The choice of a new house.

The choice of a new house.
Undoubtedly, moving to Europe for permanent residence is a decision that is made more often than once in life, and it should be approached in a practical and wise manner.
Factors that may affect your choice regarding permanent residence in Europe can be:
the language barrier; The availability of work or a niche for your own business; the economic growth; ecology; crime; the level and availability of medicine; level and accessibility of education; attitude towards immigrants; social policy and infrastructure; quality of transport, communications, services; the development of cultural life.
The advantages of living in the Slovak Republic.
It should be noted that for an active and motivated person in the above categories, Slovakia is one of the best countries to start life in Europe. And that’s why.
The language barrier.
The Slovak language is relatively easy to learn for use in everyday life and business throughout the year. A year, you see, very little, especially the first, when a series of events sweeps a string.
If you even know a little English or German – this will be a great advantage when looking for work or clients both in Slovakia itself and in the European Union. Other Slavic languages (Polish, Slovenian, Czech) for immigrants from the CIS are also relatively easy to learn. And this is also a plus for choosing Slovakia as a country for permanent residence in Europe.
Education and work.
Having graduated in Slovakia, you can subsequently find a job to taste in another EU country or the world. Student programs can be transferred and free of charge to study at universities in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Spain, Norway, the Czech Republic. There, with sufficient perseverance, it is possible to get a prestigious education. Valuable specialists, such as programmers, doctors, accountants, economists, designers and engineers are always in demand and their work is well paid.
Prices for food, clothing, household chemicals, cosmetics and other everyday trivia in Slovakia are quite democratic. The same goes for services.
The safety of life in Slovakia, fortunately, is at a high level. There are practically no serious crimes in the country. You can move around in the dark without fear of being robbed or crippled. There is no police arbitrariness. Drivers on the roads mostly behave culturally and the rules of the road are respected. The roads are in good condition. Unlike Germany, Hungary, Italy, Sweden, France, which in recent years flooded refugees from Africa and Asia, there are no illegal immigrants in Slovakia.
You can practice in Slovakia all year round. This is a visit to the bathing and thermal springs, and trips to national parks, and sports.
To receive highly qualified medical care, you can go to Germany or Austria. Or you can visit the famous resorts of Hungary, Croatia, Italy, Spain and Montenegro, where many forget chronic diseases for ever.
Slovakia is famous for its good ecology. You can drink water directly from the tap without boiling. The air is clear, the forests are not littered with mountains of garbage.
Travel and leisure.
For lovers of traveling the location of Slovakia will be a big plus, because both in the country itself and in neighboring natural and man-made attractions there are so many that it will be enough to explore for many years.
Thus, immigration to Slovakia can become a very real and comfortable event in your life. You just need to make some efforts to implement it.
Often, our fears or discontent we generate ourselves. But man himself creates his own destiny!
Slovakcenter will help to dispel your fears about immigration to Slovakia and will tell you how best to realize the move with the greatest comfort and benefit for you. We will help you in 2018 to start the process of permanent residence in Europe.

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