The law of Lithuania on immigration

The law of Lithuania on immigration h1>
Residence permit in Lithuania and grounds for obtaining residence permit:
1. Business immigration to Lithuania.
Business immigration to Lithuania is possible if an immigrant has shares in a Lithuanian company, or has registered his own business. Sometimes it’s enough just to be the owner of a 10% stake in one of the serious companies, so that you get a temporary residence permit. Open a business in the country is also inexpensive, at 3 thousand euros, as a rule, you can keep up with all permits and necessary documents. Personally, in Lithuania will need to attend only 2 times, you can go on a tourist visa. After the company is established (changes from 01.11.2014) are obliged to employ three Lithuanian citizens and only after that you will be able to file documents with the migration services and get a business visa that is valid in the territory of the Schengen zone (3 months). After the expiration of this period, you will be provided with a residence permit (by law, the issue of obtaining a residence permit up to 6 months).
Attention . Always correctly assess not only your current capabilities, but also the requirements that the country makes. Disregarding this, people often lose their money and time, face the impossibility of family reunification or extension of status. In Europe there are not so many countries where it is possible to obtain residence permit for yourself and for all your family quite easily and without refusals.
2. Work in Lithuania and Vilnius.
It will be difficult to receive a working visa. It distributes jobs at the Lithuanian labor exchange. This organization provides quotas for jobs for foreign workers, therefore the issue of employment and the provision of a work visa, as a rule, is solved for a long time and not always in favor of the future immigrant. It is a little easier to legalize your stay in the country – it’s to open a private business, even if it’s nominal, and after that, having a residence permit, you can start a job.
There is an opportunity for research activities under the contract. When a researcher will work for the benefit of Lithuania, while he will be signed a labor contract with one of the research companies, a temporary residence permit will be issued to him 2-3 weeks after the filing of documents. Such a visa will be issued for the duration of the contract. An immigrant can freely travel around the country and travel abroad in Lithuania.
Please note that our project has a free section “Jobs in Lithuania – Vacancies”, where daily vacancies are added with direct contacts of employers.
3. Education and higher education in Lithuania.
The intention to get an education in Lithuania (under the program of secondary, higher education, training, internship, etc.) may be the basis for the provision of residence permit. According to the rules for admission to Lithuanian universities for foreigners, it is necessary to provide a certificate of completion of secondary school in your country, entrance examinations (this depends on the institution and faculty chosen), residence permit or student visa, financial guarantor (it certifies that the student will be able to pay for tuition and insurance).
A foreign student who wants to get a higher education in Lithuania must pass a test in knowledge of the Lithuanian language (verbally and in writing). The language test is the University of Vilnius. And it should be noted that some programs can be conducted in English, French, German and Russian. The diploma of higher educational institutions of Lithuania is recognized in the EU member states.
4. Real estate in Lithuania.
A very good investment will be the purchase of a house with land, which can also be leased, in other words, a source of income. But in order to buy land it is necessary to establish at least a personal enterprise, because in Lithuania land is not sold to citizens of other countries. In this case, a personal company, signing a lease, stops for 12 months its activities and does not need financial support. The question of the place of residence can be solved depending on what kind of structure is located on the acquired land (a dwelling house or an industrial structure).
You can not buy land in private ownership, on the rights of exclusive property owned by Lithuania (this is the land allocated for the seaside zone or the territory of state seaports, inland waters, etc.).
Please note, the site has sections where you can find real estate in Lithuania or see photos of Lithuanian cities.
When the parents, spouse or children live on the territory of the Republic of Lithuania, the relative can apply for a temporary residence permit, after completing the permanent residence. If one of the spouses is a Lithuanian, then the second half will have to pass an examination for the knowledge of the Lithuanian language. If the surrender is successful, you can get permanent residence.
The right to permanent residence (permanent residence) can be obtained after the temporary permits have been received for five consecutive years. The permanent residence permits permission to reside in Lithuania for another 5 years, after which it is renewed. The document according to which you are entitled to permanent residence is a plastic card. An obligatory condition for obtaining permanent residence is the successful passing of an examination in the Lithuanian language, as well as an examination on the basics of the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania.
Permanent residence will be granted in the event that a foreigner married to a Lithuanian citizen has lived in the territory of the Republic of Latvia without a break for at least five years.
To obtain the citizenship of Lithuania can be by birth if the child was born from Lithuanian citizens, regardless of the country of birth. If only one parent is a citizen of Lithuania, the child will receive citizenship only in cases of birth in Lithuania.
By naturalization, citizenship can be obtained if you live indefinitely in the country for 10 years, have a stable income, pass the exam and give up your previous citizenship.

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