To dump somewhere

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Every evening on the streets of Spanish towns go out crowds of these same dog lovers. To be honest, I ah.el seeing the Afghan hound and husky, completely fur in such a completely cold climate. And the French or little terriers there is not even count.
I spoke with the Spaniards and it turned out that the dog, practically a member of the family. It must be registered in the mayor’s office (it costs about 8 euros, a penny), sew a chip to it and if it is lost or someone thread saw its lonely, roaming without the owner, then the police will come, considers the infu from the chip and return to the family, and at the same time will punish negligent master.
I live and work in Moscow and am very pleased with the work and in general.
To New Zealand or to Japan.
. Now I’ll go again. Congratulations! Save me, God! Thank God for everything!
If I find a job in St. Petersburg, makhna.
I look all in the direction of Southeast Asia, I need to visit Hong Kong.
Who told you this?
Presale, system engineer and manager for work with partners in one bottle. ZP for bread with caviar enough.
In our countries, free medicine does not seem to cure. If you’re lucky, at least they will not harm you.
There is no sense to justify the state. There is a real state of affairs, and with this you can not argue. So that’s the circumstances, and for the whole history of our countries could not do anything normally. You can either try to do something good, change something (but the initiative is punishable), or go where the same people could build a country in a human way.
Statements & quot; Homeland love & quot; it’s self-deception. People are struggling for their country, trying to do something better in it. And just so there is nothing to love and there is no need.
In Russia, you can get good free medical care only if you are lucky or a simple disease of ARD type. The more complex the disease, the more affects the competence of doctors, as well as their disregard for patients. However, the relationship is different.
As for the Motherland to love, then when the family and children appear, you basically close to the family and no matter what country. Someone does not have enough native language and communication in the usual circle, someone does not care for this, here individually.
As usual, the posts of carlos and delirium were amused.
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