The site of the Deineko family.

The site of the Deineko family.
The first days in Montreal & # 8212; these are the first and not forgotten impressions.
As you know, the first impressions are the most objective. This photo report can be called a continuation of our article about moving to Canada from Russia.
The photo below can be called historical!
We are the first day in Montreal!
In contrast to Toronto (where we flew three days ago from Russia), Montreal is something like a European city, there are many historical monuments.
And sometime for us it was a “Chinese letter” …
Maybe it’s funny & # 8230; And this is a garbage can for different kinds of garbage, located in the metro – it is still necessary not to mix up what and where to throw …
We were surprised that there are special roads for bicycles in Montreal. This is a bicycle path, you can say “bike” # 187; in the heart of the city, which runs parallel to the road for motor transport. It is also divided into two bands.
We arrived at the height of St. Patrick’s Day. I love Ireland! How do you like the Irish wig?
The First Greens & # 187; started in the store. Only in the Province of Quebec celebrate St. Patrick’s Day (Irish holiday).
Metro Montreal we really enjoyed it after comparing with the metro Toronto. By the way, no one understood the question in Toronto “Where is the metro station?” As well as the question in Montreal “Where is the subway station?”
Here are the wheels of the subway train in Montreal. We were unaccustomed and unclear – why rubber “car” wheels in addition to the usual “iron” for rail …
Inside the subway car, pay attention to the public – a variety of colors and races!
Apartment in Montreal.
Hooray we rented a house! More precisely, we rented an apartment in Lasa. Laspal is like a small city entering Montreal.
We went to IKEA to buy furniture there & # 8230; In the photo below, Alexey is refueling & # 187; before shopping.
We bought furniture, but we will bring it to us every other day. In the meantime, have to sleep on the floor, literally. Alyosha stays in his room for the first time.
So we slept after moving, laying everything soft on the floor.
Hooray! We brought furniture! We do not need to sleep on the floor anymore …
Now we will collect …
First of all, Alice decided to restore order in the house.
Here, usually the apartment is removed already with a refrigerator and an oven, which are included in the rental price. We installed a refrigerator. Now the worker has changed the oven (pay attention to the previous pictures) because the one, the old one was not in color with the refrigerator!
And at this time & # 8230; The work on assembling furniture is in full swing …
I’m tired a bit & # 8212; small smoke break # 8230;
IKEA is a “designer” that even a child can collect. Alyosha liked to collect furniture so much that we woke up and saw that he was collecting furniture himself in the morning.
Well, with the apartment and furniture a little figured out, let’s go see what’s next. This is a playground in the park Agrinon, which is located near the house, next to the same name of the metro station.
The pyramid for lasagna and Lesha on it.
And this is the Training Center for Spider-Man.
Walked, continue the assembly of furniture. Alyosha gathers his own bed.
And this is a cot & # 187; for our princess.
So the children went to school. They are picked up and brought by a school bus.
And more than we want to boast and advise the newcomers & # 8230; This is our first bread! We make bread not because it costs less (like bread in the store $ 3- $ 4), but very tasty and useful.
This is our assistant – the bread maker. On it we make white bread and whole grains, also great for kneading dough. Very advisable.
At this period, the first days in Montreal & # 187; ended. A logical continuation is probably our story about the French language courses in Quebec.

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