The island of Borneo. Where is the island of Borneo?

The island of Borneo. Where is the island of Borneo?
In Southeast Asia there is an unusual diamond river. And the most surprising is that it turns out to be a huge and beautiful island Kalimantan & ndash; this is Borneo.
Why does the island of Borneo have two names? Since ancient times, he was at the crossroads of migration routes of different peoples of Asia. And now the local population is a mixed ethnographic type. And the island belongs to three countries, and it has two names: the Indonesian – Kalimantan (& laquo; the river of diamonds & raquo;) and the Malayan – Borneo.
Borneo ranks third among the largest islands in the world after Greenland and New Guinea. Its area (743.3 thousand square kilometers) is 16 times larger than the Moscow Region or 28 times larger than the Crimea.
Preserved jungle, green mountains and warm sea – that’s what the island of Borneo. Where is this wonderful world? A huge land site is located in the South China Sea, south of Thailand, between the peninsula of Malacca and Australia, surrounded by the islands of Sumatra, Java and the Philippine archipelago.
Three countries (Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei) own parts of Borneo. The island on the map is divided into two large parts. The northern site belongs to Malaysia (where the tiny but richest sultanate of Brunei is also located), and the southern one to Indonesia.
There are practically no direct flights to Russia from Russia. It is better to fly to Kuala Lumpur, and from there – to the right cities in Borneo.
The Malaysian part.
Coming to the island of Borneo (Malaysia), tourists can visit two Malaysian states.
One of them is Sarawak. This is the largest state of the Federation of Malaysia, which includes 9 provinces. Its capital is located in the city of Kuching (& laquo; cat city & raquo;).
Second state & ndash; Sabah, or “the country is far from the wind & raquo ;, since this land is south of the usual area of sea typhoons, and from monsoons it is closed by mountains. Capital & ndash; the city of Kota Kinabalu.
It is Sabah that is most popular among travelers. Here live the world’s largest primates & ndash; orangutans, tiny deer (as an ordinary cat) and huge butterflies.
Here grows Rafflesia, the largest flower in the world, and thousands of beautiful orchids.
Winter never comes to the island of Borneo. This is the land of eternal summer.
It always shines with sun and rains & ndash; that is, it is hot all year round (27-32 � C) and humid.
Seasonal temperature fluctuations are practically non-existent, since the Borneo island is on the equator, which crosses it in the middle, and the Sun does not descend lower (as in our winter), but always follows its permanent path.
Despite frequent rains, the weather remains sunny and clear, because the precipitation is very short (2 hours) and falls mostly at night.
The sea is very warm (29-30 � C), up to five meters deep.
The sand on the beaches is so shallow that it resembles flour, and is densely compressed. Therefore, walking along it is convenient, as on the carpet track. This is not the quicksand of the deserts, there are no traces left.
Organization of tourism.
The quality of recreation largely depends on the level of infrastructure. The island of Borneo has a transport network. Basically, these are local airlines that connect the main cities.
The island also has a network of bus services. You can travel by car by renting it.
There are few railways on the island, the only line is between the cities of Beaufort and Kota Kinabalu.
In general, the island’s infrastructure does not reach the international level, but it fully meets local needs.
Annually hundreds of thousands of tourists come to the island of Borneo. Recreation includes sea bathing, so the convenience of beaches is also of great importance.
On the snow-white tropical coast of the island there are almost no strong waves, as it is protected by small coral islands. There you can swim in an absolutely clear sea away from the main beaches and dive on coral reefs.
Over the past 15 years, medical tourism is rapidly developing in this region, as Malaysian healthcare has achieved significant success.
Throughout the island, all cafes and hotels provide free Internet (wireless), with no traffic restrictions.
Today, many travelers discover Borneo. The island, whose reviews are diverse, is becoming more attractive for world tourism.
Opinions about Borneo largely depend on the degree of preparedness and awareness of travelers, as well as on the purpose of the trip.
Active and non-selective tourists, who prudently captured all the necessary medicines and repellents and read advice for visitors to Borneo, get a wonderful impression of the rest on this island.
Positive reviews.
Here is a transparent and very warm water & ndash; many simply do not want to leave the sea. The shore has a small depth, but a constant (low) surf creates excellent conditions for entertainment in the waves.
In local stores you can buy inexpensive quality clothes, as well as pearls and precious stones, including diamonds and sapphires (which are mined on the island itself).
In Kota Kinabalu there is a street of open restaurants. In Russia, this is called & laquo; summer sites & raquo ;. They grill meat, fish and vegetables and cook very tasty, although the situation is not elite (plastic furniture and dishes).
In Malaysia, delicious food, adapted for Europeans, many exotic fruits. In local markets, you can try unusual mousses and jelly, made from durian or mangosteen.
The island has a fantastic nature: mountains, jungles, orangutans, nosy monkeys, lizards, rhino birds and so on.
Critical reviews.
In the sea can sting red jellyfish. On this occasion on the beach are bottles of vinegar to handle the bite site. But then there is pain and burning.
In the evenings a lot of mosquitoes and midges, bites are felt only after a few days and are very much itchy.
The local male population is still not accustomed to European women in open or tight clothes: on the streets they can hear whistles and laughter in their address.
In Kota Kinabalu huge traffic jams & ndash; this prevents traveling by car.
On some beaches it can be quite dirty, because a lot of garbage is thrown out into the sea, and waves carry it to the coast. This applies to areas that are not cleared specifically.
Councils for tourists.
If you are well prepared and follow the advice of experienced tourists, then rest on the island of Borneo will be the best way.
Exotic fruits attract many foreigners (including Russians), but one should be careful and limit the use of unfamiliar products.
So, if you eat half a kilo of durian, then the temperature rises. In this case, it is necessary to pour water into the rind and drink a little. After a few sips, the temperature will begin to drop.
It is known that a predilection for air conditioners leads to catarrhal diseases. In conditions of intense heat, it seems that without constant conditioning, the rooms can not be dispensed with. But enough to suffer the first three days, using an ordinary fan. The body will be acclimatized, and then the air conditioners will no longer be needed.
It is necessary to take with itself the following:
x & gt; Sporty strong shoes for hiking through the humid jungles and mountain forests, as well as light ones for the beach and the city.
x & gt; Medicines (medical care in Borneo is very expensive): analgesics, antispasmodics, gastric drugs, drugs for the musculoskeletal system, cardiac agents, plaster, cotton, iodine.
x & gt; Laptop (Internet on Borneo is everywhere).
x & gt; Means from insect bites, including protective ointments (apply not only in the hotel, but also on the beach).
x & gt; Umbrella (useful for protection not only from the rain, but also from the hot sun).
x & gt; Fumigator (to sleep at the hotel).
x & gt; Ointments from sunburn.
x & gt; Long light (opaque) clothes and a headscarf or shoulders for women, especially it is necessary on the territory of temples or sacred places.
The conclusion.
Borneo Island & ndash; this is an interesting route to travel to Malaysia or Indonesia.
As in any tropical resort, one should be prepared for the equatorial climate, jellyfish and mosquitoes and take with them all that is necessary.
Beaches with dense white sand, coral reefs, mountain caves, underwater caves, unusual animals and birds & ndash; all this provides an excellent opportunity for an active and interesting holiday on the island of Borneo.

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