The subtleties of the visa for Jordan to the Russians in 2018.

The subtleties of the visa for Jordan to the Russians in 2018.
Tourists are attracted to Jordan beaches and coral reefs of the Gulf of Aqaba, the Dead Sea and one of the new seven wonders of the world – Petra.
Jordan – Hashemite Kingdom and a great opportunity to improve health on the Dead Sea and make an exciting dive into the depths of the centuries, quenching intellectual thirst.
On the one hand, a visa for Jordan is required for Russians, but on the other hand, there are a lot of options to do without it. This applies not to certain categories of citizens, but to ways of crossing the border and the chosen route of travel.
Short-term (C) up to 30 days. One-time. Suitable for business and tourist purposes. Transit (A or B). One-time. Issued in the case of following Jordan through to a third country. National long-term (D). Multiple to 180 days.
All with the possibility of extension (except transit).
Special visa for ASEZA (Special Economic Zone of Aqaba). It is given free of charge, provides the right to work and investment.
There are two traditional ways to independently obtain a Jordanian visa:
On arrival.
So you can draw only documents categories (A, B, C) at the border points:
on arrival at the capital airport of Queen Alia in Amman; on the transition Nahar Yarden – Sheikh Hussein from Israel. there are no reliable data on other points on the borders with Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. But with the last of these problems should not arise.
List of documents for presentation:
Passport with a period of validity exceeding by half a year the time of the trip; tourist voucher; round-trip tickets; questionnaire, issued on the spot, must be completed in English or Arabic, without omissions, mistakes and mistakes.
Tourist or business for up to 30 days, but not less than one day will cost 40 local dinars, which is approximately $ 57.
If this is a one-day tourist visa, then you will have to pay $ 135 for it.
According to unconfirmed reports, at the transition Nahar Yarden – Sheikh Hussein for a three-day visa is only $ 14.
However, it should be borne in mind that the queue will have to stand for more than one hour.
At the Embassy.
If you need a longer stay in the Kingdom of Jordan with a category design (D) or you do not want to wait in line for (C), then you should take care of the permit document in advance at the consular department. There you can also issue a special visa in the AEC free zone.
a foreign passport with a half-year stock and two free pages; round-trip tickets; medical insurance; single-color photo 3,5 4,5; Application for Visa, carefully filled in English or Arabic without errors and blots; tour-driver (for tourist); a corresponding written invitation for a guest or business visa; receipt of payment of the consular fee.
Sometimes employees of the consulate may require additional documents for the production of a visa. Usually, for long-term multivies are interested in the financial position of the applicant.
For minors, it is also necessary:
children under 6 years old are entered in the parent’s passport without a photo, up to 14 photos are required; if the child has already turned 14, you need a passport and a full package of documents; A birth certificate is also attached for each child; it is necessary to have permission to leave the absent parent.
No special requirements for insurance or availability of funds in the basic package is required. Perhaps, a document on the financial situation will be asked additionally. There are also no special conditions for pensioners and unemployed.
But to stock up documents that are able to confirm the solvency will be superfluous.
Prices for issued visas:
Terms of registration must be specified in the consulate.
There is still the possibility of obtaining a working visa for a Russian citizen, but only if there is an employment contract with the employer. To receive it you need a package:
a foreign passport, if the applicant was previously different, then he is also attached, or pages with visas; filled in a special questionnaire, previously received at the consular department; 4 photo 3,5 4,5; original and photocopy of the work permit; an invitation to a vacancy from the employer; information on the proposed position, potential income, availability and amount of savings.
Terms, payment and other conditions of registration are communicated by the consular officer in the manner of individual communication.
Visa-free visit.
Special zone of Aqaba.
The authorities are interested in the active development of this region, that is why all methods are promoted by tourists, potential investors and even people who want to find work.
If you cross the border of the country from the south side to ASEZA, then for a period of up to 30 days a visa will not be required at all, but on condition that the tourist will leave the country through the same crossing points. Among these cherished points:
Aqaba International Airport; port of Aqaba (can be reached by ferry from Egypt’s Nuweiba); land crossing at the border with Saudi Arabia near the Red Sea; Eilat-Aqaba checkpoint.
There is one more caveat: in case of non-attendance of Petra, on departure, even if it is carried out through the points from the list, you will have to pay 20 local dinars.
When the traveler has gathered in Aqaba for other purposes (work, investments) or has decided that he will stay for more than a month, it is possible to obtain a visa at the Embassy. It is also free.
Transition Yitzhak Rabin – Wadi Arava. Since 2016 on it the visa has absolutely canceled, however since September a condition about carrying out in the country a minimum of 3 nights has been entered. If you visit Peter, you will not have to pay 10 dinars of the exit fee.
What is JordanPass.
