account in dollars, since the American accounting unit costs 260 forints. And this means that the fine cuisine and excellent wine cost less than before. Housing prices are not high, even in Budapest. Even highly paid foreign specialists do not pay a four-figure sum for a luxurious house. Often an apartment with one or two bedrooms in a good district of the capital costs from $ 300 to $ 650. And if you go to a small town, then for the same amount you can rent a spacious house with a large plot of land.
Other places to live in Europe.
In Europe, there are many places where you can live half as cheaply as in North America, England, Australia or another English-speaking country. For example, Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the Balkan countries are relatively cheap: Macedonia, Montenegro and Albania. If you choose not the most popular islands, then life in Greece can also be budget.

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