The film is made in America.

The film is made in America.
Together with the film & laquo; Made in America & raquo; also look.
A film crew.
Do you know that.
The script was on the “Black List” of the best unsupported scenarios of 2014. On the last day of the filming of the film, a tragic event occurred. September 11, 2015, the pilot stuntman Alan D. Pervin and his Venezuelan assistant Carlos Burle died – their twin-engine Aerostar crashed in the Andes due to a strong fog. It happened next to the city of Medellin (Colombia). Before the plane crashed, Pervin and Berl just finished their work for the film. On board the aircraft was also Jimmy Lee Garland, he managed to survive, but he was seriously injured. Ten minutes before this incident, Tom Cruise was on board a helicopter, which flew absolutely the same way and in the same weather conditions. The small town of Ball Ground (Georgia, USA) for the filming of the film was turned into the city of Mena (Arkansas, USA). This is the third biopic in the career of Tom Cruise. The previous two were “Born on the Fourth of July” (1989) and “Operation Valkyrie” (2008). Directed by Doug Lyman previously worked with Tom Cruise in the film “The Face of the Future” (2014). In late August and early September 2015, Tom Cruise stayed in Medellin (Colombia), where the shooting took place. Cruise also traveled to other cities in Colombia, where the real Barry Sil had to move when he worked for the Medellinsky cocaine cartel. In this film, Tom Cruise starred along with Donal Gleeson, previously he starred with his father Brendan Gleeson in the films “Far far away” (1992), “Mission: Impossible 2” (2000) and “The Face of the Future” (2014). In 2016, the production of the project began again – additional surveys were conducted, and in 2017 a number of scenes were photographed. Ron Howard was considered director of the project, but eventually Dag Lyman was taken. In the film, in an episodic role, Adam, the chef and owner of the Les Bon Temps Louisiana Grill, acted in film. He is preparing a meal for dinner in the sheriff’s house. During the filming, the project had a working title “Mena” (Mena). The project was announced on January 14, 2015. This is the first collaboration between Tom Cruise and Sarah Wright.
USA, 1978. The pilot of the aircraft during take-off disconnects the autopilot, in turbulence the car shakes violently, passengers are frightened. He returns home, to Louisiana, immediately goes to bed and falls asleep. A wife can not wake him. He flies from one city to another. In the bar of one of the airports an unfamiliar man approaches him. Barry Seal? Yes. The man tells Barry that there is a dossier in Barry’s CIA. The pilot of civil aviation meets with Cuban emigrants and illegally imports cigars to the US. The stranger appears to be Shafer and proposes Barry to work for the government.
Barry agrees. Now he is the owner of the logistics company. He owns his own plane. Barry flies over those countries of Central America, where the rebels are at war with pro-American regimes. Barry shoots on the cameras located on his plane, the guerrilla camps in Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. He is fired from the ground, but he still flies at such a low altitude that the CIA is very satisfied with the quality of the images. Barry asks to raise his salary. It is transferred to a new route. Barry flies to Colombia within the framework of the project, which later will be called “Iran Contra”. There he in 1980 met Jorge Ochoa, Carlos Leder and Pablo Escobar. They are looking for new ways to supply cocaine to the United States. Colombians offer Barry a cooperation of $ 2,000 per kilogram of cocaine delivered to Miami. Barry says he will not fly to Miami. He suggests rolling down cocaine, flying over the swamps of Louisiana.
The first flight passes successfully. In Colombia, Barry hands a bag full of dollars. But at this point the building where Barry’s meeting with the drug dealers was taking place, the military are starting to storm. From the Colombian prison Barry rescues Shafer. Since the police in Louisiana have to come to the house of Barry with a search, he urgently takes the family to Arkansas in a small town of Mina. There, in the name of Barry acquired a large plot of land on which the airfield is located. Shafer gives Barry a bag of money, which he left in Colombia. My wife scandals, she is pregnant with a third child. She complains about the lack of amenities. Barry hurls her a bundle of money. He tells Lucy that he works for the CIA.
