THE FASTEST METHOD OF IMMIGRATION TO CANADA! Manitoba is your chance to change your life! [Author: Slava Bunesku]

THE FASTEST METHOD OF IMMIGRATION TO CANADA! Manitoba is your chance to change your life! [Author: Slava Bunesku]
The fastest way to immigrate to Canada! Manitoba is your chance to change your life! [Author: Slava Bunesku] Hello everyone from Sunny Calgary! My friends, I have great news for you! Do you remember the history of immigration to Canada for my family? When in 2012 the year before us loomed the possibility of rapid immigration to Canada, which we were not slow to use ?! And nine months later we were already sitting on the plane and were flying towards a new life – to Canada! I will not persuade anyone, I do not want to convince anyone that in Canada for you and your children new horizons and new opportunities will open – I have already expressed my point of view quite clearly in a series of video clips on the topic “Why did we immigrate to Canada?”, with which you can find here: Part 1. About personal – Part 2. About politics – Part 3. On economics – / f0Cryft3kH8 Part 4. About medicine – Part 5. About social work – Part 6. About education – Part 7. About ecology – WcEw Part 8. About business – Part 9. About food – Part 10. About learning foreign languages – Topics no less, today I want to appeal once again to those who have already decided about immigration to Canada and are in search of the fastest ways in its direction, or rather those who have experience as truckers, agricultural workers, transport managers , technicians, loading machine operators, brick layers, and even specialists in the laying of carpets. Guys, you have the same opportunity that opened in my family in 2012: to meet with the Manitoba immigration officer in Vienna in October, to be interviewed and nine months later to be in Canada! You can not find a faster option for immigration to Canada! What are the requirements for applying for a meeting with an immigration officer in Manitoba? Here they are: – Age 21 – 45 years; – Complete secondary education (grades 10-11) and specialty courses; – at least 3 years of work experience in the specialty for the last five years; – Knowledge of English at the level of CLB 4 (which is the equivalent of IELTS 4). Here is the link to the official website: Do you meet all of the above requirements? Then prepare all the documents and send your CV and application for participation in the labor exhibition as soon as possible! Believe me – there will be plenty of interested people, and the brightest will be in Vienna! With a certain level of language and compliance with all the requirements of this immigration program, you can easily cope with the preparation of a resume and filling out all the necessary documents. if my family could do it, then yours will be able to do it! But if suddenly, your situation will be atypical and non-standard, you will have many questions that you will not find answers to on the official site I mentioned above, then I recommend not to risk your future and do nothing at random – and turn to a professional licensed state an immigration lawyer with whom I can help you! To do this, you need to write to me at [email protected] – and I will prompt you for contacts of a large law firm that has extensive experience in immigration assistance to Canada for all provincial and federal immigration programs and for all types of Canadian visas. And what is important is that there are Russian-speaking specialists there! So, we look and listen to the story of the rapid immigration of my family to Manitoba, and send my application! And if you’ve heard something new and useful for yourself, put your favorite, comment, ask questions, subscribe to my channel on YouTube and share information about it on your social networking pages! See you in Canada! Your Slava Bunesku ________________________________________________ In addition to this video, subscribe to my newsletter: and follow me on social networks: Twitter: Vkontakte: https: // vk. com / veaceslav.bunescu Google+: LinkedIn: UTube: Facebook : Instagram:
Dmytro Yelieva: Glory, can you somehow be contacted?
yorqin yuldashev: ya iz uzbekistani kaki umne shansi.