Jordan Pass is an electronic ticket that allows you to visit the Kingdom of Jordan once without a visa, and includes the right to visit a large number of attractions and museums of the country. The list includes more than three dozen, on a special website you can find their full list. And again, the mandatory & # 8212; 3 nights.
If this condition is not met, on the way back, at the border will be required to pay the cost of a visa of 40 dinars and an exit fee of 10-t. And if the tourist has not yet visited Peter, but wanted to leave through the Eilat-Aqaba crossing, 20 will be added.
So the proof that the traveler has not neglected this wonderful ancient city in the rocks must be kept as the apple of his eye. Disrespect for Petra hits the pockets.
Despite the fact that, according to rumors, the exit fee for those who spent three nights in the country was canceled, the border guards still demand it. Some managed to convince them of the opposite, but you need to be ready to part with 10 dinars, especially if there is no desire to argue with the Arab guards.
Jordan Pass is available at a specialized website ( Price in the range: $ 99, $ 106 or $ 113, depending on the number of days in Petra – 1, 2 or 3, respectively.
If you consider that a visit to Petra in normal mode costs about $ 70, and the prices for visiting other museums range from $ 3 to $ 2, then for a tourist traveling with a view to visit these wonderful places – the savings are significant.
With a licensed guide.
Another way to get to Jordan without a visa is to observe four conditions at once:
to collect a tourist group consisting of at least 5 people; plan a trip that includes at least 2 nights; carry out the planned accompanied by a licensed Jordanian guide; to have return tickets for all Russian participants of the adventure.
Customs regulations.
The import of any currency is unlimited, but with a declaration. There are no more than 300 local dinars for export.
Without customs, you can import:
tobacco (200 g), cigars (25), cigarettes (200), paying 3.75 dinars will allow to take another 200, and so up to 2 thousand pieces; alcohol (1 bottle), for each additional surcharge 2.91 JD and so on up to 4 liters; perfumery in unpacked bottles (2); gifts and souvenirs ($ 150).
Citizens under 18 are not allowed to do this either.
weapons, including sports, exceptions – special permits; drugs.
Import and export of antiques in the presence of a receipt from the seller.
Bringing luxury goods, they must be declared, and pay a fee.
The main obstacles to obtaining a visa:
the validity of the passport is not enough; errors and inaccurate data in the package of documents; violations of rules of entry and exit in past visits.
Correct errors and re-apply.
Extension of C and D visas in place.
This can be done first for another 3 months. For this, an application is submitted to the nearest police station, with the following set of documents:
a contract for rental housing, certified by a local lawyer, and a copy thereof; blood test for HIV; fingerprints (done at the site); a copy of the first page of the passport.
The procedure can be repeated, but apply for residence in the Kingdom.
After that, if necessary, you can acquire a residence permit, called “residence” for a year with a subsequent extension. To do this, you need to contact the Ministry of the Interior.
For the services of a lawyer, you will have to pay 20% of the lease amount specified in the contract.
Blood for analysis must be taken in a specialized hospital intended for foreigners. It is located at Ramadhan St. 8 in Amman. The price of this service is 20 dinars.
The procedure itself is free.
Features of stay.
Jordan is an Arab Muslim country. Therefore, it is advisable to monitor your behavior, not allowing rudeness and aggression. Men should try not to abuse alcohol, women need to take care of a decent, from the point of view of the local population, clothes – from light natural fabrics, so as not to suffer from heat, but closing their hands and feet. The scarf covering the head will cause approval.
To Jordan for permanent residence.
It is impossible to obtain Jordanian citizenship in non-Arab countries. Exception only for children born to a Jordanian national on the territory of the Kingdom, or a Jordanian national from a foreigner. In rare cases, you can try to obtain citizenship after 15 years of residence, this method is called naturalization and is suitable for those who have worked in the country for a long time, as well as for Jordanian spouses. All these rules are contained in the Citizenship Act 1954.
Dual citizenship is allowed, so that neither children, nor spouses, nor labor migrants will not have to give up the Russian, if successful with naturalization.
But a work visa with employment, or work and a subsequent visa extension, in the order described in the previous section, is the first step to this.
Embassy of Jordan in Moscow.
Mamonovsky per, 3. 8 (495) 69943-44, 8 (495) 69928-45, 699-95-64; [email protected]
Consular Section of the Russian Embassy in Amman.
Very useful information, found exactly the conditions that are more suitable for us, with friends gathered to go to the tourist group for five days, there are seven of us, and we will have a free visa. For a long time dreamed to visit Peter.
Visit Jordan has always been a dream. For people who visit the country for tourist purposes like I & # 8212; ideal option & # 8212; JordanPass. In addition, that the ticket entitles you to a one-time visa-free visit to the Kingdom, and includes a visit to a huge number of attractions and places.

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