The most demanded profession in Spain.

The most demanded profession in Spain.
How did the labor market in Spain look like in the last couple of years and what is the situation with work employment in the kingdom today?
The average salary in Spain is 22.697 euros per year. These are the figures for 2013. In 2014, it rose to 26.162 euros per year, or 2.180 euros a month – information from the National Statistical Institute. At the same time, naturally, the level of earnings differs from profession to profession and even depends on gender (according to statistics, men receive more than women).
In different regions of Spain people earn differently. The Basque Country is leading (26.915 euros). It is followed by Madrid (26.215 euros) and Catalonia (24.253 euros). Least of all workers are paid in Galicia (19,824 euros), in the Canary Islands (19,167 euros) and in Extremadura (19.129 euros).
Salary also depends on the professional field in which a person works. In 2014 experts provided the following statistics:
Energy supply – 52.827 euros Finance – 39.607 euros IT – 33.137 euros Industry – 25.472 euros private entrepreneurs – 25.472 euros health care – 24.804 euros transport and logistics – 23.525 euros construction – 22.720 euros education – 21.946 euros real estate – 19.156 euros Trade – 19.069 euros Art – 18.101 euro Other services – 16.734 euros Administration – 15.809 euros The hotel business – 13.851 euros.
If we talk about wages at specific positions and positions, the statistics looks like this:
Management personnel – 51.594 euros Office employees – 20.983 euros drivers, operators – 19.934 euros builders (qualified) – 19.463 euros services to the population – 17.864 euros temporary workers (construction, agriculture, fishing) – 15.888 euros health care – 15.240 euros Restaurant business – 14.642 euros Unskilled workers – 12.601 euros.
The size of wages depends on age. On average, people aged 55 to 59 receive almost 17,000 euros more per year than novice specialists (under 25 years of age).
Finally, the nationality of the employee plays an important role. According to statistics, the highest income is received by the Spaniards themselves (23.181 euros), followed by EU citizens (17.988 euros), citizens of other European countries (14.994 euros), Hispanics (13.909 euros) and, finally, migrants from other countries (13.727 euros ).
The economy of Spain is now going through hard times, but, according to research companies, it is projected a small increase, which will affect, among other things, the labor market. According to Adecco Professional & # 8211; one of the leaders in the field of HR in Spain, in 2014-2015, the leader in hiring employees was the IT sector, followed by trade, industry and logistics, as well as the healthcare sector.
What professions, according to experts, are now the most in demand in Spain?
According to Adecco, in 2015 the following professions are in high demand. It is expected that the demand for specialists working in these areas will continue in 2016, so the most likely to find work for applicants with the following specialties:
Employee of car rental company.
Especially there are many vacancies for those who are ready to work at the proprietary racks at the airports. For such employees, secondary education is sufficient, but it is highly desirable to master foreign languages (especially English and German). You can earn about 1.300 euros per month (before taxes), or 15-16,000 per year.
To cameramen often have high demands: for example, sometimes a specialist with a higher profile education is required, and knowledge of professional programs and work experience are mandatory. Pay operators from 15 to 24.000 per year.
Operators for production, automotive sector.
Automotive is an industrial sector with some of the best indicators for 2014-2015, in addition, this year it expects growth. Work will be on the assembly line, and the candidate will need a secondary technical education and work experience in a similar enterprise. Salary – from 14 to 19.000 euros per year, and strongly depends on the region.
The specialist will mainly work with the documents, but sometimes you will need to serve customers, both personally and by phone. Requires a higher education in the specialty of “management” or “economics”, as well as the possession of such programs as Exel and a good level of English. They pay about 18.000 euros per year.
Operator on the phone, speaking foreign languages.
In particular, the Portuguese language is valued, and the salary ranges from 13,000 to 16,000 euros per year.
This profession has become one of the most popular in 2015. In addition, demand for sellers is maintained even now. This work does not require any special preparation from the candidate. Pay ready from 13.000 euros per year.
Waiter at banquets and events.
Applicants require a good level of foreign language skills, while no special education is needed, although the availability of a diploma in the hospitality specialist is welcome. Pay from 15.000 to 20.000 euros per year.
Specialists in cloud services, JAVA / J2EE and SAP. Candidates need higher professional education and knowledge of various programming languages, as well as specialized services and programs. Pay, by the way, very well: from 30.000 to 49.000 euros per year.
Technical specialists for wind power plants.
Wind power stations are extremely popular in Spain. Technical specialists and engineers require higher education, English language proficiency and relevant work experience. Salaries start from 18.000 euros per year.
Logistics is one of the most dynamically developing sectors of the Spanish economy, which also creates new jobs. The service will need to manage the loader, fill out the documents, prepare orders, with no special training required for this. Pay from 12,000 to 15,000 euros per year.
Requires a higher medical education and extensive work experience in a similar position. Pay ready from 40.000 to 50.000 euros per year.
People who are ready to work as an assistant manager in Spain are required constantly. We will have to deal with a very wide range of responsibilities: from receiving incoming calls to preparing reports and contacts with government agencies. Requires higher education, excellent level of English (other languages are welcome) and a long list of positive personal qualities. Pay for all this is ready from 33.000 to 40.000 euros per year.
All these salaries are gross, that is, before taxes.
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