johnestyler bullard: Thank you, Vyacheslav! You know, while reading the comments, it’s just their suggestions that shock me or stupor me in. People write from Russia or Ukraine stupidity, comparing Canada to any region and any Manitoba is a paradise in comparison with Peter or Moskvoy.Milenkie, Russians. I studied in a medical university and in Moscow, and then in St. Petersburg. And I will say that people living in Russia living in a legal status do not have what illegal citizens have in Canada and America. Believe me, no one will send you an ambulance after 50 years either in Ukraine or in Ukraine. It’s bitter and very painful. In Canada or in the US, a helicopter will arrive for you. years, if you are in the village of Ioi somewhere far from civilization. Because people there are the highest value. We have in the CIS except the Baltic States. Unfortunately, we are called the “space debris” Therefore, I urge you, be thankful to Slava for the fact that man shares with you its info and experience. Believe me, it deserves respect. I have a beautiful girlfriend and she perfectly owns sewing art. But alas. Religion has done her black deed. And listening to the priests told her that she can not go to Italy. What is above Italy flies evil spirit. It is afraid of itself and its work of the princess And she sews wedding dresses. She mows. Guys, believe all her dresses is a manual and individual work. But religion has been pouring in (please) a beautiful young woman. Respect people, be grateful to such people as Slava. Believe me, he does not have to. you are all podposnosit.Millions of people left and do not want to see anyone from the CIS in the heavenly countries. Because after prst SSrr we are all spiritual and moral invalids.Zhestokie heart and sick on the head lyudey.Uvazhayte all and begin with sessa.Vsem happiness and good luck .
gospodinMatusova: there are a maximum of 5 requirements for English ielts.
gospodinMatusova: how to get an invitation from a Canadian company (accompanied by permission of the employer from the Canada Canada Ministry of Labor (Service Canada) for the employment of a foreign worker (LMIA), or the Certificate of Qualification obtained from one of the Canadian provinces.
Kadyrbek Amanbaev: Hello to sunny Calgary from sunny Aktobe!
Tell Slava, what programming language is most in demand in the labor market of Canada and in general America?
Igor Ivanov: Good evening. Tell me, I’m a truckdriver. I want to move to Canada to work as a trucker! where do I start?
Samuel Snix: Glory and in music do you need musicians?
Alina K: tell me how to prepare for the interview? what questions can you get on them? how did you prove your desire to live in a manitoba? and if I’m 25 and work experience only year there are chances? and I have an academician and not a general that turns out that your refusal in a visa was not affected in any way?
Vitaliy Kuznetsov: Good afternoon. Why are we talking only about agricultural workers and truckers? What about the rest? Just as I was not looking, I can not find a list of specialties for Manitoba, or did I look inattentively and it coincides with the Federal program? Specifically, the design engineer interested in buildings. In the Federal program I found a specialty, but in Manitoba I can not.
Musafir Ibn Adam: thank you.
a reasonable man: answer me patriots of Russia why no one is coming to us from more normal countries?
Lucis Aeterna: nicely done.
Saam Saamo: Are all these visas still valid?
Michail Lisnyi: Good afternoon, can you link the official site of the manotoba where all the information is written? and where can I find the email of this immigration officer?
Xanim Ezade: U menya vse uslovie sovpodayt no tolko ya ne rabotala ne qde) netu opit raboti.
Alexander Pushkin: Hello, tell me please, how are applications for immigration considered now? (Like you said that from 2017 only in January are considered?)
Vladimir Prosyanik: Yes Slavic cheerful ti Moldavan wine wine so and before you.
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Aleksandr Krichevcov: I would like to know how difficult it is to find a job as a web developer? Provided if you are in Russia. If there is an opportunity to suggest this, I will be very grateful.
Video on this topic.
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Where to begin? Acquaint yourself with the program: Get acquainted with the province:
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Immigration to Manitoba, Canada: Exploratory visit – what is it? Your BONUS! [Author: Slava Bunesku] Hello everyone.
EMERGENCY ISSUE: The fastest way to immigrate to Canada! Moving to permanent residence in Canada for 9 months!
EMERGENCY ISSUE: The fastest way to immigrate to Canada! Or moving to permanent residence in Canada in just nine.
THE FASTEST METHOD OF IMMIGRATION TO CANADA! Manitoba is your chance to change your life! [Author: Slava Bunesku]
The fastest way to immigrate to Canada! Manitoba is your chance to change your life! [Author: Slava Bunesku] To everyone.

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