The main advantages and disadvantages of moving to Crimea for permanent residence.

The main advantages and disadvantages of moving to Crimea for permanent residence.
After the peninsula once again became part of the Russian Federation, many people began to think that the possibility of moving to the Crimea became real. Is this really the case, and what will it have to face when choosing Crimea as a permanent place of residence?
The following climatic zones can be distinguished throughout the peninsula:
steppe. It is characterized by high temperatures in summer, occasional rains, and also by cool, wet winters; mountain. Summer is warm and humid, but winter, as in the steppe, is damp and cool; South Coast. In summer it is hot and almost without precipitation, there is precipitation in winter, but the air temperature rarely reaches 0 degrees.
In general, the climatic conditions are very mild – there are no transcendental temperatures. Even in the summer heat, the maximum air temperature is 30 degrees, and in winter the inhabitants of the northern regions of Russia may not even notice.
An opportunity to earn.
Crimea for a long time, for obvious reasons, was only the center of tourism, so the rest of the industry was practically standing still. Today, the peninsula is a developing region and is ideal for starting your own business. If you live in a big city, you know how profitable work on the Internet is, what kind of incomes can bring a car workshop open in a good place, etc. The indigenous population of Crimea simply does not want to ask this question, so you have every chance of becoming successful businessman.
If you want to get a job as a simple employee, then be prepared for the fact that you will not see high wages. The average salary here is 15-20 thousand rubles, while the prices for food and housing are consistent with prices in other regions of Russia. How do people survive here? Everything is very simple – the local population has its own real estate (often several units), which they rent at high prices during the period of tourist influx.
Many houses have their own plots, which allows you to eat “from the garden.”
In other words, if you do not want to engage in agriculture, you should think about starting your own business. Otherwise, for rental, choose a house with a plot so that you can follow the example of local people to grow vegetables and fruits. But remember that in the summer period, the rent for this site will be prohibitive.
Select a city.
Thinking about moving to the Crimea, you should definitely decide on a place that will suit you as a permanent residence. Are you planning to live in a city with a million inhabitants? Well, then you do not need to move to the peninsula, because the largest city of Crimea – Simferopol – has a population of less than 350 thousand people. The capital of the republic is divided into only three districts – in the central developed industry and there are sleeping quarters, and the remaining two parts are given under parks and various sights.
Evpatoria, Alushta, Yalta and Feodosia are resort towns that live off tourists. Basically, they are dominated by seasonal earnings, so you can not count on a quick search for a permanent job.
Djankoy and Bakhchisaray are small towns with developed agriculture. Tourists here are not very many, as well as opportunities to earn. If you want to settle in a quiet place and engage in gardening, then these cities will be an excellent solution.
Sevastopol, perhaps, is one of the best cities for moving. Here, not only the tourist direction is developed, but there is good scientific and technical potential. The presence of a multitude of cultural and historical centers offers excellent opportunities for those who can search. A wonderful mild climate creates excellent conditions for life and work.
Pros and cons of moving.
If you decided to move to Crimea for permanent residence, then you probably already know all the advantages of this idea:
the proximity of the Black Sea; good ecology; mild climate; a real possibility of moving, unlike the cities of the Krasnodar Territory, etc.
But before taking such a serious step, all the negative aspects of moving to the peninsula should be considered:
low wages; lack of developed industries (which will be a plus if you decide to start your own business); difficulties in finding a permanent place of work; high rental value of rented housing, especially during the period of tourist influx; poorly developed medicine and education; the inability to travel to the Schengen countries (for this, you will first have to go to the recognized territory of Russia).
In other words, if you want to move to the Crimea now, be prepared for the fact that the peninsula has started active development. You will have to go through this time with him – developing your own business, you can succeed. But if you do not have the makings of an entrepreneur, you should wait a little. There is a high probability that in 5-10 years the situation in the republic will improve, and moving here to a permanent place of residence will be much easier than today.

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