Tip 1: How to quickly move.

Tip 1: How to quickly move.
– carton boxes; – Trash bags; – newspapers; – travel bags; – colored stickers or markers; – Scotch tape.
The most important advantage of a mortgage is the opportunity to become the owner of a home, while not having the right amount of money. In fact, the developer will pay the bank, and the customer pays the bank. The apartment is always insured in order to reduce the risks of the bank and the owner. Thus, the mortgage becomes a good solution to the problem with the living space.
However, there are a number of disadvantages for the client, and the main one is a financial issue. More precisely the question of overpayment. Contributions are made for years, so you have to overpay a fairly large amount, often this overpayment is up to 80 or even 100%. Taking into account the cost of the apartment, the total amount increases to two times. But these are the conditions and interest in banks.
Another difficulty that may arise is the increased attention of the bank to the borrower. It’s not so scary, but still some discomfort delivers. Acquisition of an apartment is a serious enough step, therefore banks carefully check the solvency of clients.
Despite all this, at the moment the mortgage is the most real opportunity to quickly move into your own apartment. Therefore, for many, the positive moment of mortgage lending covers all the disadvantages with interest.
Tip 3: What is camping.
In Russia, rest in the camping has not yet received such a large-scale distribution, as in Europe and the US, and for several reasons. First, rest this seasonal because of the climatic conditions of our country. Plus, our road system does not allow you to travel around the country safely. And not everyone can afford to buy or rent a motorhome or a trailer. Therefore, any autotourism is called extreme. Although in other countries it is such a holiday is considered family.

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