The Voice of the Capital – Listen to Know.

The Voice of the Capital – Listen to Know.
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The situation in Ukraine is worse for the residents of the southern and eastern regions – a sociologist.
According to a poll by the Razumkov Center, about 60% of Ukrainians are not going to leave the country, despite the fact that they do not see the prospects for development. At the same time, 12% of citizens intend to go on temporary employment abroad and return when the situation in the country improves.
Also sociological research showed that 6% of Ukrainians intend to leave for permanent residence abroad, even if they can not find a job in their specialty. About 5% want to leave Ukraine, by all means, and this is not related to the lack of prospects.
The subject of traveling abroad in search of a better life was commented on by Mikhail Mishchenko, deputy director of the sociological service of the Razumkov Center, on the air of the Stolitsa radio station.
Chi could be allowed to subscribe, if they conducted social policy, people’s skills, in what regions they were used, and how to redistribute themselves in the regions?
& mdash; Opituvannya vidbuvalosya in kyntsi kvitnya in us�h regyonah. They were more than two years old. The foreclosure of the opytuvannya is represented by the population of all regions, including the uncontrolled teritory. �������� ������ �� ��������, then �� ��������� ��� ������ ����������, ��������� ����� ���� ������ �� ��� ������ �������� ��������� � ������ ������. In the western part of these zagalom 27%, rahuyuchi quietly, want to viihati timchasovo, i ti, yaki want vihachi on postinoy basis. The central region of such & mdash; 26%. And naimenshe & mdash; on ���� �� ���� �����, �� ������ & mdash; 14-16%. Tobto maemo desho paradoxical picture, ny nigirshe otsiniyut situatsiyu in kra�n� zhitelei Pivdnya � Skhodu, al at the same time, Same there, and takozh on Donbas, naimenshe quietly, hto hot bi vihachi. � Photo: Vladimir Strumkovsky Groisman promises retirees an improvement in their living standards in five years.
������ ���������� � ������� �����, ���� ���� ������� ����� hoche ������ � ������.
& mdash; Yak show dosl�dzhennya, namiri vihachi povyazhany not st�lki z ots�nkoyu situats�� in kra�n� ti perspectives rozvitku tako� situats��, yak pokazu� dosl�dzhennya, stink not vzaimopov’yana.
& mdash; Vvazhayut, scho situats�ya zm�nitsya girshhe ta sered mikh, yak� vvazhayut, scho situats�ya zm�nitsya krashche, naimiri vihachi priblizno odakovy. Nayb�lsh important chinnik here � nayavn�st close to the chi of distant parents, yak� vzhe perebuvayut beyond the cordon. Yak showed opytuvannya, sered silent people, yak� majut such close relatives, yaki pritsyuyut behind the cordon taeconomichno zabezpechuyut ��� ������, 50% ����� � ������. Todi yak sered is quiet, hto such relatives do not mia, such 17% are deprived. The middle is quiet, there are many distant families, yaki pracityuyu behind the cordon, 37% wanted to vihachi, and the middle is quiet, hto such relatives do not mia, znovu still, 17% do not want to vihachi. Tobto t�, �� ����� �������� ������� �� ��������, ���� ���, �� ������ ������� ����� �������, yak oblashtuvatisya behind the cordon. I potim tak� people already �o�������� �� ���� ��������, �� there will be people in them, �� �� ����������, ���� ���� ��� ������.
To what extent would you like to visit?
& mdash; There are no such miami for me. I vzagal� z pogodnnyh opituvan, then zvichayno, nayb�lsh privalbivi � ���������������� �����. Politically, the United States and Canada.
³� ��� to fill the barn?
& mdash; So, zvichayno. ��������� ����� � ������ ����� people, the middle of young people ���� �� 18 to 28 ���� ���� ������� ����������� 40%, ��� �� ��� ������ ��, ��� ����� ���, ��� ��������� ���� �������. Such already smaller & mdash; 32%, the average of 40-richest & mdash; 24%, and naimenshe, zvichayno, the middle quiet, to whom 60 � more than 6% of such 6%.
