The riders. If Australian women watched the figure, their muzhiks would not look for wives abroad. # 187;

The riders. If Australian women watched the figure, their muzhiks would not look for wives abroad. # 187;
Unlike many, the Kazakh Dmitry Gusak went to Australia not in search of money and sweet life. Money and in Kazakhstan he had plenty. Corresponding member of the International Academy of Informatization, the author of many scientific articles, inventions, a permanent member of the Karaganda Polytechnical Examination Commission, the founder and president of the National Company “National Information Technologies”, one of the creators of the Kazakhstani e-gov. And Dmitry went to Australia only because there are his children and grandchildren, without whose love he simply could not live anymore.
Dmitri found himself and on a distant continent. He travels a lot, professionally takes pictures, leads his website, “My life is among the kangaroos,” where he writes: “Australia really likes me, and I’m glad that I live here.” True, I like Kazakhstan more, and this should not offend Australia in any way “.
Is she bad or good?
The main question that Dmitry Gusak decided for himself: Australia is not bad and not good. It is different. Although immigrants from the former USSR are clearly divided into two camps.
The first think that everything is better in Australia, everything is more correct, everything is more honest and fluffier than it was, speaking conditionally, at home. Others, on the contrary, remember their countries with anguish and categorically reject the Australian order.
In my opinion, both are mistaken, & # 8212; says Dmitry. & # 8212; The truth is, of course, in the middle. And each of us has our own Australia, our own way, our experience. The main thing is to understand that Australia & # 8212; not a mono-national country.
In major cities, Australians & # 8212; this is 50% (or more) of the Chinese, Vietnamese, Hindus, Koreans, Arabs.
Everyone brought here something of their own, then everything mixed up and it turned out what happened # 8212; modern Australia. Very different.
Here are some allegations-delusions expressed personally to me.
On taxes, traffic cops and ungrateful cattle.
In Australia, no one avoids taxes. Evade. Less than ours, but they shy away at every opportunity. In a small shop in the center of the city I bought cigarettes without excise stamps at a price half as much as around.
In Australia there is no corruption. Yes, it is less than ours. But does anyone doubt that the activity of the store from the previous example would have been possible had the local precinctor, the local inspector from kansila (according to our # 8212; akimat & # 8212; ed.) Not participated in the scheme.
In Australia, people are more benevolent and tolerant to each other. Not always.
A neighbor arranged a scandal for me that during the watering of the lawn, drops of water were tapping on the fence between our sites.
My son’s neighbor was scandalizing him for putting the car near his house near the curb, but it seemed to her that it would prevent her from leaving the garage on the opposite side of the street. My neighbor’s neighbors wrote a letter to the Kansil with a complaint that she was putting her car on an empty lot (and neighbors too).
In Australia, traffic cops are much more tolerant, polite than ours and do not allow themselves to use vile methods. On the descent from the mountain between Camden and Ox, there is often a police car with a radar. There the speed is limited to 100 km / h, but the hill is steep and if you do not press the brake in time, the car accelerates to 120. It reminds me very much of our Kazakhstani zholpolovtsev and their cunning. And I saw how.
Australian police stopped the car, roughly dragged the driver out of her and “snapped at the asphalt”
All this happened when he was just standing at a traffic light and did not try to run or resist. The expression on his face showed that he was very surprised.
The Australian police are like ours. The commander is the most slender.
We should be grateful to Australia for the coffin of life, that we were admitted here. ” This message, which I want to talk about. Somehow I was smeared for a few days on the wall & # 187; one Russian-speaking Australian forum, when I dared to ask a simple question: “Does anyone know how to take the driver’s license examination in Russian?” I learned about myself that I’m an ungrateful cattle and that I’ve come in large numbers, and that I do not know the language of the country where you’re going to “# 8212; a crime�
I do not understand why living in another country, I have to assume that I have been sheltered from beneath mercy? I & # 8212; not a runaway criminal and not a disgraced politician who was hid from reprisals.
I & # 8212; one who came here in accordance with the official rules of this country, which she established solely on her own initiative and in accordance with her needs.
