The first steps of an emigrant in the US – what and how?

The first steps of an emigrant in the US – what and how?
Hello everybody! Today I answer the question of one of the readers of my blog, concerning the first steps of the emigrant after the arrival.
I’m going to school, I graduated from the 9th grade (Russian Lyceum) for 25 years, then went to technical school, secondary special education (car and mechanic repair), this is if you translate literally. with English spoken I do not really, more on technical thinking (on work), but I think practice and the atmosphere will correct it.
my Girl, she graduated from the secondary school of 12 classes, then went to the technical school for a hairdresser, a secondary special education. She has English for URA.
Firstly, your choice to go to Florida is correct (you can also go to California), because Florida is a tourist state and there is always work for visitors, especially for those who do not have higher education, that is to say. it is easy to find a job. The mass of hotels, cafes and restaurants are always hired.
I advise you to immediately buy a bicycle. It costs about 70-100 dollars. Can be used for 30 bucks. Walking is not realistic, and waiting for the bus every time is also a waste of time. Personally, I traveled on the bike for the first half of the year of my American life.
Before you go to a certain city, read about it on the forums. Learn opinions, statistics and other factors.
& quot; After a year or two you can get divorced from a fictitious spouse and marry yourself (if you want of course;). And then the chip is repeated for your loved one. & quot;
Andrew, you can clarify. I got fictitiously married, I got a Green Card, right? for how long initially? and having her in my arms, I can divorce and marry my Russian boyfriend, and he also gets a GreenCard? so what?
although considering how divorce proceedings are taking place in the US, this is also not a good option, in my opinion ..
& gt; & gt; & gt; & gt; After the divorce from the American, you, having a green card, will be able to marry a man for a boyfriend and he will receive the documents .. But you also need to go to the interview and prove in word and deed that it was not planned in advance.
I have long been living the idea of going to the USA. Tell me how it is possible to leave Ukraine with the whole family: I, my husband and my 4-year-old daughter, if not a fictitious marriage? I’m an interpreter by training, but I work in a children’s institution as the head of the department and the head of the English language circle (although I do not really know the English perfectly) + I’ve been working as a sports instructor for shaping and aerobics for 8 years (I was still engaged in dancing, but I had formal education in this there is no bed), the husband graduated from the college for a mason, but he worked at the SRT, and at the ore dressing combine as a mechanic, a refractor and a milling machine (that is, anyone can work – the hands from the right place have grown). Tell me about the exit route. Or how to find an employer who would open a visa and help officially leave.
& gt; & gt; & gt; & gt; Of course, there are options. But they are individual, everyone achieves success at their own peril and risk. Or does not achieve. Someone plays the green card lottery for 10-15 years, I know the winners at 11-year. Who goes on a working visa, lives on bird rights for a decade and a half and then gets the coveted grinka. Someone marries or marries a citizen of America, someone organizes a business and moves on a business visa.

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