Chi called people the causes, which stink not stink?
& mdash; They did not put food on us. I want to tell Lisha, yo yakshcoo lyudina vislovlyue nyrir vihachi, then cezovsim not mean, scho vona dysno vijde. Tomu scho small piece of real estate real estate. For the sake of the whole, it is exaggerated, zvichayno, podnimlivi obtvovani � mozmolost� for v��zdu. mozhivost� miyut t�, hto ���� �� ������.
And that, hto do not want veezhdzhati, stink as they explained their position?
& mdash; It’s the same, we did not put such a pittance. All lie down in the familiar world of the otsinki of its cans. Yak shows our opytuvannya, chim vishchy osv�tn�y riven, tim b�she, part�she v�slovlyuyut n��r vi�hati for the cordon. ����� � ����, �� ��������, ��, ����� ������ �����, �� ���� mozut vig�dno pratsevlashtuvatysya, � ������ ������������ �����. And that, hto not moe vidpovidnogo osvitnogo rivnya, stinks not want nikudi ego. Zvichayno, in bagaotok tsepovyazano z patrioticheskoy posits��yu, and in kogosis � z neazhanjannyam schos m�nyati i v�dsutnistyu spod�van, scho yakshcho stinks povidut for cordon, then zmozhut there vlashtuvatisya worthy.
And how did the Ukrainians and Ukrainians change their minds to yakimos for the kilka rock, for example?
& mdash; In order to ensure that there is no need, potrybno, shob, there was absolutely no food in the new formula, which was given to a number of chi bugatokh rock. Same in such formulyuannny mi not set. To that it is important tell. I can say more, scho schlesshe for all you can not say, but nimiri vijazdu have become witches for the rest of the rock. Tobto is not a spontaneous and dynamic disease. � Voice of Capital Yevgeny Kotenko, From what is called reforms, the standard of living of Ukrainians is falling – an expert.
The listeners of the Voice of the Capital expressed their opinion on the departure abroad.
Sergey, Lviv: People from western Ukraine want to leave, this is not a particularly correct question. It is better to leave those who are not needed at all. These are our leaders who put the country on their knees. You asked a question about us, about the people. I want the leaders to chase them. And we must stay and live normally.
Sergey, Kiev: We are just going to work, and now we think that this is just a manifestation of the patriotism of the country & mdash; not to leave this country, but to seek an easy life and a better one somewhere abroad & mdash; this is the very last thing. So let all the people who want, let them leave. And we will be here in Ukraine. Neither in Ukrainian, nor in embroideries, nor with the Ukrainian passport, patriotism is manifested, but here. It is especially insulting when young people leave, they leave their country. Who will then rebuild it?
Svetlana Nikolaevna, Kiev: It’s not vain to say where you were born, and there you go. It’s not in vain we were born here, you know? And to look for a better life is always interesting, went, looked, saw something, came here, you think: “God, how good somewhere, but at home so well, cozy & raquo ;. The only way. Recently, I have such an idea: why did not I leave earlier? There were also so many opportunities. But it’s too late, first, and secondly, I probably would not have left. Now I regret sometimes. But I do not know how life would be. What could be better than the place where you were born, where the graves of your ancestors, where they all built, all created. Indeed, to whom they throw. People have been building this land for centuries, building it up. And the young people leave and leave, and they are looking for a better life somewhere.
Igor, Kiev: I had the opportunity not only to go abroad abroad, I also worked on an internship abroad, but, you know, I want to tell those people who want to leave the country. Analyze, please, whether it is worth doing. Because you do not know, you do not feel what nostalgia is. You do not know what is more beautiful than Ukraine in the country. The fact that it is corrupted by some corrupt officials, criminals & mdash; this is a completely different matter. If we develop social programs here in the country, toughen the law in relation to crime, we will have an ideal country. I believe that those who want to leave & mdash; they are people like ostriches, hiding their heads in the sand. Do not do this. We must build our own state and fight to ensure that life here is better. Because it’s better than our country simply does not exist.
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