The history of an immigrant in the United States.

The history of an immigrant in the United States.
The history of an immigrant in the United States.
Hello, my name is Alexandra, and I’m happy to tell you my story of moving to the United States for permanent residence, without special knowledge of the language, and even more money. Many people think about going to America, because they heard about the quality of life in this country, and they assume that there is much better there than in Russia. And now, based on my own experience, I can say that this is indeed the case, and a more promising future, a quality and reliable life awaits people who have risked changing their usual way of life and move to another country, overseas.
No problem with the language.
I moved to the US more than seven years ago, realizing that there is basically nothing to look for in Russia. Low wages, and many other nuances of domestic life made me take a chance. And the first thing that I liked crossing the land of a foreign country is that there are so many people like me there, and immigrants from Russia do not cause any indignation and unnecessary questions. The attitude of people is pleasant, they smile, they understand perfectly if a person has not yet mastered the language, and with desire they tell what is needed in slow and more understandable English. People do not complain, as usual in our country. Smile and talk about how they are doing, are interested in your news. There is no question of any problems, illnesses and other troubles of life. And such communication immediately catches your eye when you first find yourself in such a society.
There were no problems with work, because there are really many vacancies, even with a small knowledge of the language, which is very convenient. I started with the most simple and not the most pleasant vacancies, worked as a maid in a hotel near the house, special knowledge of the language there was not required, and most importantly, that I did my job qualitatively. There I met other workers, most often immigrants from other countries. She began to tighten her tongue, paid for herself additional courses of English and seamstresses. As a result, combined several cases at once, and everything turned out. With employers in the US there is no problem, if you need a flexible schedule, please, you need a hospital, no problems. Everything is strictly according to the law, and nobody wants to break it. Even with employees in small positions communicate extremely culturally and officially, there have never been any violations of my rights over my non-knowledge of the language and my Russian citizenship, they are treated with understanding and always on an equal footing. Then I quit the job, finished the course and now I have my own studio, in which a lot of people are sewn, successful and not very much. The main thing is that in this country you can easily open your own business, even if you do not have citizenship, and special capital.
Housing and other details.
When I arrived, there were no problems with housing either, the prices are not higher than in Russia, renting an apartment or a room is not difficult. Nearby there is always everything necessary for a normal life, because the cities are heavily populated, so each district is as practical as possible and convenient for living. Salaries are indeed higher, and do not believe those who say that their goods are much more expensive. In fact, no, salaries are higher, and the goods are cheaper, as a result, you can still travel around the country safely, or buy yourself an inexpensive car. Everything is accessible, and those who say that this is a real country of opportunity are right.
Look for new opportunities!
The only problems were with the documents, and that from our side, but this is quickly solved. Therefore, life in the United States can rightfully be called satiated and comfortable, and it’s no surprise that many people are eager to move to live there because opportunities are simply an unlimited amount and a means to achieve all this. It’s very easy to get along with people, and you can move at absolutely any age.
For those who think that without language anywhere, in fact, everything is solved. Because when you live in a different culture, the language learns somehow automatically. It was enough for me to go shopping a couple of times to remember, as some products and goods are called, which I need. The courses helped to achieve excellence, but in fact I am sure that I managed without them. The quality of life is fundamentally different from what our compatriots are used to. In the US, in the nature of things on the weekend to go to nature, gather with neighbors, go to another state, or go to the theater. Everything is available, and everything has its price, and most often is extremely low, than one could imagine.
Now, after so many years, I understand that immigration to the United States was the best decision for me, because I got such opportunities, which I could not think of before. It is an adequate and promising country for a normal and modern life, where everything is dynamic, everything is available, and ahead of the sea of opportunities for a happy future.
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