The country in which I want to live.

The country in which I want to live.
Emigration or getting the status of the Veng & # 8212; residence permit in Spain.
Spanish immigration laws involve 3 main ways. This is a residence permit in Spain for the purchase of real estate, as well as vunge with the right to work and without, that is, a residence permit for financially independent persons.
In any case, having obtained a residence permit in Spain, not only you, but your family will be able to enjoy the sunny Spanish money all year round, travel without restrictions and live in a secure civilized state.
The residence permit in Spain gives you the LEGAL right to stay continuously in the territory of this state for 365 days a year, and subsequently to obtain Spanish citizenship.
Consider the methods of immigration to Spain in more detail.
The category of this residence permit implies the stay in Spain of persons who have a permanent income outside of Spain and the availability of funds sufficient for living in Spain.
In 2011, the immigration legislation of Spain specified the minimum amount of monthly income required. Based on the “multifunctional total revenue measure” & # 8212; El Indikador Publiko de Renta de Efectos Multiples (IPREM) found that the main applicant must have a permanent income of 400% IPREM, each subsequent member of the family – 100% IPREM.
IPREM 2013 is 532.51 � per month. Thus, the monthly income per person should be approximately 2.130 �.
The availability of real estate in the property (sufficient and long-term lease) and health insurance in Spain are also necessary conditions.
2. Residence permit in Spain “business immigration”
Persons intending to conduct business in Spain can apply for a residence permit in Spain of this type. The necessary conditions are:
a. It will be necessary to have an appropriate education if the applicant intends to work in a certain professional sphere, for example, in the medical field. It will be necessary to provide documents from the school, confirmed by the Ministry of State of Spain.
b. The presence of the relevant legal entity, if the activity will be implemented not from a private person.
at. The presence of a business plan with an indication of the type of activity, the amount invested and its sources, the list of permits and licenses,
the planned number of jobs and the planned amount of income.
Availability of sufficient funds for living in Spain.
To draw up the necessary documents, as well as to register a company in Spain, the specialists of Eurogroup Consult will help.
Such a residence permit is provided for foreigners who have a labor contract. In this case, the employer must confirm:
a. The need for employment of this applicant, the absence on the labor market of Spanish workers that meet these characteristics.
b. The employer’s income allows the foreigner to pay wages for at least 1 year.
at. Confirmation of the stability of this post.
The employee must also confirm the availability of appropriate education and his work experience in a similar field.
It is worth noting that Spain has a relatively high unemployment rate.
Finally, such a method of immigration to the Spanish kingdom, as a residence permit in Spain through the purchase of real estate, its criteria may vary, read more about this on our website.
Documents required for obtaining residence permit in Spain:
Documents confirming the availability of housing Medical certificate of a certain form, confirming the absence of contagious diseases Medical insurance in the territory of Spain.
Depending on the category of residence permit, the further list of necessary documents varies.
Submission of documents takes place in the Consulate of Spain, after receiving a positive decision, you must enter Spain, register at the place of residence and ask for a card in the Department for work with foreigners.
With all the bureaucratic procedures, you will be accompanied by the specialists of Eurogroup Consult “# 8212; from the very first moment until you receive VNI & # 8212; residence permit in Spain. Having received a card-insert in your passport, you will be able to live in the Spanish state for as long as you want, as well as travel without visas! across Europe. Further immigration or, as they say, emigration to Spain is already a matter of technology.

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