Barry is instructed to carry Kalashnikov assault rifles intended for Contras in Nicaragua. Then, on his land, a camp is set up to prepare these enemies of the Sandinist regime. Barry returns to Arkansas by return flights, which will be cooked in this camp. In Nicaragua, Barry again meets with Jorge Ochoa. He offers him to resume cooperation under a new scheme. Barry will have to deliver some of the machines to Colombia, from there cocaine will be transported to Panama, and from there, drugs will be delivered to the United States by sea vessels. Barry expands the case, he hires several pilots who fly to Latin America, carrying weapons, drugs and contras.
Mina, 1982. Barry opens several front offices for the legalization of money. But he still can not cope with the cash flow. He opens accounts in several banks of the city, burying bags of money in the backyard of his house, stuffing them all the cabinets, buying kilos of gold. The money flow is not running out, Barry is forced to think how to attach all the new millions of dollars. He buys Lucy a smart car, rebuilds the house, starts horses.
Lucy JB’s brother appears. He was tired of working as a car parker. Barry, at the insistence of his wife, finds work for him. He must sweep the aircraft hangar. JB buys a car and leads a fifteen-year-old girlfriend into the house. Barry is wondering where the brother-in-law took the money. He says that he took them from the bag in the hangar.
In 1983, drug control acquires new aircraft, the Barry group is forced into landing, but he and his pilots fly over the sea, while the enemy’s aircraft do not run out of fuel. During this time, one of the people Barry falls asleep at the helm of the plane, he has to wake up, touching the wing of his plane.
The FBI is trying to find out. Why is there so much money in the town of Mina, and who are served by numerous local banks.
Barry is trying to force a plane to take drugs. He sits right on the highway, exchanges a bunch of money for a local teenager’s bicycle and hides from the chase. On board his plane, 200 kilograms of cocaine are found.
During this time, Pablo Escobar is unleashing a real war in Colombia, his drug cartel is being driven out of the country.
BJ is caught with a suitcase full of money. He goes to the police. Lucy is calling Barry in Colombia. Jorge undertakes to resolve the matter. Barry takes BJ from the police. He informs him that it was not possible to reach an agreement with the authorities. He faces a ten-year imprisonment. He gives the guy documents and money and offers to leave the country. BJ is scandalous, blackmailing Barry: he will have to send him money every week for his silence. Then he sits behind the wheel of the car, starts the engine, the car explodes.
Shafer is interested in Barry, how the weapon of contras was in Colombia. He says the camp on his land will be liquidated, promises to call and leaves. In the office, Shafer orders the subordinates to get rid of all documents that testify to the CIA’s connection with Barry Sil. Barry also tries to get rid of compromising evidence, but he does not have time to do it. He is also trying to arrest the FBI, drug control and state police. Attorney General Dana Sibota threatens to imprison Barry for life, but she is called by Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton, and Barry is released. He is brought to the White House. Colonel Oliver North wants to prove to the whole world that the Communists in Nicaragua are selling drugs. Barry is invited to take part in a secret operation. He arrives in the suburb of Managua, where he is again met by Ochoa and Escobar. Barry and his assistant make compromising pictures, which are then shown on television by US authorities. The drug addicts come to the conclusion that Barry betrayed them and sent a detachment of assassins to the US to eliminate it.
Barry is preparing a wife for her arrest. He forces Lucy to put on her jewels so that she can hold onto the money for them with the children while he is in prison. In the house of Barry, a search is conducted, all the money is found. Lucy with the children goes to Louisiana, Barry appears before the court. He is sentenced to public works. Barry every night spends in a new motel and slanders the video camera story of his relationship with the CIA and drug lords. All the tapes he signs and puts in a box, which he carries with him in the trunk. Barry can not just disappear, he must appear daily in a shelter for the homeless to work out a sentence. One evening, people approach his car. A shot rang out, Barry Seal dies. The scandal in the country about the scam “Iran-contras” is inflaming. Lucy works in the diner, on her arm a bracelet studded with diamonds.

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