The medical board for immigration to Canada: what needs to be done and what do you need to know?

The medical board for immigration to Canada: what needs to be done and what do you need to know?
Passage of medical commission is one of the final stages of the procedure for issuing a visa for permanent or temporary residence in Canada, where medical care is social. To protect the health of Canadians and, at the same time, not to overload the local health care system, the applicant together with the spouse and all the children, regardless of their cohabitation or relocation, must therefore confirm their health. If your state of health does not bother you, then it significantly increases your chances of immigration or temporary departure to Canada. If you go to Canada for a period of less than 6 months, the commission will not be needed, except when required by the work planned there.
Conditions for passing medical examination for immigration to Canada.
If your application for emigration to Canada is rejected on the basis of the results of the medical examination, it means that the relevant authorities have found diseases that are dangerous to others, or your illness will require treatment in Canada with long hospitalization or expensive operations. The referral for the commission, together with the form and instructions, is sent by post after the almost final consideration of all other aspects of your immigration application. The main points are:
for passage is given 90 days; only accredited institutions on the list have the authority to conduct such a review; the validity of the results is preserved for 1 year from the moment of X-ray passage; payment of medical commission is carried out at the expense of the applicant.
Preparation for medical examination.
What do you need to take with you to get a medical examination for immigration to Canada? Documents confirming identity, photos, means for payment of procedures and extracts about serious (if any) violations of health are the basic list of things that need to be taken for medical examination. Best beforehand:
clarify the cost of procedures in the registry; learn the time of admission of patients; to warn the doctor about your direction from the embassy; prepare funds with a margin; come to the center on an empty stomach for blood tests for syphilis and HIV (from 15 years) and urine (from 5 years).
You will not get the results of the commission. If the doctor deems it necessary, then you will have to undergo an additional examination in more detail.
The accredited doctor himself sends the results of your tests and examinations to the Canadian Immigration Medical Center in London or in Vienna. The decision on whether your health is suitable for a visa is not made by the doctor, but by representatives of such a center. The maximum that you can do for your own comfort is to take the medical board for yourself in another institution.
If there are reasons why you can not pass the X-ray yet, the documents will be suspended for the time of disappearance of such reasons. Do you want to pass a medical examination in advance? In writing, take full responsibility to the Embassy for the freshness of its results. That is, if they become obsolete by the time they get a visa, you will have to pass a medical examination again.
Prior to receiving a written confirmation of the successful registration of immigration, it is not recommended to carry out any actions related to changing living conditions: to quit your job, sell an apartment, etc.
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