If Australia did not need specialists and workers, my son would never have come here, and if she did not need to look like a democratic humanitarian state in the eyes of the world community, I would not have come here on a parental visa. And here.
if the Australian women in the mass of their less loved themselves, would learn to cook, lead a house and a little follow the figure, then the Australian peasants would not seek a wife abroad!
Of course, I am absolutely grateful to this country for being able to solve my problems and realize my wishes in accordance with its laws and policies: my son has an interesting and well-paid job, I need to live next to children and grandchildren, our Kazakhstani young guys (met here) get education at the University of Sydney, as well.
my local neighbor Kazashka Gule find a caring and drinkable and not poor husband who simply adores her for the fact that she cooks deliciously, bakes amazing cakes and their children are always groomed.
In the ethnic village depict the first settlers.
Whose deputy is Nazarbayev working for?
And here is what Dmitry Gusak himself thinks about the device “Australian-antipode” # 187; life.
About medicine. In Australia, the medical system is paid and very expensive. True, almost everything is compensated by social programs. Even what is very expensive. But if you have money, why not pay for additional services and amenities?
Do not call a doctor at home, you have to go to him even with a fever. This is true. But not always. There are doctors who come home. But you have to pay. And in general, we must understand that Australia is a country with a different mentality. Here all at the wheel and drive up to the doctor & # 8212; a trifling affair. And the harm from this is no more than visiting an unskilled paramedic who must run to 30 addresses in 8 hours and even try to help everyone. Here the profanation does not pass.
They also say that an ambulance will not come to you … Formally, everything is so, in practice & # 8212; not really. She will always come, but you have to pay for it. If there is really nothing to pay, then # 8230; she will still come at the expense of the social program. But if you yourself at least somehow think about health and have any very minimal medical insurance, then the ambulance call is 100% covered.
Medicine here our people scold mostly for its “unfriendly face”. Well and figs with it, but the face is qualified. But the lack of corruption in medicine, as it turned out, infringes on my mentality –
the doctors did the hardest operation with an excellent result, and I have no way to thank them! No, except the word “Thank you.” Not humanly, right?
The Australian hospital is more like a science laboratory.
On education. It is really very bad here: they do not teach anything in school. It’s true. By our standards, the Australian school & # 8212; this is 12 years old kindergarten. But what kindergarten! In which they teach communication, civic engagement, develop the ability to think independently, express themselves in those areas in which they like …
Yes, people who are ready to receive higher education after such a school less. But do we need so much with this higher education so that afterwards, after school and institute, forever forget all the physics, mechanics, chemistry and higher mathematics, which you for some reason have long been taught?
Do I need to sit and spit at the ceiling in the office or be a security inspector remembering from the five years of study only the word “integral”
which somehow and for some reason “take”, and the word “diagram”, which does not cause any associations, but the girls just in case blush.
I generally like the average Australian class, the most numerous. These are craftsmen: electricians, plumbers, roofers & # 8230; We would have their qualifications, and we do not need any engineers. That is necessary, but not in such quantity.
About culture. Australians are poorly cultured, little read, politically inactive, and only interested in sports. In part, of course, yes. It seems to me that few former Soviet people can equal what we call a “cultural level, spirituality”.
Although these qualities, strangely enough, do not make our life happy.
We always look for something in ourselves, we prove something to ourselves and to others. Any problem, any mismatch of views & # 8212; this is a personal insult right up to the war, hara-kiri, vendetta.
Russian-Ukrainian Forums & # 8230; It’s a song, a hymn to chauvinism on both sides. It’s the Montagues and the Capulets, which, unlike Shakespeare’s blood and death, did not stop. I’m not at all sure that erudition, spirituality and patriotism in our understanding “. this is joy. Rather, a heavy cross & # 8230;
I would be happy for the Australians, who are not worried about this. Almost none of the Ozi can show Kazakhstan on the map. People are genuinely surprised when you show your finger: “Wow, what a big!”. (Ozi is the so-called “true” Australians who trace their ancestry from immigrants and convicts from England.) This is in contrast to all of us, the Chinese, Hindus, Arabs who have come in large numbers.
Once I heard from one local middle-aged man that Nazarbayev & # 8212; this is Putin’s deputy. I heatedly began to explain who Nazarbayev was, to which I received the answer: “What a difference! Not a deputy, so not an alternate. ” all the same Russian & # 187 ;.
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